Monday, February 28, 2005

I don't get the fuss about the community box idea. In art class in 9th grade, our teacher learned that teachers weren't allowed to take up collections, so we all brought in art supplies. It was much easier having the supplies in a central place, and no one could say they forgot theirs. I guess it's because my family is a bunch of evil commies. I was slightly older than many of my cousins, so when I got too big for my clothes, we'd give them to my cousins, until they got too old to be wearing my ugly clothes. Also, my brother now has my TV since I wasn't using it, and he could use a TV. (I agreed to this) It's usually just more efficient to share things than to insist that everyone has their own stuff. With the money my brother might have used to buy a new TV, he can pay his light bill and still be entertained.
"What gets me about the United States is that it pretends to be honest and therefore has so little room to move towards hope":- Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider, p. 28

It gets me too. I may be 'hateful' towards whites, but knowing honestly how I feel, I can fix it. If I pretended that I was so loving that I could forgive such hurtful people without requiring any effort on their part, then I wouldn't be able to truly be forgiving. I'd just be saying it- but knowing that I can't stand people to stand idly by profiting from injustice, that's valuable information. Also, another thing- I think the missing element in our culture is an understanding of power, who has it, and how they got it. I'll think on that.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

I have never seen the end of Key the Metal Idol. I have had the DVDs for years, but since the last 2 episodes are together 3 hours long, I haven't seen them to the end. Well, today I did, and say that they are great, even if a bit heavy on the exposition. Key is one of my favorite series. Also, watch past the credits of the last episode. There's a nice bonus after.
I have the odd feeling that I have become 'blacker' than I was before. I think this 'blackness' is what bell hooks calls 'critical consciousness' i.e. the ability to detect and resist bullshit. I of course only have a very small amount of this, due to my young age and clumsiness at everything ever. Anyway, this guy is showing a large amount of this in his piece on Condoleezza Rice. Just having a black person in there, if they are just the same as the white people there, that's not real change, that's not real growth. That's not what I want.

On the other hand, I read this and had trouble having much sympathy for the poor whites. I understand they are stuck in a system that fucks them over- but they beg and clamor for it. They want to think they are superior to 'niggers' and 'beaners' and 'towelheads' or whatever so much that they bend over and take it from the man! I'm sorry, dudes, just because the man looks like you don't mean he like you! Shoot- do you think Bush up in his fucking big mansion cares about health insurance for trailer park babies? Do you think the big fat corporate heads are going to give all the whites good jobs if they put all the blacks out of work? Fuck no. Their class issues aren't going to be fucking resolved by hating us- but they do. There were poor whites under Jim fucking Crow! Even if they managed to return us to that, they wouldn't get the lives they seek. Even if they scared all the Hispanics out of the country- the lives they seek would be out of their reach.

What they need to do is to unite with the rest of us, because they are no better. But no, they hate us. So it's really tempting to tell them to go fuck themselves. Yes, a few don't, but I don't see how a few decent people cancels everyone else out. So at this time, I can't be helpful. I can't feel any compassion for people who hate me, and don't think I'm a real American, who think America should be whites only. I can't love my enemies.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'm going to be like Trish Wilson for a moment. This dumbass took out an ad on fark. Many farkers noted that taking care of your own damn kids is an important thing to do. However, one guy who is against being responsible fror his own actions whined that his ex was doing nothing. I take exception to that- she's raising your god danm kid which is a full time job in itself. Why people think taking care of kids magically isn't work, I don't know.

In other news, I'm happy because P6 linked me. Yay! Yay! I wonder which was which. My guess is probably the LJ communities because I get the impression that P6 is much older than I am.
From that colored fellow:

Grab the nearest book.
Open the book to page 123.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the text in your journal along with these instructions.
Don’t search around for the ‘coolest book’ you can find. Do what’s actually next to you.

"individual members of certain churches in black communities should protest when worship services become a platform for teaching anti gay sentiments" Talking Back, bell hooks

Friday, February 25, 2005

Also, Soulforce is a group of religous gays fighting against injustice. They are all very good, but I don't think I could love my enemy without grevious damage to myself. I have an inferiority complex. Unlike Condi Rice- those boots are so common among black women that I have seen lately! Even I have a pair of those boots! I usually don't wear heels because I'm so clumsy, and nearly fall on my face... But do something with your hair, Condi!
I bet some fool would say this blog isn't political at all. I mean, the woman only chronicles talking to elected leaders and writing letters to save programs for disabled children! That certainly isn't as important as blogging about why women aren't political. Anyway, follow this woman's example.
Everyone remember- USE A FUCKING CONDOM. Stop spreading disease.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I'm going to bed after failing to study, but here is a list of all the people of color bloggers I can find without looking very hard, livejournal communities that are useful included. First community stop- Debunking White - learn to get a clue. I am interested in this because I am curious about how white people can change their attitudes. Next community- Angry Black Chick! It's time to rant and rant! On our next stop, our first blog, Silver Rights by Mac Diva, not so frequently updated, but good when it is, next, Mac Diva's more frequently updated Mac-a-ro-nies. Focusing more on news, rather than mostly civil rights issues. Next on our list, Prometheus 6! A very frequently updated blog with insightful comments. I really admire p6. He's a news junkie, breaking it all down. Also, has informational links on the sides. Check them out, you might educate yourself.

Next, it's time for Steve Gillard! Very very nice! His strong language and pertinent rants on anything and everything(he loves to talk about wars though. and bad advice columns) make him a must read every single day ever. On our next stop, we stop by a small blog, Dialetic Humanism. Other than the fact I hate audio posts, very solid. Nice fresh point of view. Now we have a group blog, the Niggerati Network. Don't make me say it twice. Some good points are brought up here. It's time for Professor Kim's News Notes! What she picks to post is often very enlightening. Her writing is very sharp too. And on the next stop, we have Black Perspective and Introspection. I love how they never pull punches and are willing to be intense and pro black. Warning: might hurt your fee fees.

Vision Circle is next on the list, a group blog with a nice mix of clashing perspectives to entice and amaze. Although sometimes I have problems with the comments system. Also, Oliver Willis, who I don't get why folks are always trying to attack him on his blog for, as if he's the craziest leftist ever, when he's really quite moderate. The Asian Vegan is full of yummy yummy recipes, and plans for a new resturant. I hope they succeed. Now on to Jimi Izrael- it is interesting that sometimes he doesn't write in 'standard' dialect on his blog. Some insightful discussions have gone on on his blog. Angry Black Girl- Warning: Don't go in if you can't stand the heat. A HOT blog. Negro Please is making me wish I was back into comics right now.

Black Looks gives us an international perspective. It's time to chill off with the LJ community- people of color nexus, and last but not least, Afro-Netizen. I think I got to most of these blogs by looking at feminist blogs and then following the links. These blogs present a great diversity of black thought(there are some other colors there, but only a little) . I hope you have found this useful.
I think this article on 'crack babies' made me a bit smarter.
I agree with this post in some points. Although I don't really care if I get to a certain search position or people link me(although it feels nice on the ego) at all. I mean, this blog is for me to work out my issues. This is why you'll see me returning to things over and over. I do not work like other people- I take months and years to think over an issue before being satisfied, and then I'll have to think about it again later too.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

They say there are billions of fish in the sea. In reality, there are billions of fish that don't speak your language, billions of fish that live thousands of miles away, billions of fish that are taken, billions of fish that aren't attracted to your gender, billions of fish who are only attracted to Jessica Alba, billions of fish that hate women although they say they are hetro, billions of fish that are in jail, billions of fish without jobs and aren't trying to find them or any school work, billions of fish that beat women, billions of fish that are total and complete assholes, billions of fish that just got out of a bad relationship, billions of fish that aren't ready for a relationship right now, billions of fish that only want to 'hook up', billions of fish that aren't attracted to your whole race(yea, among millions of women who vaguely have the same color, apparently not one is attractive), billions of fish who are waiting for princess charming to come out of the bushes and give him a blowjob

Billions of fish who think that a woman is supposed to be his mommy, billions of color struck fish, billions of rapist fish, billions of fish that have absolutely nothing in common with you besides that you are oxygen breathing organisms....

Monday, February 21, 2005


White folks, the thing is that we really don't care if your rhetoric is about 'fairness' or 'equality'. If it doesn't serve for actual fairness and equality, you just seem racist. I actually find this sort of thing personally hurtful, as if you think I'm so dumb that if you put 'fair' and 'equal' in it, perpetuating unfairness and inequality is ok.

Seriously, if you don't know the challenges facing blacks and other people of color, learn about them. Please do not think that everything is fine because white people are having fun. White people were always having fun, but everything has never been fine. The second you realize this, you can also make powerful connections like- that rich white guy over there is having fun, but I'm getting screwed, why should I vote for him?

I feel that many blacks tend to be more critical of what goes on politically, and I think everyone should start to be more critical and raise their consciousness. Of course, older people tend to be more active in politics, so I might be observing a cohort effect.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Just read this.
This black republican tells us all what not to do. This reminds me of how a white man lost my mother's vote. Instead of acting like he had some sense, he came up to our house, and asked to speak to the house owner as if she didn't own her own house and was the maid or something. Don't do this people! Black folks will tell all their friends that you acted like that, and then they'll tell all their friends, and before you know it, everyone will look at you like what! Check your assumptions at the door, folks.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

LOL, not exactly a fark round up, but I couldn't let this stupidity go unmocked.

2005-02-19 02:41:02 PM

spelunking_defenestrator, PEOPLE need to be protected. "Groups" are my main problem. There are things that make us like each other, and there are things that makes us very different. You see that in ALL communities, and it is unfair to group individuals who have one thing in common in an effort to give them more rights. It is unfair to give groups who are not part of the mainstream more protection than those who are a part of it. If the hate crime legislation continues to grow, it will come down to a point that a straight Christian is afraid to kill a homosexual, even if the situation warrants the death of the homosexual. Let's say a gay man attacks me with a weapon, and I kill him. Normally, that would be self defense. However, we're heading toward a day when it could be argued that I was attacked because of my "hatred" for homosexuals and that I would not have been as likely to actually kill a straight person who attacked me in the same way. That's scary.

Thanks for revealing the true reason you hear whining about hate crimes laws. Seriously, we prosecute based on thoughts all the time. If I accidently shoot Bob, I'll get a different sentence from if I with malice afore thought tortured and murdered Bob. Bob is still just as dead. For hicks, just think of it as anti terror. Whites used to rely on hate crimes to keep blacks in their place. Nowadays, we actually try to adress problems. I mean, yea, you can still kill a black guy while calling him a n word, but don't cry when you're hauled off to jail.

2005-02-19 10:54:42 PM

I know I'm really late in this discussion, but I'd like to point out (if someone hasn't already) the logic behind "hate-crime legislation". There was a time, not too many years ago, where a member or members of one ethnic group (for example) could persecute members of other ethnic groups through fear, intimidation and violence, and fully expect to get off scott-free or with a slap on the wrist because of the ethnic makeup of power of the town, region or state they lived in. Hate crime legislation was designed as a way for federal prosecutors to enter a case and exact justice where none was to be found initially. Yes, it is at odds with The First Amendment. Yes, it is in contradiction with a free, open and thoughful society. Yes, it is tatmount to "thought police". But unfortunately is sometimes the only way to ensure that justice will be served.

And logic is restored. The person who posted a lynching photo on the thread will be banned, but it brought up something important to me. The thing is that for white privilege you have to give up some of your humanity. Once you start excluding people from all possible empathy who have done nothing to you, well, it's not a easy path to go back on. I understand now that whites are lying when they say stupid stuff like all crimes are caused by hate, (because to think that they weren't would mean that whites need to be barred from high office if they can't understand what mens rea is. I'm partially joking but...) but still, to lie all the time like that, it can't be good for you.
Thought experiment time!

"The US Department of Labor Federal Contract Compliance Programs office examined 4,179 companies as of 1994. They found three quarters to be violating federal regulations by not recruiting widely, by openly discriminating in hiring or by not having an affirmative action plan" Feagin, Racist America p. 160 Note they don't say how many of those with plans actually use or enforce them.

"In the hiring process, black workers are less likely to obtain jobs than whites with equivalent credentials. Several studies have shown that, when both white and black applicants get interviewed, more white applicants get job offers. Between 1989 and 1992, several studies of employment discrimination were conducted by the Fair Employment Council of Washington DC and the Urban institute...47 percent of the white applicants got a job offer compared to just 11 percent of the black applicants"

Feagin, Racist America p. 160 The portion within the ellipsis described how many black testers were discriminated against.

"Indeed, today many whites believe that they are likely to be victims of governmental policies helping black Americans. One recent Pennsylvania survey asked a question as to how likely it would be that a white worker might lose a job or a promotion to a less qualified black worker. Most black respondents(57 percent) thought this was unlikely, while most whites (80 percent) thought it was likely. National polls using such a question have gotten similar responses: the majority of whites seem convinced that anti white discrimination is commonplace"

Feagin, Racist America p. 127

Using these three passages, come up with an explanation as to why some blacks may have negative views of whites complaining about affirmative action. For bonus, why would whites have views that differ from objective reality?

Friday, February 18, 2005

Yeah! Kick ass, Pseudo Adrieanne!

Also, here's a beautiful post that showcases the problem of our homeless gay and lesbian youth using the story of Maya Keyes to illustrate some of these contradictions.
Racist America by Joe Feagin is a really good break down of how racist attitudes are ingrained in American society- see rare racist quotes from Franklin, Jefferson, and more! See rare court cases! Thrill to see how neatly Feagin makes a case that it's not all rainbows and puppies, and no, time doesn't stop and magically erase hundreds of years of prejudice!

I easily obtained this book by going to a library. It took me less than ten minutes to find this book, and it wasn't even the one I was looking for. In less than a day, I am nearly a hundred pages in- your mileage may vary- but even from the first ten pages, someone could learn a lot of stuff.

LOL, I like how the first reviewer thinks Feagin is black. I am almost sure he is white, although this is based on hearing a person with a name like his give a talk to years ago. And I love the whiner who is crying because Feagin doesn't make up that whites were all goody good gumdrops. We have photographic evidence, we have books that they have written their thoughts in, we have all sorts of evidence that those people had those ideas, and we have surveys and research and their own books and own words to show that whites still have those attitudes.

You want to believe whites are perfect angels from heaven? That's your business, but you left evidence dudes. Either you get with reality and say that those whites in the past were wrong and work to dismantle the system they created, or be thought of as terrible people for all time. It's YOUR choice, and you have to live with the consequences of your own action or inaction. I hate how privileged people think that they should NEVER be called on their bullshit.

You know, while I was ranting, I surfed over to Vision Circle and saw that someone linked a piece from Black Commentator about how blacks are so quick to believe bad things about themselves. It's like the opposite with whites- like they expect to all be called non racist because two white people got their shit together. Of course, when you're constantly told you're inferior- either you accept or reject it, and the same with being told you are superior.

I reject the inferiority claim because it makes no sense to me that someone would be superior to me because they are a bit paler. But when you feel inferior, you tend to start to tear at yourself, and try to rationalize it. I can't accept the idea that I am inferior, because in many parts of my life, I out score, out work, and out smart many of my white peers. Many of the whites I see complaining about how it's black people's fault that they can't do this or that- you know what? they aren't achieving.

This isn;t the same with blacks because there is actual real discrimination. For example, my mom often is annoyed by racism, but she is working hard and getting her masters. My grandma may feel the burn of racism- but she volunteers hard in the community. What do these whites I mention do? Not much at all. They certainly aren't involved in research projects to help others and go further on their career path like me. Sure, a few achievers might whine- but for the most part, it's the whites who are just plain insecure because they know they are mediocre who whine.

Otherwise they'd be too busy to care.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Warning Soft Porn: I think it's amusing how airbrushed this woman is. Another laugh is how the last post looks like someone putting in a tampon...
Man, I really hate the Dusty ads that has in its ad bars. The Sports By Brooks ones are less annoying because it's more like "these hot sexy girls are having a good time" and any sexual arousal you may feel is incidental. But the poses the girls are in on the Dusty ads are less their usual "Look at our T shirt! It's on a skinny girl" attitude and more focusing on "oooh, sex" like we're all a bunch of horny frat boys that can't get sex in a subtle manner.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Did it ever occur to a single one of you how sick to the fucking teeth we all are of having to do things in a way that are pleasing to you in order to have our existences fucking validated? It’s NOT MY JOB to make you feel good, it’s YOUR job to act like responsible fucking human beings and think for your own damn selves about what it is you’re doing. -Crys T

I often feel like this. It makes me feel like cocooning like amperstand seems to in some of his posts. By cocooning I mean kind of trying to protect yourself from the pain..oh it's hard to explain. when I cocoon I put the covers over my head and read manga.
I'm feeling irritable today. I was enjoying No Longer at Ease, because like Things Fall Apart, it's a perfect Greek tragedy, except for with an external fatal flaw merging with the internal fatal flaw. I'm at about chapter 11, and you can see the beautiful trajectory of the falling arc... Yes, I love depressing books and movies, but not this chapter of Wretched of the Earth that I have to read for class, because it's way different if actual people died or went crazy.

I read this post by Hugo and some of the comments made me a bit grumpy. It really annoys me when privileged people start crying about how they might be fucking blamed. FOR GOD'S SAKE, SUCK IT THE FUCK UP. Because of your fucking wussiness, the rest of us have to take on your blame for you. STOP LYING AND SAYING YOU CARE ABOUT PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU WON'T TAKE ANY YOURSELF.

I really hate that! I don't know why- it just drives me nuts! It also pisses me off when people say they care about hard work, but what they really care about is how much money you make. But seriously, do you think the black teen boy who says fuck all y'all because he is sick of being rejected by a system that says that he can't ever amount to anything unless his whole existence is one big fat apology for being black is going to get any of this sympathy that these wussies are whining about how they need?

Why do we need to always accommodate their fucking needs? The whole point is that they have to learn to think about someone else for ten fucking seconds. I think that if you make it 'guilt free' people won't seriously examine their role in fucking things up, and all you'll get are people who are just lying.

It's just like you have to either come wanting to learn, or you don't come at all. It's like college in a way. Some of these folks in my school- they will sit there, they will do the work- but they aren't really present- they don't really want to get educated, they want the piece of paper. The big way that's like anti racism is that if people just want to be called not racist versus actually not being racist. (Of course people may say- why am I going off on racism after a post about sexism? I tend to somehow feel it as a single entity-racism/sexism)

But like some people just want the shiny gold star, but others want the actual achievement- and because they actually want it, they'll be able to do that it takes, even if it means feeling bad for ten seconds. That's probably what really burns me up about it. THEY AREN'T EVEN WILLING TO FEEL BAD FOR A CLASS PERIOD.

They simply hate us that much. Yes, I say hate, not indifference. In indifference, if you are awakened to someone's suffering, you'll respond. But in hate- you are closed off from all possible empathy with others. Like I am angry with whites, I am displeased with them. But I am able to feel for them.

If it took me feeling bad for a few class periods to lift millions of people's suffering, I'd do it. If it took me standing in the rain for hours, I'd do it. If it required me to stand up and refuse to be a douche, I'd do it. They refuse to make the smallest sacrifice for their brothers. Something that would cost them nothing- they refuse to give. That hurts me so badly, I am unable to contain my rage.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Fark Round Up Part Two:

2005-02-14 12:28:13 PM

Oh, and for all you young-uns out there who ask why there is no white history month...Every month is white history month. I used to ask dumbass questions like that too. Pretend for a moment that you aren't white. Then look around for people that represent you. Then look around for any acknowledgement of your people in a positive fashion. Want to feel underrepresented? How about Latinos? Or Asians?I am still evolving and learning. But I finally see why something like Black history month, or the gay rainbow is needed. I look forward to becoming less of a dumbass as I get older. New perspectives make life exciting.

This is an example of a person learning and growing over the lifespan. White people- you can be like this guy if you stay in school and don't take meth.

2005-02-14 12:44:25 PM

A Definition of Whiteness:If you can trace your ancestry back to Europe, you are white. Stop arguing If you recieve an advantage NOT because of your socio-economic status, but because of the color of your skin, you are white .If you listen to country music, you are white If you find this conversation irrelevant, you are white If you have never endured mistrusting stares when you go out shopping, you are white If you have to ask what 'white' is, you are white Clear enough?

I disagree with the part about country music, what if some black guy has weird taste? Many members of other ethnic groups are part white.

2005-02-14 12:45:20 PM

They should air Birth of a's a good movie...or so i hear...from my the KKK....who are happy black history month is the shortest month of the yearand who hate jews...and kanye west...who makes terrible music...or so i have unfortunately heard...and btw, felixecho, caucasians are a minority in it goes.

Is the last part why we get the OMG!!!! let's force white women to have babies mindset?

2005-02-14 12:59:21 PM

fine, GWShenlong05, here is a non-trolling definition of whiteness.White is an all-encompassing umbrella term for 'Americans of European Descent'. It does not matter if you are from Capetown, Katmandu, Kuala Lumpur, Kyoto, or Quito, if your ancestors are pasty and Euro-trash, then you are as white as can be.You could wear your pants around your thighs and a huge FuBu hoodie, if your ancestors are from Europe, you are white, my friend.Ironically, unlike 'black' people, who were umbrella'ed into a grouping that includes people from across the African continent, white people SELF APPLIED this moniker.So, all you white people who dislike being called white, remember that we did this to ourselves.Darn, racial prejudice is a mean little biatch, ain't it?

Why would a white person not want to be called white? They really seem to love the privleges it affords them. If you want to renounce your whiteness, people still might get confused.

2005-02-14 01:02:15 PM

lexslammanThanks for sharing, that's pretty ignorant. Rather ironic really.So it's perfectly okay to lump every single European ancestry into "white"; although each culture is different and has its own history.Oh, right, the whole double-standard thing. Gotcha.

I don't see why this girl is being such a whiny bitch. She gets PRIVLEGES based on this. If she wants to pull out her ethnic group fine, but she should get a clue.

2005-02-14 01:07:42 PM

KarmicHoaxSo it's perfectly okay to lump every single European ancestry into "white"; although each culture is different and has its own history.Of course it is okay in the American context. White people like me did it to themselves.When we lumped the people that we wanted to oppress into one convenient group, 'blacks' or 'coloreds' or 'negroes' or worse, we lumped ourselves in a group as well. You could call us 'whites' or 'crackers' or 'Eurotrash', but its all the same in the end. WE are all a bunch of stupid racist white people. That doesn't mean we wear white hoods or swastikas or burn crosses or hold lynchin's, it means that we have societally ingrained racism.Anytime one group applies a label onto another group, they should expect a similar label to be applied back on them. Socialized justice, my friend, socialized justice.

Well, I believe that white people can improve their racism by not acting stupid, but on the baseline, you're going to be racist. People have been telling you racist stuff for years and our society is racist- if you just go along with the flow, you're going to have a bit of that in you. You don't like it? You can improve yourself, but don't think you can sit on your ass and think you're all good.
In celebration of my being reminded that I'm the only true single on the planet- I'm not taking a break from men, I'm not hooking up or dating, I'm not on a religous fast from cock.. we have a fark round up. Let's open with a parapharse from Achebe- "It shows a failure of imagination to not be able to put yourself in the shoes of those you are oppressing" and get into it!:

2005-02-14 10:37:05 AM

I wonder why there is no White Starz, Asian Starz, Latino Starz or Muslim Starz?Typical response: Yeah and why isn't there a White College Fund, or White Entertainment Channel, or National Association for the Advancement of White People?Typical (idiot) response to that: You are a bigoted redneck racist! How dare you say such mean, racist things, you worthless pile of white trash!

The reason that people are called racist for this is simple- there are white college funds, white entertainment channels(nearly all of them) and the national association for the advancement of white people is called the government. The kind of arrogance that leads you to spout this stupid mess is based off white supremacy- i.e. the idea that you have nothing to learn about other races or cultures.

2005-02-14 10:48:50 AM

Isn't it kinda wierd how hard African Americans fought for integration, yet at the same time they seem want selective segregation? Examples: black history, black better business bureau, black entertainment television, etc.Not that I care though... doesn't affect my life....

You see-there's a tension going on that outsiders might not know about. It's sort of a tension between mainstream success attempts and trying to be an indivdual and knowing that no matter what you do, there are still going to be challenges that black people will face, and banding together causes strength.

2005-02-14 10:50:42 AM

Black history month is not about who invented what. It is a thing of pride for black people and it does not cost you a farking cent. Let it go.

He does have a point- the only reason I'm leery about white pride is that it seems to be about pride that you're not black or mexican or something, and pride in fucking people over, not pride in your own actual ethnicity.

2005-02-14 10:53:43 AM
Pvt. Dancer

Espertron - However, why isn't there a White History Month?That's because every other month is White History Month. By the way...Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage Month - May Hispanic Heritage Month - SeptemberNational American Indian Heritage Month - November

And so knowledge was dropped in the thread.

2005-02-14 11:12:39 AM

Why do we have to go through this stupid debate every year? "There's a black blah blah, but there's no white blah blah. Man, I'm so oppressed." It's not only annoying, but people always act like they're the first person to bring up such a salient point. The reason that there is a Black Entertainment Channel or any other black consummable is that there is a market for it. There is no PC conspiracy to make people watch BET, there is simply a market for black people who want to watch programming aimed at them and a group of marketers wanting to reach them in the most effective way. This is how every single channel works. It just so happens that there is a large enough market of blacks to support a cable channel aimed at them. If there were a large enough group of Indians or Muslims, then they would have their own channels too. Currently, they have to share the International Channel.

He definately does have a point here. I certainly would pay to see black movies, and I know many others who would too. Blacks are about 12% of the population, and plus, there are all those people of other ethnicities who want to see the shows too. Although, I would pay to see more bollywood movies, personally. I'm reminded of a girl whose family somehow got Indian channels on their TV at home. The music videos were really good.

2005-02-14 11:12:45 AM

For all the whiners bringing up the insanely wise question 'why isn't there a [insert racial/cultural group] history month??' or 'why isnt' there a [insert racial/cultural group] channel??':Well, because they haven't mobilized themselves to establish it. Honestly, get together and petition the government for it. No one would complain about the establishment of a irish history month, or scottish channel. But lets face it, most people would rather sit around and whine about how there's a Black history month and not their own race/culture/heritage's.

I don't think the whiners are really in earnest- they just don't want anyone to have anything. Members of other minority groups(and some majority groups) have organized their own heritage weeks and months and festivals.

2005-02-14 11:22:23 AM

Jesus, farkers, I think for once we must unitedBlack peopleWhite peoplewe're just people today. we can united under a single cause:Flaming that horrid, vile pile of cinematic vomit that is catwoman.

I haven't seen it. I hear it sucked.

2005-02-14 11:39:23 AM

Runs_With_Scissors_What if there was a White History Month? Or, a White Entertainment Network? Or, a White Miss America?The reason why we would never have these is because white is not one ethnic group, but several ethnic groups put together.(Irish, English, German, Italian, etc) To compare whites (many ethnic groups) to blacks (one ethnic group) is comparing apples and oranges

Although blacks may arguably be more than one ethnic group(if we inculde africans who definately have ethnic groups) I have always wondered about this when someone whines about how they cna't have a white club or something. If they were really sincere, they could always have like a German-Irish-French-Swedish-Greek or whatever alliance club where they trade off on showing the wonders of their heritage. I wouldn't mind that because those are actual heritages with real traditons besides coming together to lynch black folk.

You could learn to do ethnic dances or serve ethnic food and everyone would have a good time. I know they aren't in earnest of course.

2005-02-14 12:11:04 PM

What do white television/movie executives know about black history month? NOTHING.Instead of selling out and showing a decidely shiatty movie that appeals to no one whatsoever, why don't they show movies that are A) important to black history B) interesting portrayals of black culture and C) at least somewhat better in quality than CatWoman.Suggestions from a white boy who happens to know a little (not a lot, but a little) on the subject:SuperFly/Shaft/Friday/Blackula/Blade/Barbershop - all blaxploitation films in one way or another, but historically important and with decent screenplays/plots/dramatic action: Malcom X (Spike Lee)Soul Food Harlem Nights Roots The Ghosts of Mississippi The Tuskeegee Airmen The Color Purple The Cotton Club Menace II SocietyPoetic JusticeMissippi Burning New Jack City Boyz in tha HoodAnd, if these network execs really want to know better how to appeal to their black audience, they should hire some black execs to help them make decisions. That, or read some WEB DeBois.Farking morans.

I agree with this white boy. If you gotta show movies for black history month, make it something someone would want to watch. Daughters of the Dust or Eve's Bayou would also be good. They could put Beloved or Do The Right Thing in there, and interview the directors or something. There are black movies out there that aren't total pieces of crap. You don't have to stoop to Catwoman for fuck's sake!

2005-02-14 12:15:49 PM

At least it's February, the shortest month of the year.Has tha Rev. Jassa Jacksonnnn-ah complained about that?It was originally "Black history week" and was the week between Lincoln's Birthday (Feb. 12, then a Federal holiday) and Frederick Douglass's (Feb. 20)After the civil rights era, it expanded to the entire month, if for no other reason than that there was a lot more Black history.That is how Black History Month came to be and that's why it's February./the more you know

I thought that was interesting.

2005-02-14 12:16:17 PM

Atleast none of you are Canadians with "APTN" Aboriginal Programming Television Network, biggest load of crap TV shows.A bunch of of Canadian Natives thinking their African American "gangsters" but I heard they recently broke the 6 figure budget. Basically every show revolves around how they're victimized while collecting welfare and not paying taxes, I'm old school liberal and that channel is just crap, yet if you say anything about it or infer that the shows are crappy you're racist.

An example of how being given a public anoymous forum makes people act like dickwads.

2005-02-14 12:22:28 PM
Clear Air Turbulence

This reminds me of a radio PSA that's been playing on Dallas stations for Black History Month that I think a lot of black people would find offensive. It has a child (sounding about 10) talking about learning about the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman in class, and the child's teenaged-sounding older brother telling the kid that is because it's black history month, and making fun of the kid for thinking that Harriet Tubman loaded the slaves on real trains. Then one of them asks the other to pass the fried chicken!It's farked up in so many ways...for one thing, the younger kid should have learned about the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman long before and NOT just because it's 'Black History Month' - I remember learning about it when I was in 3rd grade, in the late 70s. Secondly, it's implying that the younger kid is either stupid for misunderstanding the Underground Railroad or that the 'history' that's being taught for Black History Month is not gone into with any detail. And finally, the fried chicken part - yes, they mention the PSA was paid for by Kroger, who are offering specials on traditional African American foods, but the whole 'black people loves fried chicken!' thing is still too big of a stereotype (in my opinion) for them to be safe making blatant references to it during a PSA about the Underground Railroad.Then there's another one running lately which talks about how some black guy in 1975 invented what later came to be the internet. There is no real information provided about it, the person reading the PSA just uses every synonym they can think of for the internet (world wide web, information superhighway, etc.) and ends it with something about 'And today we move freely across the world wide web!' - it just sounds so stupid. And though I've heard it several times I still can't understand what the name of the guy they are talking about is. Sometimes I think that these PSAs they release every February are actually written by white supremacists trying to make black people look stupid.

No clue about that one.

There will be more in part two

Sunday, February 13, 2005

I don't get why many neo cons aren't out in Iraq. I mean, it's not like the brave people who are risking their lives don't have families or lives, but they have enough balls to put it on the line for their beliefs. Join people in the white feather campaign. They should expand it.
Guys, remember that it is YOUR responsibility not to act in the manner described in this post. If you are wondering why, imagine some guy throws you to the ground and sticks his dick up your ass. I think the vast majority of you would be pressing charges. Just act like you have some sense, and remember, you are NEVER entitled to sex.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

To celebrate Howard Dean becoming chairman of the DNC, I used a link from Echinde to donate to the DNC. You do it too! Let's all get out there and kick ass! Although, I feel weird. I don't even feel like going to parties, although I am naturally reclusive and have a great fear of strangers, usually I'll at least go. But I have felt sleepy all day. I hope I'm not getting the crud from my suitemate.
WARNING: A new form of HIV found. Need for worldwide effective programs to stop spread. And really, I think news stories about crystal meth should get tough. Demonize them fuckers like they did to crack addicts! Don't write stories about the poor heartland folks whose lives were messed with because of crazed meth users or the adorable babies abandoned by meth users or how they are trying to prevent meth makers from stealing shit- go after the meth users themselves and tell everyone about how they are menaces to society.

God, I hate meth just because of mess like this. Also, remember, ANYONE CAN GET A STI! Yes, the white suburban housewife can get it because of her slutty husband, the cute A+ college girl can get it because of one drunken hook up, and on and on. You don't have to be gay to get AIDS! Wear condoms, get tested with all partners, and don't cheat.

Friday, February 11, 2005

I spend too much time blogging. I have started to be on other people's blog rolls I spend so much time on blogs. But I can't just resist now that their own side is saying that Red Staters are dumb. I'm sorry, but if I had voted against Bush because some fancy actor was for Bush, I'd have to go and bitchslap myself for sheer dumbness. Actors are just people we pay to look pretty on screen. If you vote based on them in any way, you're just plain stupid. So if you thought "Hey, I voted against myself because Michael Moore is fat", you're a dumbfuck.

But I also dislike people who think the Dems should try to appeal to people who would rather a million babies die horrible horrible deaths than taxes be raised 1 cent or people who think that George Bush is like Jesus or something. The center isn't the fucking right you folks.
Protesting awesomeness. In my opinion, the DJs should have shut their mouths and acted like they had some sense. And folk, if someone starts talking this mess, turn off the radio, and then write a letter saying you won't listen to that mess, or even tell the FCC if it's offensive enough. People may say free speech, free speech, but you're not restricting anyone's free speech by telling them that you refuse to listen to mess. Right wingers aren't sitting around quibbling about this and that when they are pushing PBS to censor Buster, for god's sake. And that's more than just writing an angry letter saying you don't want to hear dying people mocked.
White folk, you see this:

The accusations against Waffle House include:
Servers announcing they do not have to serve African American customers;
Deliberately serving unsanitary, fly-infested food to African Americans and other minority patrons;
Ignoring African American patrons while white patrons were seated and provided service; and
Using racial epithets and verbally abusing African Americans.

If you act like this in a service job, especially, boot up the ass is needed! I don't care how you feel- act like you have sense. Also, waiters everywhere, if you give people shitty service, they won't tip you well. So don't treat black folk like dirt and then whine they don't tip. Racism pisses me off.

Also, in good news, here's a black guy who became a millionaire at 14, and also encourages black pride. Let us all follow his example! Note that he became successful and still didn't sell out, and say that it was right for people to accuse him of stealing cookies.
Oh yea, and on that point, I like the post at the end that says that if AA means blacks are inferior than all the years of whites only jobs means that whites must be inferior. Of course, the thing is that people think white people are superior at first and then twist the evidence any old way to prove that. You can have the same set of facts and get ten different conculsions, but my belief is that not all of them are right. That's the problem with conservatives nowadays.

Reality doesn't change just because you say things. Whites don't become better or smarter than the rest of us. Sure, more power, but it wasn't gained honestly. You can't change history.
I was thinking about how certain things bother me, and how some things do not. The affirmative action debate bothers me a lot, because somehow the idea that I who have actually worked should take a back seat to white people who don't, annoys me greatly. It's just like yes, I do understand that in the day, they did get more free passes to jobs that they didn't deserve. But they try to say that oh, racism is bad, or something, while trying to get jobs that they simply don't deserve.

Why do I say don't deserve? Because usually it's true. Black people actually have to be qualified for jobs, but no one cares about a white person who is a total idiot because everyone just assumes that pale skin qualifies you for every job on the fucking planet. (unless you don't have a penis, then you're automatically an idiot, because you know they fix cars with their fucking penises)

But even white women with like 1.9 GPAs who sit around and smoke pot all day instead of going to fucking class aren't considered to be taking whiny whitey's spot(because colleges have spots that are reserved for whites only you know! I bet if that were the case, they'd stop complaining about imaginary quotas and embrace the real- which also annoys me, stop being so arrogant that you think you can complain about stuff you don't know about) but I who go to CLASS, who do all the WORK, who has a 3.1 GPA, who does RESEARCH and WORKS and just generally ACTUALLY DOES WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO DO am considered the bad one because somehow my skin is like 5 shades too dark for my EFFORT to be considered.

I think that's what bothers me. I value hard work, and am not just saying that I do. Like people SAY oh, I believe in hard work, etc,etc, but do I ever see them taking a hard working janitor's side over a CEO who has been on the golf course in between firing like a zillion workers? NO! Not to mention black people's HARD WORK to get some actual INJUSTICES redressed versus some lazy white people who probably sat around bitching about black folks and maybe cheering on white violence.

Also, it pisses me off that they actually think this is an injustice, and an important one at that! Now, if they wanted to talk about injustice, now we got a list ten miles long, but one I'd like to end is the locking up black men for stupid stuff, the differential enforcement of the laws, the lack of decent health care for black folks, both mental and physical, and the assault on education that can save lives. BUT A BLACK MAN GETTING A JOB OR AN EDUCATION IS AN INJUSTICE in these people's world.

I fucking swear the same people saying this mess would be the same people who were the MAIN ONES bitching if black folks don't have jobs or educations. We're supposed to magically educate all the black people who need to go to college in a few unfunded institutions and then magically with like 3.50 in our pockets create millions of jobs. While blacks did labor mightily under formal segregation, letting blacks in the mainstream works better. But I guess people who are idiots don't exactly think these things through.

So in conculsion to my rant I think it's the fact that they think whites are just so much important that if they aren't served first, they think it's unjust. But to fix our problem, they have to stop always being served first. Some white people are like OMG, you're advocating black supremacy, because they can't conceieve of equalty( I mean *actual* equality, not this white BS were you're on unequal footing, but white folks pretend it's fine)

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I felt a bit tired, so I signed a petition about how Congress shouldn't jeopardize old people with risky schemes. Signing petitions on saving social security might make you feel better too. I never got why people are like is SOOOOO leftist. I'm like what? the pie for kerry people? Sure, they might agitate for a social safety net, but many other countries have safety nets and are doing really well.

Also, anyone who says that someone is a bad mother because they don't want to force everyone to be a mother is an idiot. Having kids because you want kids would seem to make you a better mom than having kids because you want to punish yourself for having sex.

Institutional racism. It sucks. Also, if you say you are moving because of taxes, make sure the taxes are lower in the new community. I don't get why whites can't just go out and say what they mean. We aren't fooled, so we already know you're racist,ok?

Also, don't give the Washington Times any of your money unless you want to support people who are perfectly fine with hating Jews, Muslims, black people, Latinos and probably almost anyone else you can think of. Also, the wife of the editor loves that stupid oh noes, the whites are being outbred crap.

Also from Steve Gillard, his comments on this have an argument about using the word cracker. I don't think it's polite to call people crackers, and you shouldn't just go around calling everyone crackers. I think it's mean, but it's not part of any oppression. But I think this lady pretty much deserves to be called names. Crazy people!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I never got the idea that Dems should move to the right (which they are calling the center nowadays). Like seriously, do you think that Bobby Joe who doesn't care if the country is falling around his head if we are killing some brown people in some country he wouldn't have been able to find on a map, is going to vote for Democrats if they go and sell out their base? No, he's going to go for the same people he already likes. He knows that they have his conservative values in mind, but these new folks? Didn't he hear that they wanted to consificate his bible like two weeks ago? Those liberals might be playing politics. But the Repubs, they are true Christians.

But, if the Demos go to Susie Apathetic Voter, they are all the same, so why bother, and say "Hey, Susie, we got new plans to keep grand ma's check coming, to give you time off work to raise your baby right, and to get your kid health insurance"- you know, you might have a new voter. Also, they could try to get the traditional conservatives- they may be a bit uneasy about spending like a stuck pig on wars for no reason, and it certainly isn't small gov't for the gov't to be sticking its nose in everyone's bodies and religions. (i.e. traditional conservatives are about economics, not trying to punish people for not living the exact way they want them to)

I think the Dems could pick up just a little bit from those groups and energize its base they could have themselves a deal. Now women are 50% of the country. Minorities-25%, people making under $100,000 a year? That's a fuckton of people. Make it relevant to people's lives and they'll listen. This mess about competing to see who hates gays more? Fun and all, but come on.
More fark round up:

2005-02-08 05:33:58 PM

I'm a former Detroit cop, and here are my thoughts. Detroit started going downhill rapidly in the early 70s with the advent of forced school busing. The white people on the fringes of Detroit didn't want their kids bused to the inner city, so they fled to the suburbs. It's decline was hastened by the sudden invasion of cheap, well-built Japanese cars that caused the American automakers to lay people off and close plants. Then the crime rate skyrocketed, particularly the homicide rate, and Detroit became "Murder City." It was during the Murder City years that I worked there. I got the hell out in 1978 when I was facing a layoff. That's right, they layed off cops when the crime rate was at its worst. They also had a residency requirement that prevented qualified people from applying, so when they finally started to hire new cops they had to lower their standards and start hiring people that were virtually criminals. Coleman Young was the worst person you could possibly have in charge of Detroit during this time, yet the people kept re-electing him. He did nothing to prevent the businesses from moving out except whine and complain it was racism. When the Lions and Pistons fled to the city, he claimed the "white suburbs were stealing Detroit's jewels," yet he did nothing to prevent it. The city is incredibly bad. I go back at least once a year to visit, and there are buildings that burned down thirty years ago when I worked there, and they're still just sitting there as burned out hulks. There are entire neighborhoods of vacant homes, and where they have torn down the homes there are acres of open land in the middle of an urban area. It's unbelieveable unless you see it yourself. The "good" parts of Detroit aren't even in Detroit. If you go 20 minutes north, you'll find some of the most beautiful suburbs of any large metropolitan area. There's no reason for anyone to go into the city any more.To the guy that mentioned Dearborn: Dearborn has the largest population of Middle-Eastern people in the world outside of the Middle-East itself. Not a bad thing, but strange given Dearborn's history as a place where white people fled to in the 60s and 70s. Orville Hubbard was the mayor then, and he was about the most racist guy you could imagine.Detroit is making an attempt to renew itself. They're building a new downtown and they've got casino gambling now. I have my doubts this will succeed. My sisters, who still live just outside of Detroit, still go the the casinos in Windsor. One of my sisters told me she went into a Detroit casino, and some drunk black woman yelled at her for being in a "black casino." Everyone around just laughed. She'll never go back. /competing in longest post contest

I like how it is 'whining' to point out the problem. I mean, that's such blatent ass racism. I mean, why do white folks expect us to somehow have magic powers to fix THEIR problems? I know we're a creative people, but come the fuck on. And I agree with residency requirements. If you are so racist that the specter of little Johnny going to school with a GASP black person causes you to move, how can we trust you in a black city?

2005-02-08 06:29:16 PM

Look at arpwatch's chart: states that Detroit has less crime than the average large city! It has a "crime index" of 4,297.9 (lower is better). Chicago is 4,367.0. Dallas is 5,879.3. Phoenix-Mesa is 6,846.6. Miami is 7,170.6. Memphis is 7,224.6. Tucson is 7,543.0.Basically, Detroit has fixed thier crime problem. In the 70's and 80's and early 90's, yeah, it was freaking Beruit, with the added fun of an actual holiday just for setting buildings on fire. But they fixed this, probably by adding lots of cops-but the rep for being a high crime city was so bad that it still sticks today.However, Detroit's other problems (corruption and red ink in the city government (and school district), high unemployment, low levels of income of those who actually have jobs, racist suburbs (resulting in reverse racism inside the city itself), high taxes, high red tape, and, most of all, a rapidly declining population) are systemic and probably unfixable. I would have thought the population would have stablized by now, considering the crime decrease.

Yea, 'reverse racism' is really a problem. I never got the concept. I mean, it's not NICE to dislike white people, but white people expect to do dirt and not be disliked for it. I mean, if you say you can't even stand to live near us, yes, you will be resented a bit. Either suck it up or change your attitude. I don't get the idea that whites can't be held responsibile for their racial behavior- isn't that sort of insulting to the whites who got their shit together?

Like somehow all the whites get credit for their stuff- even though the other whites spent their time watching American Dad or some shit instead of reading a fucking book or even Colorlines on the toilet. I think I'd feel a lot more sympathy for racist white people if I wasn't surrounded by so many rich folk. Like I can feel more sympathy for the downtrodden mother of three or something who works two jobs than some rich college kid who could learn something if they put down the god danm blunt for two seconds.

2005-02-08 07:02:15 PM

2005-02-08 06:55:00 PM tommyjeffersonFor those numbers to be useful, you are going to have to show income rates.Here's my theory:Rich whites move out when crime rates increase, leaving poor blacks behind. That is, crime is correlated with income, not skin color, and, due to lingering racism, especially during the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's, blacks were poorer than whites. Therefore, a city with more blacks has more crime, not because they are black, but because blacks are more likely to be poor, and poor people (of all skin colors) are more likely to commit crimes.Prove me wrong.

This is also my theory. Also, the poverty is very *dense* too. It's not like you're the one poor white guy, eating gov't cheese in the neighborhood with mixed classes or that you're like out in the boonies with your meth lab(don't do it, people!). The more people there are, the more crime.

2005-02-08 09:12:29 PM
SpshulEd ya go, all the great ruins of detroit photographed at different times of the day, behold its glory.on another note, it isnt half bad in the day, ive explored alot of the abandoned buildings and walked the streets for my urban design class. Night isnt too bad, but you make sure you know where you are. Greektown kicks butt.


I'm surprised that someone admited to being a huge jerk in public, but I don't have any really interesting thoughts on this piece. But read it anyway.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Mousewords has more on this weird idea of oh noes, the white womens aren't having enough babies. I don't get it at all. We don't have enough good paying jobs for people already and I don't think we really can sustain our standard of living with a huge population. We already do have 6 billion people, and if we improve health care to all parts of the world, we'll have plenty of people.
In an appeal to potential investors titled "Population is Destiny," the famously reclusive Regnery wrote this March that the Caucasian dating service would be no ordinary money-making opportunity, but a chance to ensure "the survival of our race," which "depends upon our people marrying, reproducing and parenting."

Where do people get this stuff from? Also,Armstrong Williams, the Bush fellating black man who has last seen being paid off has published a book with this crazy dude's company. (scroll down) *shakes head* Sometimes you just want to be like "get out of my race,ok?"
Planned Parenthood has a random bit on black history month, but I'm glad it's someone with some sense instead of like an entertainer. Anyway, I bet our AA hating pals would have thought there was no discrimination against blacks back then because one black person went to Harvard. My theory is that some people are just going to be amazing whether you have a good environment or not, and some are going to suck no matter what, but the whole thing about discrimination is that it really affects the vast middle.

By focusing only on the people who would always succeed(well, a black person was successful, that proves that there's no racism anywhere ever) or the people who will always suck(I met a crackhead in the alley! That proves there is no discrimination ever!) you miss a whole lot of the picture. I find myself in the middle. I make ok grades in school, work pretty hard at jobs, and try to save my little money. I am not so awesomely talented that I'll succeed in any environment, but you could get a lot out of me if there is a good environment.

Also, on a tangent, my theory about equality of opportunity versus equality of outcome is that some whites like the former because you can't measure it. On outcome, you can be called on your shit, but how do you prove that everyone has the same opportunity? It's so vunerable to handwaving about how you were doing the best you could, but gosh darn it, those blacks, they just weren't good enough..

Sunday, February 06, 2005

White folks: black folks aren't that dumb. Kthx. Now if YOUR ignorant ass gets fooled by transparent ploys, don't come crying to me,k?
More stuff I don't get:

Why? Because the state needs a birth rate of 2.1 children to maintain a stable population. In Italy, it's now 1.2. Twenty years ago, a million babies were born there each year. Now it's half a million. And the fewer babies you have today, the fewer babies are around to have babies in 20 years. Once you're as far down the death spiral as Italy is, it's hard to reverse. Most European races are going to be out of business in a couple more generations.
If you think that a nation is no more than (in our Booker Prize-winning novelist's famous phrase) a great "hotel," you can always slash rates and fill the empty rooms. But, if you think a nation is the collective, accumulated wisdom of a shared past, then a dependence on immigration alone for population replenishment will leave you lost and diminished. The Creator's first injunction to humanity couldn't have been plainer: Go forth and multiply. In the 1995 referendum, when Lucien Bouchard made his unfortunate faux pas about Quebec women having one of the lowest fertility rates of any "white race" in the world, he was on to something. Given that young francophones trend separatist, had Quebec Catholics of the Seventies had children at the same rate as their parents, he and M. Parizeau would almost certainly have won their vote. Instead, Quebec's shrivelled fertility rate has cost them their country.

I don't get people who are all like OMG! Teh white womens ain't having enough baybies. Why does it even matter how many kids white women want to have? Curtailing women's rights as human beings just because you have some stupid idea about countries and hotels or something is dumb. How will your country be diminished if people infuse it with different cultures and languages? I don't like white people fucking up my personal country with their weird ideas about who America is supposed to benefit(answer: white people, but only if they have a lot of money, and only if they have penises. the rest of us can go hang.) but I'm not going to say that black women have to have ten babies each whether they can raise them or not, because of that. This is one of those things that just seems vaguely racist, although I can't exactly put my foot on it.

Like when people say stuff like "there were just enough white people in the salsa club that I didn't feel awkward" I can't pinpoint exactly why that statement makes me feel uncomfortable, but I sure hope this person gets an attitude adjustment before she starts work on project shine.
More fark:
2005-02-06 02:22:03 PM

newmoonpuppyhead: Congrats, man. That's great. But you fell into the trap that Weaver and others like him like to set. It's called subjectivity. You need to look beyond what you have done and realize not everyone can.Why can't everyone? Are you referring to the disabled? I live in the ghetto right now, and I see tricked out caddies everyday. Know what I ride to work? Public transportation. Is the system abused? Like a virgin on prom night. Notice what I was doing while getting benefits......I was working. So I was paying taxes. So MY money went toward helping ME and MY family. Makes me feel all warm and snuggly. Socialism/communism does NOT work. Ask Gorbachev. Small potatoes, around 100 people, maybe. Socialized medicine? Against it. Not feasible to support. Also note that I'm not agreeing with EVERYTHING he says. Things like re-educate. Been doing every year of my life. WORK HARD and SMART. Have you ever been threatened with bodily harm for simply doing your job? I have. Ask yourselves some questions:Have YOU ever been homeless?If you haven't can't really compare apples to oranges, but I'm rambling now.Gist of all this: NO ONE supported me. I used programs designed in the fashion they were implemented: TO HELP ME. I never have and NEVER will live off of welfare. SOMEONE will always have a job for me. I think it's asinine that the unions protect the stupid and the lazy. It's darwinism in reverse

There are a lot of things I don't understand, and one that I especially don't get is the idea that if you live in the ghetto, all your earnings or even the majority of your earnings have to be from welfare? You think no one does anything in the underground economy to get money? Not to mention any above board jobs these people may have. I'm fairly well off, and even I, with my mini job here, and my studying there, know to have somethong on the side(don't worry- it's perfectly legal to make jewelry and one inch buttons and sell them.) But I just don't get that! I guess looking in from the outside, you can only get a small amount of information about the workings of a place, and if you really don't care to get any information, just to complain, well...
I wonder if it is evil to hope that the columist defending the gang rapers gets the same thing done to him? I mean, if it's so great and wonderful to be gang raped,and it isn't all that brutal or anything, why doesn't he enjoy the pleasure of pool cues and cigerrettes up the bum? He can even be passed out, so he wakes up disorentated and frightened! He can be scared that he got a STD! It'll be fun all around! And he can be called a slut, and have his reputation dragged through the mud- just the cherry on the cake of the wonders of being fucking gang raped.

Anyway, I think if a man is big and bad enough to rape a woman, he should be big and bad enough to spend 25 years in prison. You think you're so fucking hard? Well, let's see how hard you are.
Man, I want one! In other news, I read the book Riot and parts of it really resonated with me- especially the Muslim saying he is just as Indian as everyone else, and let's see..I forget who said it, but there is also a long speech about how India should be for everyone- every religion and all. Replace India with America, and you get my feelings. An interesting note- I found that I don't think whites specifically talk about people's skin colors. Like they might say "well, my black friend Tyrone" but they won't say like "That bright skinned guy" or "He was really dark" I personally class whites by hair color. "That red head there.." Although, (spoilers) young white girl gets killed after fucking Indian official...what is this guy trying to say?

Saturday, February 05, 2005

An unusual black history exhibit. Nice photos.
LOL! I wish I could find this book I read once, Radio Free Dixie. It was awesome. It seemed that his family was very generous with materials. Read a book, or get a boot up your ass,k?

Friday, February 04, 2005

Here are some reports on African debt relief. But the US is being a stick in the mud. I think much of the problem is kind of our fault, with the colonization and exploitation from Europe(and also neo colonialism) and also, we did kind of prop up some dictators there. So we really need to get off our asses, and do something. But I guess that would be work.
In a shocking NSFW picture, a woman has bush. This actress is attractive, but not exactly my taste.
BARGLE! Bad karma for us!We're just fucked, y'all.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Also, Orincus is like WTF on the whole Christian bootcamp thing. Also, white folk, if someone tries to convince you that white people are the race chosen by god, they are crazy,ok? Just walk away sloooowly...

I'm a bad room mate...but probably not as bad as this one. There are two kinds of people in this world clean people and dirty people. Clean people have tons of energy, and love to do boring shit work over and over. Dirty people get tired and bored and have things to do. Never should the twain meet.
Person of Color? Woman? Applied to Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollisters? There has been a class action lawsuit. Details at link. I personally wouldn't buy from them. Discriminating people who have overpriced clothing? Later for that!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I don't get the whole personal responsibility dealie. Yea, it's my fault for eating a chocolate covered strawberry and getting hives, but a doctor wouldn't say "it's your fault- I'm not treating that. Go die and or something". Finding fault is FUN, I like it too, but you can't exactly run a society like that. For example, our infant mortality rates suck. Now we can bitch about the moms, or we can do what we can to alleviate the problem. I guess I don't get it, because it does nothing to fix anything. I like self reliance as much as the next guy, but things CAN and WILL go wrong, and all the platitudes about standing on your own two feet mean nothing when you are sunk under medical bills.

I also don't get the whole either we totally socialize medicine or we have totally unregulated medicine dictotomy. I may just be stupid, but you know, can't you have both? Well, I'll try to look up some answers to that, because I sincerely don't know. But seriously, wouldn't it SAVE money if everyone got treated for small problems before they became big problems? Like having a doctor come in at the very early stages of diabetes, where it can often be controlled by lifestyle, instead of when the person needs major surgery due to bad circulation? Not to mention, I hear it's a lot of bureaucracy trying to match together the million different types of insurance and HMOs and whatever...

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Snopes on the German forced brothel work story.

Steve Gillard on slaves fighting for the Confederacy. It's really hard to tell what's what nowadays, what with the concerted attacks on everything. Also, he talks about historical revisionism.

PBS black history TV schedule from Black Introspection.

There's a new rage community in town! Mama rage!