Thursday, August 27, 2009

After reading some stupid crap about how us people struggling with chronic depression and anxiety just need to do some exercise and live the virtuous middle class life of buying vitamins and herbs from large companies, who...hey...advertise their wares on tv.

Not to mention, the demands of American life are quite extreme, leaving less time for therapy sessions, rest, and rejuvenation. I personally am anxious by temperament, but the no safety net american lifestyle sure isn't helping. I avoid caffiene, but it's still hard for me to sleep.

Also, I saw this article on how asian american women are suffering from depression.

In the letter down the page the nitty gritty of health care, I learn that all of our chronic illnesses would be solved if people didn't smoke. wow dude! I didn't know that smoking was bad for you!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What is this fuckery? No means no, you know.

In a random note, many of us black women have different textures on the same head. I have wooly and kinky in back and sides, but on the top and front are straighter, with no curls at all.

Also I have graduated but still get emails saying WE HAVE THE SWINE FLU UNDER CONTROL! WASH YOUR HANDS.

Hey! I have thoughts! Back in the bad old days, we didn't talk about sex because it was dirty or sinful. Now we draw a curtain across the bedroom. It's all between consenting adults. Don't dig! Not our business! There's a weird tension here between the whole Girls Next Door thing where porn style sexuality is alluded to often,even if not discussed explicitly or the idea that all men love porn or porn style sexuality, and the idea that once you close your door, society is locked out of your secret parlor of delight.

But I'm a nosy nosy bastard. What does it mean 'to be good in bed'? How is that shaped by the barrage of images we see of what sexuality is and the discourse we have around it with others? When people equate porn with sex education, what's up with that? Are submissive women considered the gold standard? What about the role of annoying Viagra commercials and your stupid friends in the school yard? Are fetishes innate? Do you get hot over girls in kimonos?
Adminstrator working with those darn kids works too hard; passes out.

If you want to bail out a translady accused of window breaking, you can.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I hear that on ABC 'mad pride' activists will discuss their experience of mental illness. Support systems, self help groups and coping skills, such as the use of art, can be very helpful for those with mental illness, but medication can also be an important adjunct. I am an anxious motherfucker, so I use some medication to have some base calmness, then add other interventions on top.

On Pandagon, folks are debating about whether facials are degrading. Personally, I'm categorically not a 'cool girlfriend'. Whether I'm supposed to enjoy semen in the face, messing up my hair do, or whether the next trend is to masturbate in front of my boyfriend using only my feet[as my hands are tied] whilst he holds up score cards, I can say, fuck no. If you're scared of being a prude, you can end up not having fun during sex, which is bad bad ju ju in my opinion.

Personally, I think that's where the commidification of sex goes wrong. Instead of a fun thing to do to pass the time, it has to be a four ring circus, with demands for more and more extreme acts to 'spice things up'.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hey, sex workers are being entrapped,named and shamed[but at least not pictured in this crime report, although they usually do, and the crime report fan club makes rude comments]. Note that in this crime report comments, one guy suggests the prostitutes are of a 'certain' race.

In other news, pimps are preying on vulnerable children in group homes and having them prostitute themselves.[note that they are worried about social networking, not the environment in her group home] The people who need to be shamed are those who'd pay for sex acts with a 14 year old girl.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I was thinking that when people make a big stink about OMG FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS, usually there's a understory that makes this make sense. Like the college suing story, apparently this girl got had. I thought, there should be a law! The McDonald's story is like that as well. The lady got 3rd degree burns. No coffee should be that hot! When talking about this in college, the guy who I was debating with was pretty much "I don't care about the facts of the case". And I guess that's the way it is with a lot of these stories about how everyone is trying to defraud everyone else. We crave the narrative that greedy selfish people are stealing everyone blind, and we can't trust anyone. I don't get why we love it so much. I think it's breaking down our society. The reason our government 'doesn't work' because we're always making up a million rules so that one girl can't sell plates of food while she's on welfare or something.

OMG, where did this lady bury this guy's body? major triggers.

BTW: I'm glad I'm not a cool girlfriend either. If I had just had a baby, yea, dude can use his hands for a while.
Ok, so instead of dusting, I'm on twitter a lot. I bother nezua and mamitamala by writing replies like "Yay, baybies!" and "Man! I am against punching immigrants in the face!" So when I heard that they were involved in dramas, I was all nosy. Apparently some guy is being a dick, and mala gets mad. Thanks to the net, we get to see that mala is really hot. In that situation, irl, I would have probably started apologizing for everything ever.

Also, we learn about the horrid 'voodoo' afoot as the white house.

Some guy probably needs to learn of the many different ways to give and receive sexual pleasure. Folks, it's important to notice that acting like a dick about sex might temporarily get you laid, but on the other hand, it can destroy your relationship, leading to divorce.

I also think people overempathize sex. Sex isn't the basis of a healthy relationship- trust, maturity, and equal distribution of work is the basis.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My aunt once asked why I was not higher maintenance. My body is already a strict machine, requiring abundant sleep, rest and food. The higher maintenance you are- the more hair style, makeup, brand name clothing and bags you require- the longer your work day becomes. I'll pass on the $300 bags, and take some sleeep instead.
I don't get these crazy authoritarian types saying that because dude was drunk, it was OK for him to die in jail. Driving drunk is a very bad idea. But it's not death penalty worthy. It's take a class worthy. Maybe even take your license worthy. But there's no need to kill somebody over it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Worrying about the appearance of your vulva squicks me. Of course, the idea of throwing thousands of dollars down the drain shocks me too. It's just another area where we're supposed to compete now. Man, I hate american society.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I have to admit, the reason why I am making fun of that wife[I didn't comment, but somewhere in my heart, I LOL'd] is because that's just my personality.

I admit I did go wtf at her husband not letting her watch Friends. and laughed that she sneaks around to wear purple tights. Why do I laugh? Ok, I have to admit I'm uncomfortable and on edge these days. After hearing all day about people with husbands that say 'You're trash! No one will want you because you have kids!", this woman seems like she thinks stuff that's not quite abuse but might turn into it, is somehow this romantic ideal. It's funny because it is like a train wreck. Something tragic is happening, but you can't look away. You must laugh because you feel you may be hit by a train one day.

I'm an old maid, but what if someday I become a bride and end up having the love I thought I had dissolve into 'No sailor moon DVDS and perm that hair, you look a mess'. So I laugh. And I feel better.

OK, and I think he is being a dick about her weight. What if she has a baby? she's going to get fat then.
Thanks to the Commercial Appeal, I learn of the great evil of not chopping cotton in 90 degree weather for $7.50 an hour. Maybe people's great disgust with OMG, WELFARE! is that it disrupts the whole ideal of a serf class[ideally darker skinned], who can be counted on to chop cotton for $3 a day. Although why they don't like illegal immigrants is a mystery to me. And yea, I'm not going to be doing backbreaking labor for $7.50 an hour. My back hurts as it is.
Here I see another one of our woman obligations- be in a double bind. Deceptive Tranny/OHNOESTRANNY!!! Prude/Slut Overly involved mother/lazy 'mammy' Working mom who neglects the kids/lazy 'welfare mom'. Note that some of these are racialized and some of these are...I don't know the word for 'particular to the transgendered experience'.

In other news, NPR tries to debunk Canadian healthcare myths.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My hair was first "relaxed" at 4, and stayed that way until I shaved my head at 17. I still remember the huge scabs relaxer gave my scalp.

said by spike on twitter.

I'm glad someone else got huge scabs on their scalp from relaxer. I always feel awkward when people say you should get a relaxer; be professional! And I'm thinking 'why would I waste hours and tons of money on that?" My hair hates the idea of straightness. It grows quickly, and when I relax it, it's a small layer of straightness over tons of new growth.
Ok, I was reading Pandagon[ok, I know, I know] and some asshole was all like I MUST MURDER WOMEN BECAUSE THEY WON'T GIVE ME ANY SEX. Personally, I think this is also a result of our idea that sex is super important and central to life. No one would accept the excuse that going 20 years without pizza makes murder OK, and pizza is more fulfilling than sex with creepy assholes who don't know where the clit is or about getting a woman hot before putting it in.

There's way more in life than getting laid. I assure you. Maybe we should value building a life and building a community over a single sexual relationship. If this guy and the pick up artist guys spent as much time developing themselves and connecting to others as they spend complaining about us bitches, this would be a better world.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

People consider the race and class issues inherent in Food, Not Bombs. I wasn't doing any of this, I was spaced out and hermanaresist, I think?, anyway, she was posting this on twitter, and I think my imaginary audience likes these articles.