Sunday, September 09, 2007

A great exploration of privilege. I will add my own opinions to the mix here. The dominant image of the happy hooker obscures the millions of women of color trafficked in for sex, trapped into sex work because of imperialism and colonialism[note the Iraqi women turning to prostitution] etc. Every time we turn the discourse to how traditional femininity needs to be protected from the rough critque of feminism, we obscure the many different types of women there are in the world. Girly girls are in the center of this discourse and the majority of women are at the margins. A girly girl tends to have the money, time and energy to be girly. Obscured are third world women[too busy surviving to shave], manly women, women who are androgynous, women who can take or leave makeup and shaving, women who can't do beauty for whatever reason[too poor, too far away from the 'ideal'],etc. There's a whole spectrum of women here, but whose concerns and issues are we supposed to center above all else? Feminine women.

Example: we hear all about women's 'freedom' to wear high heels. But try to talk about a woman's freedom to wear the hijab? You get OHNOESOPPRESHUN! What about women's freedom to wear traditional dress at the workplace?[i.e. nonwestern dress] or a woman's freedom to not have straight hair? There are so many different issues about dress that we barely get to hear about because the idea that the girly girl is under attack and needs protection is so dominant.

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