Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oddly, and I don't care if this makes me a classist oppressor or not, my first thought was joy that nobody is peeing in my bed. That I can pee alone. I am sadly unable to become a nonclassist oppressor type feminist, as I am not nonjudgmental. When I see my cousin not feeding her god damn baby*, my first thought is not of women's choices and the beauty thereof, but really, why you have a baby if you're just going to ignore it? When I see teenagers dropping out of school too soon, I don't think wow, they are making such beautiful informed choices! I'm worrying about their future. Sadly, the revolution hasn't come , and a lack of a GED is a real obstacle for people nowadays.

Never being able to say what someone ought to do is totally against my whole nature. Don't feed your kid chips as their only food if there is other food available! Don't smoke weed in front of the kids! Smoke is bad for the lungs!

And I have to admit that crunchy contests annoy me. Trying to outdo each other in who feeds their kids more organic crap and who cloth diapers and if you formula feed, you might as well just shoot your kid in the face...yeah...that's annoying as hell.

*Plenty of food is available. It's not like she's living on the streets and can't get any food. My other cousins' kids are eating good-- they live in the same damn house.

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