Sunday, July 02, 2006

The EGL mod explains life to the Lolitas:

) Ignore people. If you go out in lolita people will notice you. PERIOD. You will attract attention. If you are really sensitive to the opinions of others then common sense dictates that you should try to avoid drawing their attention. There is no such thing as a "right not to be mocked". You have the right not to be physically assaulted or discriminated against, but there isn't any legal coverage regarding snickers. Lolita clothes, unlike race/gender are something that you can take off and become "normal". If you want to be abnormal or go against the flow, then do it with courage.

Waaah, nobody ever cares when I dress lolita. But then again, I mostly just have a casual lolita vibe going on, and don't go around in a headdress or a petticoat(yes, an important part of the fashion, but I'm a tomboy at heart) and so people think I am simply really dressed up or just cute. I am sad as in Memphis, I can't think of a good place to wear my clothes. Like in Atlanta, I could go to a Lolita meet up or even just wear my clothes around school. I'd wear them to AWA too, since I can't sew. I'm worried I'll miss AWA this year. I'm terrible at organizing things by myself.

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