Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My sexual morality is totally middle class.

Mom: GOD doesn't want you to HAVE THE SEX but if you do[WHICH GOD DOESN'T LIKE] use a condom, because I'M NOT TAKING CARE OF ANY DAMN BABIES.


*ancedata or no, college degrees are better than a sharp stick in the eye.
I wonder if I'm a core gamer or a casual gamer. I play some core games, such as Final Fantasy 12 or Age of Empires... But I have a soft spot for Lavender's Botanicals[don't laugh! it makes up for the Chocolitier withdrawal!] and buy core games only on a very delayed basis. *super slow gamer* I guess I'm in the middle.

I benefit because I don't have to be very masculine in gaming, so I can play FFX-2 without fear.
Why does the Israel consulate have a twitter account?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Note: BFP notes that the Palestinians are indigenous to the land, also, bombing them to bits is violent act of colonialism. *yes, I spend my time reading twitter*

Also, she blogged about it, showing the words of a woman who saw the carnage.
Sadly, my first reaction was HOLY PTSD! THAT'S NOT VERY GOOD FOR YOUR MENTAL HEALTH RIGHT THERE! Yes, that's the first thing I thought.
LOLZ, nipple wank

Polls on nipples.

Oh, and in important news- immigrants jailed for no good reason.
Oddly, and I don't care if this makes me a classist oppressor or not, my first thought was joy that nobody is peeing in my bed. That I can pee alone. I am sadly unable to become a nonclassist oppressor type feminist, as I am not nonjudgmental. When I see my cousin not feeding her god damn baby*, my first thought is not of women's choices and the beauty thereof, but really, why you have a baby if you're just going to ignore it? When I see teenagers dropping out of school too soon, I don't think wow, they are making such beautiful informed choices! I'm worrying about their future. Sadly, the revolution hasn't come , and a lack of a GED is a real obstacle for people nowadays.

Never being able to say what someone ought to do is totally against my whole nature. Don't feed your kid chips as their only food if there is other food available! Don't smoke weed in front of the kids! Smoke is bad for the lungs!

And I have to admit that crunchy contests annoy me. Trying to outdo each other in who feeds their kids more organic crap and who cloth diapers and if you formula feed, you might as well just shoot your kid in the face...yeah...that's annoying as hell.

*Plenty of food is available. It's not like she's living on the streets and can't get any food. My other cousins' kids are eating good-- they live in the same damn house.
People explain how to make an anarchist space child friendly.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I learn that 'cumguzzling gutterslut' is somehow a sex neutral insult.

Also, the problem of writing vs wanking comes up again. The OP thinks that tacked on abuse/rape sucks and she gets all mad about it. I don't think the person complaining could even wank to those stories, because the rape/abuse is THAT tacked on. The sue goes "wah, I was totally abused in my CHILDHOOD!!!!" and then the canon character feels oh so sorry for her. And then they have smex.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dang folks, for all you know, the lady with the three kids could have been planning to marry her boyfriend[or had some sort of political or moral objection to marriage]. Anyway, whether she should have three kids or not, we can not say as we are strangers on the internet. All we need to do is help the kids she's got now, who must be really hurting after losing their daddy in a fire. And think about how this woman must be suffering. Her lover died in a fire, for fuck's sake. The only solace there must be is that none of the children died.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I guess some sex workers are marching on Washington for rights? Or maybe they are eating yummy cookies?

In between the snark is a discussion on the limits of safe space. I think people should avoid having babies if all possible when addicted to smack, and also, if someone is turning blue, maybe they should go to the ER.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love how no nonsense the furries are about this guy. I mean really, everyone is not obligated to accept every fetish. Personally, I'd like you all to leave fido out of your sex life, and I'm sure all of you have some words about my propensity for man on top. It's the law of the internet. People will make fun of you. Yes, you.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Man, this post seems to reek of white privilege. I'm not comfortable with the idea of white folks just taking babies from 'unfit' brown parents. I mean, I understand that sometimes it happens that a baby needs to be fostered or adopted, but the discourse here really seems racist to me.
Mocking the Suicide Girls should become a Olympic sport.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best social policy ever.

The whitewashedness or non whitewashedness of NPR is discussed. We get Tell Me More on MS NPR. I'm 24, and have an old car, so I have a radio. But don't new cars have radios? I think radios are standard. And NPR is also available through podcasts. So don't ignore young people, you big meanies!

People are VERY CONCERNED about penises on etsy.
I don't know what a "Radical Psychiatry Action Rap" is but it sounds awesomely hilarious!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm enjoying reading The Scripts People Live. I just love the energy of books written in the 70s. I especially love how Mother Hubbard joins a karate club, learns how to fix cars and then starts organizing for welfare rights. And of course, there is a homosexual who cured from terrible parental injunctions lives bisexually ever after living from his center and probably having a lot more sex than it now considered proper.
....26 year olds keep out of the 16 year olds,OK?

Twilight and abusive relationships: the thread

More twilight LOLs

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh HELL NO. Oh, and there's a good ol' porn ain't always exploitative person in the comments. And that good ol' 'what if people have a racial stereotype fetish' person? That's why I reserve the right to say your kink is not OK. You may jerk off to ghetto hoes and big black brute dicks, little white girly chicks all you want, and I can say hey, that's based on the most base form of racism. You don't get a pass because you like to beat off to something!

Now we got oh, japanese porn is different and worse! We're totally forgetting our barely legal girls gone wild body fluids everywhere porn to point the finger at japan's horribly disturbing and horrible porn... I'm not saying it isn't awful, but I think it's a porn problem, not a Japan problem.

I also think that the whole pass off your guilt by consumerism thing is also seen in western porn with the whole 'alt porn' thing. Let's pretend these lovely ladies can only get through art school by getting nekkid!

Monday, December 08, 2008

People try to show they are edgy by talking about how much they looove stripping. Seriously, I'd be worried if my daughter took up stripping as a career choice. Here in Memphis, our strip clubs do not consist of kindly gentlemen applauding young women for having the grace to expose their bodies. In fact, some of them can be full of drugs and danger. Not to mention, if she's like 16 or something, I'll be pissed TO YOUR ROOM, HYPOTHETICAL KID!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The first ten woman obligations.

1)Worry a lot about your appearance. You are obligated to go OMG, THEY SAW ME WITHOUT MAKEUP!! Yes, you, even if you don't wear makeup. Your face? it's not good enough on its own.

2)Don't have fun in bed. Either have sex just for procreation or for performance. Worry a lot if your stomach looks fat or about the horror that is having a gag reflex.

3)Do stupid household tasks. You're supposed to care about matching people's socks together. And if you don't fold your husband's underpants, he'll know you're really mad at him![the last sentence is from an actual conversation]

4)Be interested in gross baby stuff. From holding the drooly things to hearing all about how someone's water broke AND THE BABY NEARLY FELL ON THE FLOOR!!! Never puke when people are telling you the gritty gritty details about babies.

5)Don't have any hobbies that aren't beauty related. When you need time to yourself, don't watch a movie or play video games, go and remove some of your hair. Because that's the ultimate relaxation.

6)Don't have the awesome toys in your childhood.

Instead of that amazing robot with real gun sounds, get some boring old fake lip stick. That probably is toxic.

7)Be submissive. REAL women are submissive in bed. Fake women are focused on their own pleasure rather than someone else's.

8)Don't know anything about science. Instead of reading meaty books on psychology, try books about how to get a man. Don't read about biology, read about astrology! Learning sucks!

9)Feel guilty all the time. If something goes wrong, it's all your fault. Yours. You are the downfall of society. Single mom? You ruin the city! Married mom? You're probably a bad one. Not a mom? You're selfish.

10)Base your worth on how big you are. Don't look at your sense of humor, wit, or kindness when evaluating yourself, focus on how your thighs look. If you gain a little weight, let it ruin your day and be consumed with guilt.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Should us atheists steal Christians' baby Jesuses? PZ Meyers says no.

That reminds me that it is December 5th, yet we still lack the 20 nativity scenes we have since my dad's coworker gives us nativity scenes every year. [I think it's a cultural difference?]

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I'm glad that some folks are on the He's side in this case. Because really... it's a big mess. If you take someone's kid and won't give them back...
On stupid free, there is some debate about the OP being a troll, which shocks my rad fem sensibilities.

But the linked thread bothers me. I don't think being able to say "you know, when you say all women should submit to men, that really comes off as antifeminist suck" means that we're going to outlaw beating people with salami during sex. Really folks, police yourselves and there's less mess in the world.

BTW: yesterday I decided to sacrifice amazingly! Due to the annoying crap in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show[I hate your unfunny skits!] I will not buy any $30 panties that uh...I don't buy or wear anyway. So take that!
Fear of child witches sweeps Nigeria. When societies are under stress, new and interesting theologies emerge. I find this very fascinating, which probably makes me a bad person.

Oh yeah, and look at this amazing post about racist folks and thanksgiving.