Sunday, September 23, 2007


"CLS[Critical Legal Studies] devotees attacked the idea that law could be a system of neutral principles, ore even one that could create a fair and more just society. Rather they viewed law mainly as a tool of oppression that the powerful used against the weak. Whatever its ultimate merits, CLS was ultimately inconsequential outside the confines of law schools, its nihilism and extremism rendering it largely irreverent in the work of judges and lawmakers"- Jeffery Toobin, the nine pg. 13.

This quote fails in so many ways. The reality of what many people who go through the judicial system deal with has nothing to do with the work of judges and lawmakers! Yep! That poor woman getting her kid taken away for what a rich woman could get away with? She don't count. White kids allowed to beat folks up, but black kids having the book thrown at them for the same thing? Has nothing to do with lawmakers and judges in white world!

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