Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I agree with this lady. I think that raping a 13 year old is just asking for trouble, and I don't have any sympathy for this dude. Women get 'well, you're just asking for trouble' for drinking a beer, wearing clothing, or just existing, but guys can get away with giving drugs to 13 year olds[wrong], having sex with them[wrong] against their will[triple wrong score], and get people acting like we're somehow big meanies.

Really, guys, certain things are near guaranteed to be trouble. Teen girls? Don't do them. Really, and remember- you don't have to screw someone the minute you meet them. Get to know them. Because sleeping with a 12 year old? is wrong. Gang bangs on the floor of restrooms are also just asking for trouble as well. You can cry about the big misunderstanding and how she 'cried rape', but common sense says 'hey, don't do it. It's better to err on the side of not being a rapist, I say.

BTW: you think prostitution is cute and fun? Apparently it's not so for women in the Eastern Bloc.
Jobs will never come back to some areas. Will we change our ideas or keep going on with the same moral model that has failed us for my entire lifetime? Will we keep blaming single moms for our problems?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

...I'm somehow unsettled by the idea that recanting makes it not rape...
Thanks for being an asshole, dude [triggers] Hey, lady who wrote this: YOU'RE NOT TO BLAME. Your boyfriend is. And don't bitch this lady out for sharing her sexual fantasies. She doesn't have magical fucking powers. She didn't know that her boyfriend was a totally moralless asshole. And all who blame this woman for her rape, YOU'RE ASSHOLES AND I HATE YOU. SHAME ON YOU. SHAME.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do new fads for childcare cause women an undue burden? School bus routes are being cut all across the country. Some charge it isn't safe, due to traffic patterns. I especially enjoy the random racist guy in these comments who comes in to complain about integration. Buses to school are important so that the kid can get to school if mom's car breaks down or mom doesn't have a car, or the city bus is extremely unreliable...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

While I don't think doctors don't care about patients, I am laughing at the idea of brazilians before birth.

I'll tell you funny anecdotes about medical care now. Through medical care, I learned that one of my ears hears worse than the other, that 'no, that's not a normal color for pee', ultrasound paddles are really phallic, I'm really very allergic to grass, trees, and weeds, and that warm prune juice will really cure constipation.

In other news, any beauty thing that requires a mild anesthetic to be done will not be done. Why are girly things so painful? Waxing, high heeled shoes[especially those that don't respect the toe box], relaxing your hair, putting Nair on your armpits... Also, it's fun that women don't face greater dilemmas, such as give up your child to be a servant in the city so they can eat, or keep them with you, but risk they go hungry, or anything! Ha ha! We're so carefree!

Friday, September 04, 2009

I'm reading No Impact Man, and I am still not convinced that we work so hard just to buy stuff like Bermuda vacations and prada sneakers. Now to me, there's a lot of social pressure not to be a slacker. Long hours are a badge of pride. Tons on your plate just means you're a more valuable person. Bint says to think that my work has the same value, but truly, I do do a lot less of it. I'm not saying we all need a new $300 purse every season[I don't get it truly], but I don't think that our workoholic ways are all keeping up with the Joneses.

Also, fake academics get ripped apart by Ben Goldacre, and also, fanfic writers are called pleasant and literate.

Science debate in unfunnybusiness.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

President says STAY IN SCHOOL. This is SOCIALISM, and will lead to the children being the protagonists of urban fiction novels. So let your children skip school, because they shouldn't learn anything for a whole day because of the creeping socialism.

Urban fiction mad lib here:

On the [insert negative adjective here] streets of [insert city here], [insert 'street job'] [insert name] tries to get out of the [negative adjective] life. But he/she keeps being pulled by in by [insert humorous ghetto name]. Will they be able to resist the lure of the street?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Thanks to the internet, I learn that 'sex' is defined as 'pornified commodified sexuality'. And the Song of Solomon is just like Bang Bus or All Ghetto Whores Apply Here for Creampies! Man! All I need to do to avoid having terrible images of sexuality considered the norm by the next generation is to dump assholes! Wow! What a simple solution!

By the way, I was waiting to be interviewed, and there was this stupid cartoon movie on. First, why are there male cows? He has udders, but is called Otis and stuff. For some reason, I am not thinking this is some sort of comment on the importance of the transgendered experience. Also, why are there female gendered cows[denoted by giant pink bow on head] that have to do all the caring work?