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Angry about child rapists.

why do dumbass black people like this get national forums whereas we hardly hear from any awesome black people in national magazines? I mean, it's nice to read smart black people in black magazines, but you can put them in other kinds of magazines you know. HEY! donna darko is commenting on this story using knowledge.

Also, what I actually came to that site looking for. Look, this guy is unethical!
Yesterday on Talk of the Nation, the question was posed: if you could buy offsets for anything, what would it be. I think we need feminism offsets. I will flesh this idea out later.
Now, an important theme in this blog has been how I do not think all choices are valid, and that some choices are better than others. For example, supporting bills against hate crimes against gays, lesbians, disabled people and transgendered people is more feminist than watching chick flicks. I don't agree with this woman's choice to moo at an 11 year old. Yes, she is a woman, and it was her choice, but it's wrong to moo at children. Also, eating only forty calories a day is unhealthy. Seriously, if you find yourself only eating forty calories a day, here are some helpful numbers.

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Hehehe, best commentary on feminism ever. More LULZ.

My super awesome thoughts on feminism is that I don't care if you're a stay at home mom submissive who shaves five times a day and wears makeup an inch thick, there's no whining in feminism.
Alexis Gumb is good at blogging, and she sends us this press release.
Police Brutality Strikes Fifth Anniversary of Sylvia Rivera Law Project

NEW YORK - On the night of Wednesday, September 26, officers from the
9th Precinct of the New York Police Department attacked without
provocation members of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project and of its
community. Two of our community members were violently arrested, and
others were pepper sprayed in the face without warning or cause.

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project ( ) is an organization that
works on behalf of low-income people of color who are transgender,
gender non-conforming, or intersex, providing free legal services and
advocacy among many other initiatives. On Wednesday night, the Sylvia
Rivera Law Project was celebrating its fifth anniversary with a
celebration and fundraising event at a bar in the East Village.

A group of our community members, consisting largely of queer and
transgender people of color, witnessed two officers attempting to
detain a young Black man outside of the bar. Several of our community
members asked the officers why they were making the arrest and using
excessive force. Despite the fact that our community was on the
sidewalk, gathered peacefully and not obstructing foot traffic, the
NYPD chose to forcefully grab two people and arrested them. Without
warning, an officer then sprayed pepper spray across the group in a
wide arc, temporarily blinding many and causing vomiting and intense

"This is the sort of all-too-common police violence and overreaction
towards people of color that happens all the time," said Dean Spade,
founder of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. "It's ironic that we were
celebrating the work of an organization that specifically opposes
state violence against marginalized communities, and we experienced a
police attack at our celebration."

"We are outraged, and demand that our community members be released
and the police be held accountable for unnecessary use of excessive
force and falsely arresting people," Spade continued.

Damaris Reyes is executive director of GOLES, an organization working
to preserve the Lower East Side. She commented, "I'm extremely
concerned and disappointed by the 9th Precinct's response to the
situation and how it escalated into violence. This kind of aggressive
behavior doesn't do them any good in community-police relations."

Supporters will be gathering at 100 Centre Street tomorrow, where the
two community members will be arraigned. The community calls for
charges to be dropped and to demand the immediate release of those

- END -

1) Call the District Attorney's Office
The District Attorney's office # is 212.335.9000, you ask for the early
*case* assessment bureau, and ask that all charges be dropped against
arrest #s 683706 (Reggie Gossett) and 683701 (Ileana Mendez-PeƱate).

You can also call:
- Christine Quinn, President of the City Council: 212.564.7757
- Rosie Mendez, City Council person for the district where Reggie and
Ileana were taken: 212.677.1077
- Alvin Vann, City Council person for the district where Reggie & Ileana live: 718.919.0740

You can also go on the web to and send those
city council people emails with the same message.
There is a letter writing campaign for the Newark 4.- sent by Nicole.
In feminist, some idiot says all women want to be sexually submissive and pop out babies. We have some minor post feminism here. *shockingly can enjoy sex without being beaten, cussed at, or wearing a costume*. Also, feminism shouldn't be about tip toeing around your sex life. If I only could get turned on by throwing cream pies at feminist marches, I hope everyone wouldn't try to coddle my spehsul sexuality, and tell me to GTFO.

The point of feminist theory should not in fact be to make people feel good about their sex life. That's what self esteem is for. For example, I read some manga, it is sexist. My identity as a manga reader is a bit more important than what I do in bed[not everyone puts sex on a pedistal- some of us have primary identities not as subs, not as doms, but as citizens, workers, friends]. But if someone notes that manga is often sexist, I'm not going to yell, omg! theory!!! because I note that theory is one of the things that keeps feminism together.

We can't base feminism on 'doing whatever we want', because consumerism has that in a lock. We can't base it on how special we are, because we've got the internet for that. Thanks to the internet, we can all hold forth on how we can't get off unless there is a turkey baster, a man dressed up as a clown, and a weasal in our bedrooms, OMG don't judge me! We don't really need a social and political movement for that.

*I also don't cut and cry about the eternal struggle between bead stringers and jewelry makers who do dangerous things with torches.

LULZ, poor poor stay at home moms!

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My whole left arm hurts and I swear I'm getting another bump.

Are you suffering from not eating? Wondering why you feel cold and lightheaded? Call these people for help. Did you know that being pretty is OH SO IMPORTANT that you need to develop a deadly mental illness to achieve it? From the Obesity Myth:

"That someone[Susan Estrich in her book Making the Case for Yourself] who is among one of the half dozen most distinguished women lawyers of her generation should openly admit to taking more pride in moving to a size 12 to a size 6("sometimes a four") dress than in any of her professional accomplishments is tantamount to an admission that she has simply surrendered to the cultural judgment that, in terms of her value as a person, nothing a women does can ever be as important as her appearance"
LULZ, Bill O'Reilly

from etsy.
Nate M. sends in this review of a RPG based on slavery.

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"CLS[Critical Legal Studies] devotees attacked the idea that law could be a system of neutral principles, ore even one that could create a fair and more just society. Rather they viewed law mainly as a tool of oppression that the powerful used against the weak. Whatever its ultimate merits, CLS was ultimately inconsequential outside the confines of law schools, its nihilism and extremism rendering it largely irreverent in the work of judges and lawmakers"- Jeffery Toobin, the nine pg. 13.

This quote fails in so many ways. The reality of what many people who go through the judicial system deal with has nothing to do with the work of judges and lawmakers! Yep! That poor woman getting her kid taken away for what a rich woman could get away with? She don't count. White kids allowed to beat folks up, but black kids having the book thrown at them for the same thing? Has nothing to do with lawmakers and judges in white world!
Lulz, Belgium.

Reading this study, I thought that we should be careful about our assumptions. Often people assume that if a teenage girl gets pregnant it is because she is somehow trying to get preggers for the child support[LOL] or the welfare check[yea right! She could make more being a child minder!], which often is a wrong assumption.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I slept and my fatigue level went down.

There's always a guy who says "we're not racist" after a public racist incident. But the Jena 6 incident is the sort of institutional incident that shows that a bunch of people are racist. First, if you have to ask the principal if you can sit under the 'white' tree, that's more than one guy being a jerk. You need a large percentage of the student population to defend a whites only tree. Second, the nooses. They were dismissed as a 'prank' by some. Now to defend nooses as a prank takes a lot of balls. You have to be confident that you won't be shouted down by more sensible people, and that even the people who may not be paragons of racial sensitivity won't say "what the crap were you thinking? Nooses?!" Third, there's the whole white people get to beat up people, and don't go to jail. Black folks beat up people and go to jail. It takes more than just coinkydink to make that happen. It takes folks to think that pressing charges in school yard fights is appropiate, folks to give them overly high sentences,.etc.
Not delicious cake.

Australia: Apparently prostitution isn't legal in all of Australia.

Evil shoes.

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Major etsy drama! We have free the etsy five shirts but where are the free the jena 6 shirts?

Random: I was watching Lockup, and on one of the news breaks, it said that bail was denied for Michael Bell[possibly the wrong spelling].

More on how hard it is to be me: My underarm bump has gone down, but now I've got bloating and diarrhea.
That's some fucked up shit. with that I may drag myself to bed, if I can get myself motivated to move.

More on how hard it is to be me: I slept for 5 hours!
Black bloggers mentioned on NPR again.

I wonder if it's right to be like oh hai, pleasureseeker!

NPR's morning edition is super good today. will link later. Jonathon Kozol on the radio.

I am learning the important lesson- do your laundry or else you'll be stuck with the only bottom piece you have that is remotely clean being a mini skirt, and the only draws you have that are clean a thong, and you must remember never to bend over for the entire day!

In a second entry on how hard it is to be Shannon, I note that my ipod is broke now. Woe is me! There are disturbing icons on the internet.

Lolz, stupid.

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arrrgh! I'm not wearing black! *must find different things* *also notes that she feels more like taking to her bed than going to a rally, even if it is at the university of memphis*

*decided to go with the black cuff*

But seriously, this lady is right. I am tired all the time, but even I have a few minutes to post about the Jena 6, and to debate about whether to go to a rally about it or not.

Jena 6 front page news on Memphis news website. People acting racist in comments should be ashamed of selves. This is one of the most emailed columns right now.

Black blogger is on NPR about the Jena 6. Photos are shown and the protest is described in a caption as a 'civil rights march' w00t!

On the same show, a man who created an exhibit on lynching[that I saw] explains why it is not a good idea to hang nooses around.

Also, a Jena Six themed stupid.

According to anecdotal evidence[i.e. I looked around the campus], many people wore black shirts at the University of Memphis.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More in the West Virginia torture case. Some woman of color activists have noticed that the victim's testimony has been released in what some are calling "wtf, is this shit fucking illegal or what?"

Also, an album of pictures of Nazis from the Holocaust. We must never forget about the capacity for evil inside all of us.

Israel may cut off gas supplies to Gaza strip It may not be right to punish innocent civilians for the acts of others.
Look! icon!

It's win on the internet!

I wish I could sleep for days. Damn you paperwork

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Let me tell you internet, I just learned that my shirt was on backwards! All day, my shirt has been on backwards. Yesterday my pants were backwards.
Hey, part of the great ball of stupid that is the world today. I don't want to know what some people think is OK to do to people of color, if you can taser a white guy for being a douche.
Darn you body! *is tired and has a gross swelling under my underarm again*

Monday, September 17, 2007

Why gun nuts are idiots:

They assume that criminals are always rational actors. That they aren't crazy, hopped up on drugs or simply so desperate that the possibility of being shot[we have 90 fucking guns for every 100 people, assholes. If more guns were the fucking answer, we'd have the damn solution by now]. They also assume that there's a bright line between criminals and regular folks. There isn't. And why they think the answer to crime is to have every idiot with ten fucking guns, I'll never know.

The crime problem isn't going to be solved with more guns!
I am unusually mean lately. Maybe I am too tired to control myself as well as I usually do. [the sad part is that I'm a dick. Female dicks should be more accepted in this society] Lulz, indigo children. The Forer effect is why they think this.

Robert Jordan died. I read up to #7 in the wheel of time.. to books I liked as a kid..

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This comment on LJ is pulled out as a post because there's a response with a NSFW icon:

As far as I've observed, fathers, especially delinquent ones get let off easy by the cf hardcore women precisely because most of them at some stage have eagerly fucked a man who has reproduced, and don't want to fuck up their chances for doing so in the future, hence the honorary childfree status. CF women know that fathers aren't childfree, but they try their hardest to define them as not having reproduced willingly. They try their hardest to define them as "just like us but for that bitch in their past".

About half of the back biting bitchy misogyny seen on cf_hardcore is really about competition for cock. Not a lot of decent heterosexual CF cock around, is there? Nowhere near enough of it to take care of all the sad lonely fucked up fat libertarian CF sub bitches like you. I bet you've fucked a father, and I bet you will in future too. I bet you've sucked cock that made babies. MMMMM NOM NOM NOM.

So run along and have fun with some moo's leftover's. You cf chicks really hate child maintenance assessments and maintenance visits, don't you just?

super duuuuper mean, but there may be a grain of truth in there.
Something important and Jena 6 related has happened I think. It's nice to see that folks are working hard for justice nowadays. We won't let this crap go unchallenged or something.

Thanks for showing that you're horrible people, folks in childfreehardcore~

Some porn stars have left porn and gotten religion.

mean,but I lol'd.

Some guy making fun of burlesque. Is the argument that burlesque is sooo super different than stripping classist?
More conversation on the nondifference.

I blame the parents. It is not like these girls are old enough to get a part time job and then sneak out of the house and buy new clothes.

Lulz,wear stilettos.

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let me tell you internet, I'm sick as a dog now! I spent from 9:30 to 7:14 or so playing board games, and now my head hurts, I'm running a slight fever, I've got nausea... *mooooan*

*mooooan* did you know that this ugly purse costs more than what you earn in a year? Also, any readers who have ugly ass $100 purses- your purse costs more than what some people make in a year. And it's an ugly ass purse. Being a giant ass bitch- it's therapeutic in a way that having clients in a hot tub is not!*

*disclaimer: never get naked with your clients.

Isuuuues! Issuuuues!!! Yelling issues, issues is also not therapeutic
Lulz, people make fun of femininity. Should I add a new oppressing the pretties tag y/n? designers hate women. Either that or they have a bet going to see just how sucky they can make something and have people still buy them.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pasties against breast cancer. There's something either funny or sad in this. Also, a search for pasties on etsy[some nudity is to be expected] We also have some typical skinny whining here. Etsy: for when your head is fucking killing you.

Apparently I'm an escapist, but really this quiz has no bit for my actual type I enjoy trust and comfort. I get turned on by having my sexy bits touched. I guess I don't exist! We have pretty narrow conceptions of sexuality masquerading under the idea of sexual diversity.
Woc PhD takes what I call white girl poverty to task. White girl poverty is when you can send your kid to private school and waste hundreds of bucks on beauty crap, but still act like you're super poor. I'm often broke because I fear working too hard and getting sick, but hey! lucky class birth! I live with my parents. That's not the same as poverty.

We also have fuck you white academic and the importance of shame. The last one addresses the cult of individualism nicely- this is part of why I don't groove with the sparkleponies. Folks always say our movement is going to be small if we ever say a discouraging word about lipstick never note the size of our movement if we ignore the economic imperialism causing millions of women across the world to be fenced into really bad situations. Hey! You can die 30 years sooner, but that doesn't matter because someone, somewhere didn't like a white woman's miniskirt

Ugh, wtf, bitch?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's national chronic invisible illness awareness week!
Sometimes I feel guilty that I am unable to take six or eight hours of classes per day or go without eating or work full time, but on the other hand, there's no need to risk being knocked out and exhausted for days on end if I don't need to. This is why this blog is a link blog, and I cuss you all out. But remember women! no matter how poor and downtrodden you are, you always have worth outside of being hot. Which is good, because you'll probably live to age 50 or so, what with our health care system.
Etsians struggle with their children doing homework.

Busting out with the dumb.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My school days are such a vale of suffering. Sometimes my community professor uses ebonics, which of course makes it impossible to learn! How dare people not all speak the same? And today in family systems, we had a guest professor who showed us a film, which thwarted the feminist aims of feminine women[ok, us who took a break to avoid seeing a clip from the Accused had a nice feminist conversation about how women deal with the ever present fear of rape, but apparently we are all men or something, I guess. No woman could actually think if femininity was critiqued! It's a sacred part of womanhood, don't you know? ] in which we learned that in the world of music videos, all women are interchangeable bots who spend all their time writhing in a state of undress, and in the rare occasions, they are dressed, are desperate to get undressed for any vaguely humanoid object. They are all either strippers, prostitutes, schoolgirls, rock audience members, dom girls, sub girls or nurses and teachers who are all desperate to get it on with young men. Thanks music videos for teaching me my place in the world!

Also, this guy from the VA or something came in and we had to stay after school to listen to him to get brownie points from our profs. He was doing some study about PTSD and the reaction of their brains on MRIs to threat words, but then he was forced to flee from Katrina, and somehow got to Memphis and never left. It sounds like a rough time ahead for our soldiers as more deployments seem to up the chance of PTSD and PTSD can last for decades.
*shakes head* Structural racism=you just got bad credit

Let's remember the millions of displaced Iraqis today.

I don't understand this poem, but it seems appropriate.

Missing Minorities: Check this blog every day

Ganked from Hoyden About Town, a post about postfeminism.

Shelby County enacts stricter laws on strip clubs- including one that bars convicted prostitutes from the poles Will this lead to a rise in prostitution to replace the income? Will the prostitution merely move out of the clubs? Who knows.

Shameful beatings, rape classified as hate crime.

You can contribute to the Jena 6 defense fund! They even take paypal!

Someone on etsy says something stupid about possibly transgendered people.

It's too soon for 9/11 promos, dude.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Man from Latino Memphis articulates why I hate the term illegals so much.

Don't use coffee enemas

We have some good Christian faux opppression in this thread. This piece gives a flavor of it. Poor Christians, people have the nerve to be offended when folks put random religious literature into unrelated packages! Woe is them!

*watching BBC world- seeing a old white woman having her arm pulled by a security guard disturbed me. *is watching a report on the surge*

*random people on LJ are oh noes, oppressed by feminists*

Pretty oppression time: maybe Britney was depressed and on drugs, but were all her wardrobe people on drugs? There are ways to have people dancing in their underwear that look better than that. But the guy from E is way too mean on Keith Olberman. Britney's not really fat. She looks fine, she just needs to actually dance and hire better wardrobe people.

I enjoy being sex negative as I don't like total strangers to touch my body. Yea, I don't even like random people hugging me or tapping my shoulder.

Hehhe, Hogwarts condoms.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Let's mock!

Don't judge me! Oh, poor me, people think I'm giving in to the patriarchy! I'm still a valid person although I wear high heels!

also, good ol'stella designs has the old feminists don't shave chestnut On this page, we get the good ol' I shave and wear makeup crap. Of course we get you can be a feminist and shave

*shakes head* I wish people would respect people's intelligence more. We have two small samples, but there are more if you all would like
I don't agree with eating placenta.

Why are there vagina coin purses?

Hehehe, since this is sparklepony day, here is a related macro

A great exploration of privilege. I will add my own opinions to the mix here. The dominant image of the happy hooker obscures the millions of women of color trafficked in for sex, trapped into sex work because of imperialism and colonialism[note the Iraqi women turning to prostitution] etc. Every time we turn the discourse to how traditional femininity needs to be protected from the rough critque of feminism, we obscure the many different types of women there are in the world. Girly girls are in the center of this discourse and the majority of women are at the margins. A girly girl tends to have the money, time and energy to be girly. Obscured are third world women[too busy surviving to shave], manly women, women who are androgynous, women who can take or leave makeup and shaving, women who can't do beauty for whatever reason[too poor, too far away from the 'ideal'],etc. There's a whole spectrum of women here, but whose concerns and issues are we supposed to center above all else? Feminine women.

Example: we hear all about women's 'freedom' to wear high heels. But try to talk about a woman's freedom to wear the hijab? You get OHNOESOPPRESHUN! What about women's freedom to wear traditional dress at the workplace?[i.e. nonwestern dress] or a woman's freedom to not have straight hair? There are so many different issues about dress that we barely get to hear about because the idea that the girly girl is under attack and needs protection is so dominant.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

*shannon is irritable and has no sense of humor*. I really don't like sparkleponies not because of their personal habits, but because this whole mode of discourse is a great way to make 99% of women invisible. By toeing the line that says that real women are girly, don't have lives outside makeup and fucking[many women do in fact have hobbies.] , and can't make decisions based on facts or logic, but whether people are meaaan or not, you're NOT tearing down the dominant discourse about women. And I'm sick of that discourse. It's so narrow. I'm sick of the idea that women *should* be shaved, plucked, kinky, madeup or else they are somehow deviants who are oppressing 'normal' women. I'm sick of the idea that we can't hack away at a system that's shortening our lives, wasting our money, and fucking up our feet because some lady might have her feelings hurt.
I'm not responsible for someone else's level of personal development. If someone's upset by what I say, she should deal with it. She should explain why the women on the top of the ladder of the patriarchy: pretty, does the sort of sex you're supposed to do[i.e. performance, not enjoyment], thin, does all the grooming crap, comfortable enough to cut and cry because no one liked her mini - should be yet again be put in front of the rest of us in importance.

Note: what should be a good short name for people who want the status quo as far as women's roles if sparklepony is too mean? An added blog post. [note: many black women don't shave, and some of us *gasp* have nonstraight hair, we are all deviants that must be destroyed for the good of femininity! But note: one common discourse is that black women are bad because they aren't feminine enough. Yet another way that the patriarchy is intersecting with racism. ]
Poverty post brings the wank.

woah, that's messed up.

I enjoy pissed off posts. Folks think they can steal our shit, but uh..they are wrong.

I love the onion/

Friday, September 07, 2007

I personally don't think people should be thrown off of planes, even if you could see her panties[although don't go commando, ladies. That's just nasty.]

Near the end of this podcast, an actress from the Wonder Years tells some crazy mess to everyone. We learn that it's 'in the genes' that girls want to dress up[and of course, no boys ever want to dress up and be glamorous] and how dressing up and makeup is a super fun part of being a girl![because every single girl ever loooves dressing up and makeup and everyone has tons of money to do that] And of course, why do we need math? To support our shopping habits! [men NEVER shop. ALL women shop]. What a bunch of BS.

Also, on etsy, we have a silly lady complaining because boys will be boys, after all.
7th post on the page there. I remember my teacher saying this "You can't say boys will be boys, because boys grow into men, and you don't want men doing THAT". If a boy is taught to be responsible for himself, no matter how bad some girl's fashion sense is, he's on the way to being a responsible adult.
History waaaaank! Lulz, silly people make fun of racists

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yay! appropriating the fight against colonialism for being a fucking furry.

It's weird to watch the news so late at night. I don't pay as close attention, so I end up hearing weird snippets like "well, his name was Fritz and he was from Bavaria!"[from a report about terrorists in germany]
Is it true? I heard it on the radio- the attempted murder charges were dropped and one of the 6 who was charged as an adult will be charged as a juvenile..

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Nice double standard here. Possible rapist? Off with pay. You showed your boobies to all and sundry? Fired. Also, the way it was reported it was as if the big deal was that some chick showed her body parts, and the fact that her husband is probably a rapist is a footnote.
Thanks for the judgment lady. Because that chick really needs your opinion on her having children.

Let's mock racists.

That's farking awesome! *secretly enjoys it when people take over buildings* But I also didn't hear about this through my general channels[listens to npr, and the newshour]

On page 2, there's a funny comment about how Whoopi saying that dogfighting was part of Vic's cultural heritage is the same as racism. You shouldn't dog fight, but you shouldn't be stupid either.

Let's post random people's birth stories.

ahha, all Brazilians are hot.

...even polyfurries are like tmi.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Xaoez says things in comments and gets quoted:

Sure, there's a possibility that someone really was treated badly for wearing a miniskirt. It might not have been all in her head, or not as a defensive reaction like "ewww, those gross hairy fatty crunchy types don't come here, do they? I know they'll probably rip my skirt off--I'm a bad feminist! I like the menz!" Just like there's an extremely high possibility that someone who doesn't adhere to common beauty standards might be made to feel uncomfotable at a feminist meeting since those women seem to tend to make people uncomfortable and are held up all over the liberal feminist blogosphere and liberal feminism in life as well as what feminism doesn't want to see itself protrayed as. But, um, so? I wasn't there so there's not much I can do about it. Maybe it should be taken up with the perps? People have sad evenings in life and go to meetings where they don't find lifelong friends. People can be assholes. It sucks, but again hurt feelings down the ice cream social are not really on a par with say worldwide hunger and sex trafficking and things like that. Seems a little less systemic, maybe. If someone's uncomfortable with how she's treated better than other women because she's thin and blond, that doesn't mean she's going to break down anyone else's door and shave her head or follow them on the street screaming. It doesn't even mean her life is being ruined or she's being held hostage by Andrea Dworkin's ghost. It just means that there are different ways to feel good about oneself, and they can examine things about themselves and see if they feel anything fits into a larger picture without falling all to pieces. Maybe they feel their lives actually improve by this exercise. We don't need to send such women to reeducation camp.
Gynos are against vaginal surgery.

Medicare payments trimmed to schools.

Should volunteers be restricted at disaster sites? There may be effects on groups that bring in people from the community to help. Will there be a card for community activist?

A funny review of the sleeping beauty series.