Saturday, January 06, 2007

Even the wankas can't laugh about this moral dilemma.

Alas talks about antitrans arguments and why they are illogical. I'm adding in that while some posit that transgender folk suffer from a 'gender identity disorder' it's more like dude, let's put some shit on a form for insurance purposes. Not to mention, it's like, you can't tell how a person will behave from the mere information that "they were assigned X gender, but feel more like Y gender". Yea, that tells me nothing. You could save small children in Africa or sit on the couch eating ho hos. I can't even tell if you're going to act like a woman who is all frilly and shit or act like a woman who likes beer and sports and shit like that. Also, what if we made all the transwomen go to men's rooms and the men try to kick the shit out of them for not conforming to gender roles? Wouldn't that be awful? And it'd be all our fault too. Anyway, I hope this made sense and didn't offend more people than needed.

Hey, Blackamazon came back!

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