Monday, February 28, 2005

I don't get the fuss about the community box idea. In art class in 9th grade, our teacher learned that teachers weren't allowed to take up collections, so we all brought in art supplies. It was much easier having the supplies in a central place, and no one could say they forgot theirs. I guess it's because my family is a bunch of evil commies. I was slightly older than many of my cousins, so when I got too big for my clothes, we'd give them to my cousins, until they got too old to be wearing my ugly clothes. Also, my brother now has my TV since I wasn't using it, and he could use a TV. (I agreed to this) It's usually just more efficient to share things than to insist that everyone has their own stuff. With the money my brother might have used to buy a new TV, he can pay his light bill and still be entertained.

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