Friday, September 07, 2007

I personally don't think people should be thrown off of planes, even if you could see her panties[although don't go commando, ladies. That's just nasty.]

Near the end of this podcast, an actress from the Wonder Years tells some crazy mess to everyone. We learn that it's 'in the genes' that girls want to dress up[and of course, no boys ever want to dress up and be glamorous] and how dressing up and makeup is a super fun part of being a girl![because every single girl ever loooves dressing up and makeup and everyone has tons of money to do that] And of course, why do we need math? To support our shopping habits! [men NEVER shop. ALL women shop]. What a bunch of BS.

Also, on etsy, we have a silly lady complaining because boys will be boys, after all.
7th post on the page there. I remember my teacher saying this "You can't say boys will be boys, because boys grow into men, and you don't want men doing THAT". If a boy is taught to be responsible for himself, no matter how bad some girl's fashion sense is, he's on the way to being a responsible adult.

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