Thursday, September 27, 2007

In feminist, some idiot says all women want to be sexually submissive and pop out babies. We have some minor post feminism here. *shockingly can enjoy sex without being beaten, cussed at, or wearing a costume*. Also, feminism shouldn't be about tip toeing around your sex life. If I only could get turned on by throwing cream pies at feminist marches, I hope everyone wouldn't try to coddle my spehsul sexuality, and tell me to GTFO.

The point of feminist theory should not in fact be to make people feel good about their sex life. That's what self esteem is for. For example, I read some manga, it is sexist. My identity as a manga reader is a bit more important than what I do in bed[not everyone puts sex on a pedistal- some of us have primary identities not as subs, not as doms, but as citizens, workers, friends]. But if someone notes that manga is often sexist, I'm not going to yell, omg! theory!!! because I note that theory is one of the things that keeps feminism together.

We can't base feminism on 'doing whatever we want', because consumerism has that in a lock. We can't base it on how special we are, because we've got the internet for that. Thanks to the internet, we can all hold forth on how we can't get off unless there is a turkey baster, a man dressed up as a clown, and a weasal in our bedrooms, OMG don't judge me! We don't really need a social and political movement for that.

*I also don't cut and cry about the eternal struggle between bead stringers and jewelry makers who do dangerous things with torches.

LULZ, poor poor stay at home moms!

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