Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh HELL NO. Oh, and there's a good ol' porn ain't always exploitative person in the comments. And that good ol' 'what if people have a racial stereotype fetish' person? That's why I reserve the right to say your kink is not OK. You may jerk off to ghetto hoes and big black brute dicks, little white girly chicks all you want, and I can say hey, that's based on the most base form of racism. You don't get a pass because you like to beat off to something!

Now we got oh, japanese porn is different and worse! We're totally forgetting our barely legal girls gone wild body fluids everywhere porn to point the finger at japan's horribly disturbing and horrible porn... I'm not saying it isn't awful, but I think it's a porn problem, not a Japan problem.

I also think that the whole pass off your guilt by consumerism thing is also seen in western porn with the whole 'alt porn' thing. Let's pretend these lovely ladies can only get through art school by getting nekkid!

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