Sunday, September 16, 2007

This comment on LJ is pulled out as a post because there's a response with a NSFW icon:

As far as I've observed, fathers, especially delinquent ones get let off easy by the cf hardcore women precisely because most of them at some stage have eagerly fucked a man who has reproduced, and don't want to fuck up their chances for doing so in the future, hence the honorary childfree status. CF women know that fathers aren't childfree, but they try their hardest to define them as not having reproduced willingly. They try their hardest to define them as "just like us but for that bitch in their past".

About half of the back biting bitchy misogyny seen on cf_hardcore is really about competition for cock. Not a lot of decent heterosexual CF cock around, is there? Nowhere near enough of it to take care of all the sad lonely fucked up fat libertarian CF sub bitches like you. I bet you've fucked a father, and I bet you will in future too. I bet you've sucked cock that made babies. MMMMM NOM NOM NOM.

So run along and have fun with some moo's leftover's. You cf chicks really hate child maintenance assessments and maintenance visits, don't you just?

super duuuuper mean, but there may be a grain of truth in there.

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