Wednesday, July 05, 2006

In other news, if you post a picture of a black astronaut, a long thread will start about how she needs to do her hair. Steve Gillards with the help of The Poor Man makes fun of folks who defend Nazis. Also, games, race and dumb ass folks(most of this is about the post cited in the thread which then goes off on its own direction). Seriously, all they need to do is make the little aliens red or something, and it won't look like a racist caricature. See? No biggie. Dude didn't want Sony to close down, he was just like, hey, those dudes kinda look like those old racist caricatures we had back in the day. White folks always gotta act like pointing out racism is a big dot deal. Now, I don't think changing the color is censorship. If dealing with racial stereotypes in video games isn't a big deal, then heck, changing the game around a bit like I suggested shouldn't ruin your enjoyment. Unless somehow you're getting some sort of enjoyment out of old timey crap like that, and if so, get a life.

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