Thursday, January 04, 2007

Link to post here. No one is outlawing porn. Saying that feminism is an alternative to rape counseling? Not so much, although you can put the two together. You can make a good thing out of a bad thing by deciding to make sure what oppressed you doesn't oppress anyone else. Also,, men and transwomen can keep their penises. Nobody said they couldn't. Also, I don't agree with the whole niceness thing. This is a political movement, not a support group.

I think folks who don't tip toe about the supposed sensitivites of women give them more credit than folks who worry about being nice. The idea that women can't go and make political decisions based on logic or what works best for them(for example, many women are happy with things the way things are and think that any woman who is disadvantaged by the system as it is today is just a bad person) is just bunk.

Women don't need special coddling or hugs to fight for their own damn liberation. Some may just prefer to sit back and benefit from the fights of their foremothers, like those annoying ladies who have their own checking accounts to put in big checks from complaining that women are working outside the home. Now, those ladies are a whole lot meaner than us feminists there.

They are classist in that the whole 'if you work, you are a baby abandoner" stuff hits women who need to work to feed their kids really hard. Not to mention the whole why do women ever have sex if they don't want 3 zillion kids line. I also think the whole women don't really get raped, they are just all liars line that is widely believed by men and women alike is really mean.

Really mean beliefs seem to be widespread, despite the cruelty involved is my point. Also, I'm imprinted on psychology, so I believe the mind is a a scary place, full of things unknown to the person at the time. Also I'm from the internet generation, so I understand that everyone thinks they are a special little snowflake, but five zillion people have the exact same thing that they think makes them so special.

Oh yea, and social influence. It happens. *runs around saying things are poorly designed- just like my dad does* Oh yea, and this being nice shit is a bunch of dumb emotional labor enforced by dumbass ideas like women gotta be nice all the time. Fuck that shit. I don't gotta act a certain way just cuz the doctor looked on the ultrasound and said 'hey! labia!'

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