Monday, July 31, 2006

Jay Sennett thinks about how he is obsessed with the little things while the world is going to hell in the handbasket. Nowadays, I am cocooning more and more. It's nice to brush my imaginary cows, plant my imaginary pineapples, and date my imaginary girlfriend(I'm not going crazy, I'm obsessed with playing Harvest Moon) and the truth of the matter is that it feels like everyone has gone mad. Blowing up kids, exploding airports, it's like all hell has broken loose and the voices of sanity can't be heard in all the craziness.

And the truth of the matter is that I don't feel very significant. I could totally block out the outside world and only pay attention to celebrity gossip, video game news, and new fashions, like millions of people already, and it wouldn't make a difference at all.
I think I Wish I had a Red Dress had some nice bits about woman of color feminist, woman only spaces, and violence in the black community. Reccomended beach reading. In other news, do join blackfolk. The blackfolk awards are going on, and I saw tons of titays. Warning: people of color space, we call everyone all sorts of honkeys and coons and all sorts of stuff so if you can't deal, don't come.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Also, during my vacation, I was shocked by this article. How can we get these girls off the street and get them some job skills? Not to mention shutting down the predators that prey on young girls,etc.
I'm back. My nose is sunburnt and my lips are chapped.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Snerk. Give fleece a chance. Anyway, tommorow I am going on vacation. For days on end, I will not be on the internet. The shock and horror should overwhelm you all.

Monday, July 24, 2006

I was watching fashion police, and I was like, why is is that their on the cheap is always beyond my budget? They are always like this outfit is only $200! And I'm like, even though I'm fairly rich, I would never spend $200 on an outfit- since I've been in college, I think I've spent less than $150 each year on new clothing. Of course, my mom complains about me still wearing clothes from junior high, but hey, I like them. I'm not as bad as my brother who now has two pairs of pants thanks to the intervention of my mother, but yea, it's like on the cheap to who?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Biting Beaver has another post on sex work(hopefully the permalink will work soon) Amanda tries to make nice about sex work, but I still feel the camps are not exactly on the same wavelength. For example, the biting beaver post linked above says that she doesn't care about how much fun happy hookers are having, she wants that mess stopped, which is totally different from wanting to legalize it and regulate it.

In other news, I would like to note that in Black Feminist Thought, Patricia Hill Collins defined the oversexual black woman as a controlling image, and that for many years, black women have been protesting images that show them as hos and sluts who are completely defined by what sex acts they'll do. The Spelman protest is famous, but even at Emory, we were like 'what does a half naked woman have to do with basketball games"?(a learnlink fight) And feminism is being co opted left and right. Heck, some shitty 'journalists' are acting like that my neck my back chick is a feminist(click on the flickr image to see stupid stupid article. wags from blackfolk mock this idea.(warning some sexism and classism but come on, feminist my ass) I'm just saying that folks shouldn't lump all black women in with all these other folk.

Alt porn is well and good, although the preponderance of pasty asses is always a shock, but that's like 1% of the picture, and less than one percent of the terabyte of porn on your 14 year old's computer. When folks criticize an image for promoting x,y, and z, implicit in that is that there is power in images. I think images do have power, but a problem is that you can't just produce a few images of your own, and then, pow, all the rest of the images somehow lose their power.

Especially if you do the same thing and slap some tattoos on it. It's ripe for co optation. That's why people tend to attribute empowering rhetoric to sex positive feminists. Marketers speak louder than individual women. For example, here's a post about how some alt porn sites were marketed as feminist, although that is dying down now.(the whole community is interesting)(here's a news story about Suicide Girls)

I'm not going to go into the whole thing about the Spice Girls, and how they used the whole girl power rhetoric for marketing, but the general trend is that the message that millions of people are getting is that sex positive feminism is a man's fantasy girl doing all the freaky things your girlfriend won't do.

(In other other sex news, while in the bookstore, I remembered the tale of the most inappropiate reading report ever. This girl in my mama's 8th grade reading class put on her reading report that what had happened was this girl had a train pulled on her. Yea, she was reading Zane. Yea, your 13 year old may be reading her too.)
Party time! Excellent! My life is boring lately. My brother came in from New York, and my mom is like OMG, you must have anorexia as he is finally down to a healthy weight. I wish he would realize that having only one pair of pants and wearing them everyday for a week is just gross. Thanks to mom's intervention, he has two. Yuck.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Kactus makes a good post about sex work, so if you want intelligent commentary, go there. Everyone seems burnt out on blogging lately. Ehugs to everyone, although I do admit that I did not in fact steal your lunch money in the 80s.
Noah's Arc on DVD, I haven't seen the show(we don't have any of those channels) but I'll buy it anyway :D

Friday, July 21, 2006

Stupid question: Ok, my cousin says she won't vote, because she might get arrested, but is that legal to arrest folks at the polling place? She has a felony, but it's probably just drugs or sex work*

*why they got to put sex work on their record? They've already been punished enough if they are out on the street(which tend to be the folks who get arrested)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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POC and allies fight to keep the stupid down on this thread. In real life, all I did today was attempt to make a mini comic. Oh the cutting, oh the stapling. It's the pain, folks.
Hotel workers want to unionize. Poor working conditions and low pay lead to terrible injuries, which may cause these (most often) women to be in pain for years.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Read this post. My mind was totally expanded.

When I was with my friends and they criticized the Asians who always sat together, I felt like the "good" Asian. The "good" Asian wouldn't self-segregate, would agree that racism didn't exist, would not talk about being Asian "all the time," would not talk about racism, would not constantly remind people that she was Asian. In short, the good Asian was the Asian who acted white.
In other news, lolita is love. In other news, there's a dick sucking contest. I have to say a $100 for the title(gross tattoo warning, I have to say a black woman in the dick sucking contest would not be celebrated as 'liberated' but just called a ho, that's my feel) is too low. Heck, my feel is that a good escort could get $100 for a blowjob- for a contest, go all out, maybe at least give away $500 prize money?

And just girl to guy? Where's the guy-guy, Lesbian sucking a strapon,etc bjs? For some reason, I don't think this it totally liberating our sexuality.
How to Supress Discussions of Racism. More talk about the D*ke rape case.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Public school students perform as well as private when racial and class differences are taken into account.
Israel's actions have sparked fierce debate in blackfolk. Here is a really interesting part, written by accusehistory:

Yeah, because I spent the first 16 years of my life stateless, because my uncle lost his life, my gradfather jailed, my family made refugees, caught in the Lebanese civil war, unable to return to their homeland, robbed of their property, and denied their humanity and stuck in places beauracracy won't let them leave. Because everyone I know knows someone killed, jailed, tortured, and living in an on-earth hell. And then we have to deal with the media thinking we are insane for being angry. Maybe you can't relate and you're happy about that, it's called privilege. A lot of people, perhaps in this community, or in the larger United States, especially the Native population, can relate.

Read the whole thing though.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nationalistic fantasies, rape and fictitious Indian ancestors.
Also, here's a site about black expulsions which I found in sex and race. It's a flash site. I think it's important to remember the extent of the tragedies that occurred even after slavery had ended. We have this huge national amensia about this- the story is that there was slavery, then black folks disappeared for a few years and then MLK made a speech, and then, all racism against blacks ceased. I like how the series makes connections between the history and the present day as well. I could see this being used in a classroom.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Problems like this could be prevented earlier. In the United States, Sony didn't run the ads that were pulled, but they did run the offensive dust ball and squirrel ads. People are talking about how the hiring practices in the ad industry may be racist. So maybe you have one or two folks, who may or may not be the type to be like "You know, that's actually sort of racist"(they may be the type of person who believes in white supremacy, the type of person who doesn't want to speak up and not be considered the sort of person who 'fits',etc). And white folks- they think offending others for no reason is the bees knees. They take pride in being non PC(which is just manners applied to everybody). It's totally hip and edgy to offend everybody(like that annoying Mencia-beaners, my ass, aren't you half Hondurian? For some reason I don't think Mexicans are the main folks in the audience- it's the type of person who thinks saying beaner is edgy ) So take a culture with no respect for anybody, add in too few people to add in common sense, and you get bad ads.

Bonus: the assimilated negro on magazines.

Bonus rant: Why on the news when talking about gangs, they use random shots of black kids. What's the point?
Phrases that I hate:

"accused of racism"- Nothing bad is going to happen to you if people say you did something racist. Are the police going to arrest you? Is anything going to happen beside some white person who doesn't know the meaning of racism from a hole in the ground will say whatever you said or did wasn't racist? Bleh! Full of hate for this phrase which seems overly alarmist.

"cried racism"- this phrase is never used of a white person, because we know only people of color 'cry wolf' over racism. Yea, we're just making this all up! Just like women are always 'crying rape'. You know, maybe there's some deep cosmic connection between the two.

Like to me, it seems crazy that a woman would have her name dragged through the mud and have a large stressful trial on the off chance that some man would go to jail. So similarly, I don't see how someone would want to be insulted all sorts of ways on the offchance that a white person might feel vaguely sorry. Both phases seem to underestimate the sanctions that people get, and overestimate the rewards. Also, here's a related post on the same blog, but by Jill.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

With my nappy headed ass talks about a tragic rape of a young girl. Shame on the perps. I may have more later.
The social dynamics of the acting white myth(which is not true) piss me off. Just one small study from one school, and all the sudden, all black kids are being held back by their peers- strengthing the stereotype that blacks are stupid and lazy- that every single problem blacks have is their own fault(the larger social discourse which this article is in the background of- you can't have things disconnected from society) . There's a little dissent, but it's not what most people are going to hear. And so some folks here have instead of interrogating these other factors are also feeding this stereotype. This is not a neutral discourse- this has a social use. As I've said before- this is being treated as distinct from the nerd issue because it is black children.

When white children make fun of other whites, there are no news articles published.

I find it similar to the idea that black people's families are pathological because they are mother headed. Many black people have had their mother support the family, but the social discourse that black women are ruining the black familiy only occurs because of the idea out there that females can't run a family, that black people have something wrong with them, that indivudual issues are more important than greater social issues. This theory persists because it gets people off the hook for what is really causing family breakdown which is economic issues.

The fact that some kids tease is given a new importance and a new interpretation by race. Because of the race of the participants- it can't be a part of growing up- kids who are good at amassing groups, but are still at the teasing stage loom large.

Instead of becoming a narrative of "kids who were mean to me before they grew up" it becomes a narrative of "why the black race is inferior(and why I am an exception oftentimes)". By making so much of the issue of kids teasing other kids, we're ignoring the real issues.

It's like the sort of black people who always forward stuff about how black people don't read books. Now, black publishing imprints are really fast growing, but they don't see that- and I think the folks who say all of the black folks under 30 are criminals are part of the same discourse as the acting white folks and the black folks don't read books folks.

They try to say they are just pointing out the flaws of the black community- but the thing is that this is not a neutral flaw pointing out. They reinforce the idea that something is wrong about being black- we don't read books, we're all criminals, we prevent the folks who want to learn from learning. But by pointing this out, they also try to show their own position is different.

The acting white thing makes this explicit instead of implicit like the other discourses on why other black people are flawed. Other blacks teased me for being different- the difference in this story is always something positive like reading books or neutral like rock music. It's never the more likely problems like talking with a lisp or having bad fashion taste.

In this narrative(as it is a narrative- we all order our lives according to our thoughts) childish teasing marks the person as different, but also as better or special. It annoys me because to make you seem special and different, all other black people are denigrated.

By trying to be the exception, you strengthen the idea that most black folks aren't about anything. Thanks, folks.

Monday, July 10, 2006

My ankle has stopped hurting so I feel a lot better. I have nothing useful to post.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Stacey Dash from Clueless...NAKED! In Oh No They Didn't, a few are shocked, shocked, that she has PUBES! (not very much, but you can still see some)I'd joke that they'll be shocked when they get their first girlfriend, but I bet they are just pressuring them to shave it all off(because vaginas are UGLY! and plus, they are all dirty unless they fit a certain beauty standard! Because they don't say, self clean or anything). Other folks will also note the amazement that she is 40- I was amazed too, because I thought she was way younger as I remember her from Clueless which gives her a more youthful image.

Also, yet again, Paris Hilton isn't up to beauty standard (cootch warning) either. Note: your labia do not get loose and floppy after use. Women are just born with labia that look like that- some people's labia, yea, it looks different. My vulva is a bit darker, for example. But even if I slept with a whole football team every weekend, in fact it wouldn't look any different. Although my tips for Paris Hilton are threefold: 1)panties please! 2)the pussy shots are like Jane Mansfields' constantly slipping boobage(referenced in the book Pink Think) They may get publicity for a while, but as you get older, they can't keep your career going as everyone is like 'yawn, so this is pussy shot #499944' ? 3)Kegels. You'll thank me later.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Girlfriends: Ok, I was watching reruns of Girlfriends and a white doctor gets the black resident out of the room by yelling you only got in med school because of affirmative action. Everyone knows blacks are too stupid to be doctors. The ladies yelled aw, hell naw and the resident rushed out and strangled him.I laughed out loud. Why isn't this show on DVD?

But next episode: whoa on the idea that depression doesn't exist and folks who say they are depressed are just lazy. Although laziness isn't really that bad. I'm lazy, merely because of a huge aversion to doing boring meaningless tasks. Now, I can spend hours making a horrible comic or selling jewelry on the internet, but yea, I'm not going to be doing more than the bare miniumum of housework- because housework is soul destorying.

I wonder if this next episode about the lesbian baby shower is any good. Well, if not, we can always be glad that Grace updated.
I'd like to say that you shouldn't make death threats against kids. That's just what I think. I bet his kid will grow up to be embarrassed that his dad was such a douche. No need to involve him. And maybe his wife is totally humiliated that her husband says dumb stuff on the internet, and doesn't need more people heaping coals on her head just because her husband is a cumstain? She can't control him, and yea, sometimes saying weird stuff on a blog is not exactly many people's criteria for divorce. Anyway, I'd like to speak up for people with mental disorders. I am often depressed and plus, I had a lot of bad anxiety after the 7/7 attacks, yet while I am often rude to other people, I don't ever threaten the lives of their children. Really, some people are just terrible people, ok?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Tip:Board Shorts (with your bikini bottom under) I have to wear swimsuits covering my belly because I like to pretend I am thin.
Embarrassing gang fucks up community, commits possible hate crimes. Also, I've heard rumors of similar HIV control among a few prostitutes in Africa. Amp talks about centering and othering and I learned a lot, although the comments thread is typically useless. You know, I should write in my FAQ why I don't accept motive as an excuse to get you out of racism. But the truth is my reason is that well, people are liars. I can't exactly trust your motive was good, when your action insults me and my whole people.
So today is the anniversary. I thought I was doing fine until I glanced over this and was like ARGH! ARGH! Well, I'm going to point folks to the posts I made about the attacks. They are not very good, because I was upset at the time. Ok, post 1,2,3,45,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14

Well, I'm glad I posted that much because now I don't have to write about it again and trigger myself. I'd like to complain about how the terrorists ruined my college career too. Thanks to terrorists, I got nervous, I had to take anti depressants, which made me sleepy, which ruined my college career. Damn you terrorists!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Also, another problem is that people who write letters to the editor in my hometown newspaper are idiots. Like you know, there's very little mention of structural issues such as poverty and the drug war. It's all "if only folks prayed more" or "if only parents were better". Now, some individual parents are terrible,but us outsiders can't really improve their parenting skills. All we can do is make the environment so that the effect of the bad parenting is reduced. Prayer vigils are all well and good(ok, I think they are useless pandering to the sort of soft headed idiots who think every single person who has Jesus on their lips has the real Jesus on their minds) but yea, we need a Magic Johnson here.
Today I have a shocking expose of how the government wastes your money. Today this lady gave me $30 for answering some questions about drug use and mental health and stuff. And she used a laptop and some other snazzy techno stuff! It's shocking, shocking I tell you.

In other news, wedding dress lolita. I'm really tired and lazy lately. I've been reading Brown Girl in the Ring, which is the most amazing book in the entire universe and avoiding making comics. You know, the person who said Nalo is the literary child of Butler was totally right- I hadn't heard of that and I still thought this is a woman after Octavia Butler's own heart.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Also, from P6, Switzerland declares Gaza situation fucked up. I was watching the TV news and was confused because I was like "doesn't Israel have hostages?" Apparently I must have mixed up the part about the legislators being seized, and all that.

On the lighter side, here is one summer treat I won't be consuming(NSFW)

On the sucky side again, asshat frightened mixed family with Confederate flag, some folks have the decency to be compassionate and others are jackholes.
In other news, if you post a picture of a black astronaut, a long thread will start about how she needs to do her hair. Steve Gillards with the help of The Poor Man makes fun of folks who defend Nazis. Also, games, race and dumb ass folks(most of this is about the post cited in the thread which then goes off on its own direction). Seriously, all they need to do is make the little aliens red or something, and it won't look like a racist caricature. See? No biggie. Dude didn't want Sony to close down, he was just like, hey, those dudes kinda look like those old racist caricatures we had back in the day. White folks always gotta act like pointing out racism is a big dot deal. Now, I don't think changing the color is censorship. If dealing with racial stereotypes in video games isn't a big deal, then heck, changing the game around a bit like I suggested shouldn't ruin your enjoyment. Unless somehow you're getting some sort of enjoyment out of old timey crap like that, and if so, get a life.

A Powerpuff Girls anime? Interesting

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I really like this comic, although I don't know why. When searching the archives, be careful, while this particular comic is safe for work, there are many not safe for work comics here.

And sadly enough, The Pain is on haitus. But Secret Asian Man makes up for it, making fun of asiaphiles for this week's hilarity.

Monday, July 03, 2006

This reminds me of a girl in my community psych class whose sister was suepeonaed because they were cheating on the standarized test. White folk. Hey, I am interested in this argument.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The EGL mod explains life to the Lolitas:

) Ignore people. If you go out in lolita people will notice you. PERIOD. You will attract attention. If you are really sensitive to the opinions of others then common sense dictates that you should try to avoid drawing their attention. There is no such thing as a "right not to be mocked". You have the right not to be physically assaulted or discriminated against, but there isn't any legal coverage regarding snickers. Lolita clothes, unlike race/gender are something that you can take off and become "normal". If you want to be abnormal or go against the flow, then do it with courage.

Waaah, nobody ever cares when I dress lolita. But then again, I mostly just have a casual lolita vibe going on, and don't go around in a headdress or a petticoat(yes, an important part of the fashion, but I'm a tomboy at heart) and so people think I am simply really dressed up or just cute. I am sad as in Memphis, I can't think of a good place to wear my clothes. Like in Atlanta, I could go to a Lolita meet up or even just wear my clothes around school. I'd wear them to AWA too, since I can't sew. I'm worried I'll miss AWA this year. I'm terrible at organizing things by myself.
Hey, Working Mother Magazine mentioned skin privilege(it's in this long and informative article) and the Seattle Post Intelligencer has a bit on black men and stereotypes which seems intelligently written. Another good article on the whitewashing of history from the LA Times. Too bad these efforts will probably fall on deaf ears.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Also, I love this post. I think you all should read blackfolk every day. Black people know everything. Also in other lj news, race dot snark has outlawed snarking about the feminist livejournal community, because it is full of stupid white feminists* who wouldn't know racial oppression from adam's housecat. I'm still posting helpful comics advice to my community every day, so join in. Also, you can't join sex and race(and don't try, snowflakes! A hall of shame may be added!) but you can be enlightened by it.

*Too bad we really can't kick anyone out of the movement over the internet.
I'm in a horrific mood. I have no idea why folks don't talk more about how moving around every single time one thinks they see a brown face and its quite possibly negative effect on the environment. You know, I'm suspicious of whites saying they want low crime and good schools. You know why? Because I don't know- I have no idea how white folks think- do they really have no knowledge of how schools are funded? Do they have no idea why people want money so bad they are willing to kill for it? Like do they think that criminals can't steal their money and can't steal a car? Like, I am aware these problems are big, but you know, half this mess could be solved by white folks saying "I refuse to believe it's still the fifties".

This whole thing is unsustainable. And thus I hate everyone and wish they'd die. This is such a bleak and hopeless period of American history. Every time we turn our heads, some soldier has done something horrible to someone. Every time we get up, our government has done some outrageously corrupt thing. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if some cities ended up underwater again this year. Yea, this is a horrid time to come of age. The only consolation is the widespread availability of fairly cheap manga, but that doesn't really matter to a lot of you.