Thursday, September 13, 2007

Woc PhD takes what I call white girl poverty to task. White girl poverty is when you can send your kid to private school and waste hundreds of bucks on beauty crap, but still act like you're super poor. I'm often broke because I fear working too hard and getting sick, but hey! lucky class birth! I live with my parents. That's not the same as poverty.

We also have fuck you white academic and the importance of shame. The last one addresses the cult of individualism nicely- this is part of why I don't groove with the sparkleponies. Folks always say our movement is going to be small if we ever say a discouraging word about lipstick never note the size of our movement if we ignore the economic imperialism causing millions of women across the world to be fenced into really bad situations. Hey! You can die 30 years sooner, but that doesn't matter because someone, somewhere didn't like a white woman's miniskirt

Ugh, wtf, bitch?

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