Friday, January 31, 2003

Today I decided to get annoyed about something that is of little importance in the scheme of things. However, if we only cared about important things, we wouldn't care if the entire human race was wiped out by the ebola virus, because the world would keep right on turning if we all went extinct, eh? Anyway, I usually love the Heartless Bitches website, while I am very weak and whiny, their message of taking responsibility for your life sounds great on paper. However, while cheerfully reading over their "Red Flag Files-Ways To Tell If He's Bad News," my own red flag got raised. On this list is "Men who have juvenile hobbies such as comic book or action figure collections. This is a huge sign that they're not all the way grown up."
Excuse me? How does this deserve to be on a list with former drug addicts and guys who try to cut you off from your friends? Full disclosure, I am a comics accumulator myself. I may not be looking for Spiderman #1, but I love comics. They are like books, you can never get enough of them. While I won't spend a hundred pages writing about how many great comics there are, for adults and everyone else, there's for that, I'll point out that they did not mention, say Adam Sandler movies.
Adam Sandler movies are not exactly mature pieces of cinema. There's slapstick, gross out, and sometimes smarmy romance in his movies. A lot of them seemed geared towards a twelve year old mentality. In fact there are lots of movies like this. However, noone ever warns you to stay away from those movie watching guys, they're bad news!
While I am not the world's biggest superhero fan, I'd like to say to the rest of you ladies, don't be a stuck up bicth(not in the good way) about this. If he wants to indulge himself with a little pow biff bam or even a little arty introspective artist guy grumbling about his little arty hipster life, let him. Don't be one of those girls who complain about being alone, and then say you can't date a guy who isn't a right handed, olive skinned, Italian with a certain shade of brown hair, who is good at beer pong and has an eight pack,ok?

This is a blog about basically me griping about whatever is cheezing me off, or talking about whatever I think is wonderful. While not guaranteed to be interesting, I will at least try to spell things correctly, and use grammar as correctly as possible. My gripes will be self centered and childish, but at least you will be able to read them well enough to tell whether they are really childish or whether they just look that way.