Thursday, August 30, 2007

In this report today, there's this white guy being like I don't understand the racial politics! People don't want my help because I'm white! I think there's probably more to it than that, but it's tough for people who have been messed around for a long time, especially if the people who messed them around looked like you. You have to build trust and being a whiny little wimp ain't the way to do it, son.
From etsy, a shocking story of abuse of Katrina aid.


Italian chicks are made of money. I wish they'd all give that cash to me.

Look at the hard work folks are doing for the Jena six.

Don't buy baby bling.
Not only will you look like a stupid person hanging onto a old ass trend, you could injure or kill your child.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The underfunded Med keeps trucking along, but soon we may be out the only level 1 trauma center in hundreds of miles.

Credit card debt buries Memphis people. Only a white person[knows the prof] would think that one can avoid stress by making wise decisions. I may not have any credit card debt, but I'm at risk for discrimination in the lending industry. [a fact hinted at in the film Maxed Out]

You can't shop your way out of oppression.

Professors silenced.

Hey, cool collection of links to college racism.

white anti racist metaquoted.

I feel informed.
Sparklepony feminists aren't after your men- they are after feminism. By making feminism not a political movement, but a way to get attention- waaah, somebody called me not a feminist! Oh, woe is me, nobody believes that showing my ass and cootchie to all and sundry is a feminist act! you pretty much make feminism ineffective.

This annoys me because I'm the sort of woman who would rather have respect than attention. And a much larger percentage of women than we are given credit for would rather have respect. Defending the status quo is oh not an achievement. Building new ways for people to be rather than just defending the old ones- that's hard work. But that's what needs to be done.

Monday, August 27, 2007

A new thought: Is positive thinking part of white privilege? I don't know about you- but if I just ignored the news, the news would come to me. I posted earlier about the children in poverty, and even without the news, I would have known all about that just by talking to people. I don't even live in the epicenter. But my mom comes home with stories about how school on Saturday was pandemonium- children who had already graduated, the cousins, brothers, sisters, friends of students swelled the class. The crowds slowed down the health and fitness testing. I go to my cousin's baby shower. There are all the things prohibited by the internet CPS- bottles, diapers, walkers. We laugh and have fun, but violent events in the past leave their pall.

How can you just think if you think good thoughts everything will be alright? Yes, positive psychologists have a more nuanced argument, but that is not what is repeated. How can we let our country burn while not reaching out to others? I think that the real positive thinking is not so much think happy thoughts and get cash, but it is to try to treat other people with respect, try to respect the people who came before you, and try to walk the road of life with others.
Memphis children poor. I think the single mother births can be traced to the poverty.

Local people energized by shooting.

The sort of people that avoid the news because it's 'depressing' annoy me. The real world's going to get you whether you like it or not.

From etsy: People are protesting against a border wall.

The Memphis Exchange Club takes paypal.

I would not reccomend you make a child wear their soiled clothing all day.

More crazy crunchy mama fads.
What's with using 3rd world countries as justification for any old crazy thing you get in your head?

From stupidfree this post is full of lulz A white person gets PUNCHED by OHNOES BLACK PEOPLE. Some other people tell him that there's not much they can do about it, and that since every second or third person they see meets this description[black person..young] worrying about the OHNOESBLACKS isn't very useful.
A lot of etsy drama.

I am of course confused by white people. I wish that other people were valued more than the right to be hurtful.

Gonzo resigns. He is accused of being a bad tipper. The trades want you. Don't be an ice road trucker.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Response. It's easier to complain about my mean mom or that bitchy lady at the office than to change the world.

Man, do I hate folks who are 'hardcore gamers'. Casual gamers rule. Video games are growing as an entertainment medium- people who started playing as children are still playing as adults, even though they have responsibilities and real lives to take care of. I agree with the woman I've linked about where the real profit center is. Even if casual gamers don't buy as many games as the more hardcore, there's more of them. Also, you bring up a whole new generation of gamers when you appeal to mothers. The mother who likes games will buy more gaming systems, and the children who are brought up as gamers will continue to game.

The market has evolved such that there is room for diversity. I can't whoop your ass at Halo, and the truth is that I'm happier playing Civilization 4 and Harvest Moon. That doesn't take away from the oh so hardcore gamers at all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good stupid day. In rural towns, parents of different races, HIV and gay people don't exist. I mean really, everyone acts like things are a bigger deal to kids than they are. When I was a kid, a kid down the street had parents of different ethnicities[mom white, dad asian] and I was like oh, cool, let's play- i.e. it's not a big deal. And gay parents? Not as big of a deal as people think. Bob and Jim read little Susie a bed time story at night and fix her dinner. That's all you gotta say. You don't gotta tell them about the mindblowing ass sex they have on date night.

I don't understand why there is a book about uncle pete molesting people and making them think they are gay.
Apparently a real book.

Silly childfree. Hahha, beefree.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This NSFW image macro is great. I like male attention whore images.

I didn't know that Amanda from Pandagon was writing a book
. So let's all say who we want to write a book. Blackamazon- write a book.

The electricity is coming back on in the West Bank. I was worried this was some sort of punishment or wrongness?

A problem with posting this sort of thing is that people tend to be very attached to their artwork.
It's not so much a strict business here, so it's a bit more fraught than if we were all selling widgets.

Let's mock this person.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Etsy drama start. Etsy drama middle. Etsy drama possible end stage

Hey, a black person has a good post on racism!I grew out of being a good negro a long time ago. Oddly, I was reminded of when I was listening to the memphis city schools radio station, and they were like bring a recent proof of address to registration! Not a note from big mama saying yea, he stay here. Yay, race wank.

Soliders return home- can't pay the rent.
Hhahahaa, babyfurs!!!!!!

Let's mock more people.

Some people have as the center of their lives God, some have as the center of their lives justice, I have goofing off.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Look how sad! Police injured unionizers. Wobbles upset. Related.
I watched Hairspray today. They had a lot of changes from the original movie I think. Like the marching in the street scene was more dramatic, and black folks had more songs I think. Too bad social progress isn't actually made by big dance numbers. That would be a lot more fun than court cases and hashing things out with people you disagree with.
The newshour had three segments on No Child Left Behind: one: how schools are gaming the system so they can continue to get funding;two:how if we only changed over to charter schools, all our test scores would go up, even if we don't try to measure the other reasons test scores might go up or down; and three: how even the very best teachers are failures because their students who just came to America last year aren't up to grade level in English.

In Memphis, a local charter school has been closed. The students will have to be placed in other schools. There is some lesson in this, I believe.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"The bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham in 1963 broke my father's resistance[to desegregation], and his heart...The bombing seemed to seal a permanent judgemeent on the city. 'The shame will be ours forever' editorialized a local newspaper at the time. But Martin Luther King Jr., foresaw ultimate salvation in the tradgedy. 'At the funeral for three of the four girls, he said 'The deaths may well serve as the redemptive force that brings light to this dark city'. And it did. What happened in Birmingham in 1963 not only redeemed the oppressed. It also redeemed my people, although we haven't been able to accept that yet. We haven't yet taken that particular snake out and lifted it aloft in the light- that dangerous unloved thing about us: where we came from, what we did, who we are"- Salvation on Sand Mountain p. 152-153.

When I read this, I remembered a quote attributed to a Holocast survivor- the oppisite of forgetting is not remembering, but justice. People try to say it was a long time ago, or it wasn't my fault. You can't heal a rift so wide and so deep with words like that. The people who have been hurt have kept the memories. We pass them down orally, we pass them down in writing, we pass them down so that we can never forget that our pain is real and that we are just as human as those who hurt us. If you can't remember what has happened before, you can't move forward. We keep these memories not only to save ourselves, but to save you as well.

This is why I laugh at white guilt. People try to disconnect the races so much that they try to say that feeling bad about what you and others have done to people of other races is some sort of pathology. Blow up people's churches, fight for decades to block their being educated with your children, say horrible and nasty things to them to their faces, but god forbid, heaven forbid, you feel a drop of remorse! That remorse gives you strength. When you're connected to the reality that when you hurt someone, that's bad and wrong, you can work to heal that hurt. When you try to disconnect completely from the idea that other people are worth as much as you, you hurt your own humanity.
Today has good stupid. Please don't try to remove your teeth yourself. Ok, I think I'm going to have to lay down now.


White person stupid. If you know jack all, shut up. As you all know, I tend to write in internet language- i.e. I say things like oh noes, totes, intertubes,macros, and other words that have become popular through the internet.

Best thread ever.

Women, save yourself from boob nazis. Nice rebuttal to LJ Mamas. And if she didn't squat in a field, that's fine too.

Lulz, tomatoes.

Today's message to all is to stay cool, stay in school and always use a condom. Stay tuned for tomorrow with my thoughts on No Child Left Behind!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hundreds of years of political and social effort for change were in fact so that white women can call men 'master'. Yeparoonie, y'all! We're not fighting against sex slavery, trans folks being beat in the street, unequal pay, rape, etc. Nope! It's all so some guy can tell you what to do with your hair. Newsflash: It really doesn't take all that so that some guy can tell you what to do with your hair.

I'm not saying that all forms of conservatism[keeping things the same as they are] require no political movement, for the prarie muffins to have their no votes for women utopia, that'd take a lot of work. Maybe they should have pundits say that no votes for women is really feminist because of choices, and plus, it's so much sexier than those grim voting feminists. It'd be against style but would get a lot of the attention solicitors on board.
I don't like it when people try to patent ancient knowledge for their own profit. The people of the global south seem to create knowledge but the west profits.

lulz, that is the funniest thing ever.

Monday, August 13, 2007

On etsy, there are people posting poems.

Not clean light, after all: not sweet atomic
absolution of our myriad sins
in one swift Lenten smear of ash, faint thumbprint
shadow on a shattered concrete sky.

The silence we were promised after sirens
above a blasted blameless graveyard world
is broken daily into shards of shrapnel
both trivial & lethal, ever-cresting
tide eroding eyes & ears & minds.

In place of Oppenheimer's Trinity,
the passionate intensity of vermin
beset by ancient plagues goes seeping out
along a web of unsuspected faults
until some tower tumbles, lightning-struck
past metaphor or merest understanding.

Surely whatever falconer we trusted
to gyre that final bird into a night
both mutual & assured is lost -- or missing
behind these lines redrawn to locate center
& formulate the new survivor's question:
not what rough beast, but which rough beast this time?

-- Ann K. Schwader
I bought the new civ 4 expansion. The new animations are sweet, and hey! my Ethiopian warriors are black now.

Please avoid going outside, or you'll end up thinking like this person. Please go to a cooling center or request a fan. I'd rec the center if you can get transport.
This is some prime stupid here. The evil lord of the breeders is pissed.

Sex workers in south africa.

Whitefolks blog or something.
I didn't attend yearlykos because I don't got money out the ass for crap like that.

"We were a naive little church, always prey to a good sob story- the missonary we sponsered in what was then Southern Rhodesia[Zimbabwe], for instance. Years later, we discovered he actually owned a fairly sizable rubber plantation, on which local villagers worked for next to nothing. The young men lived in barracks on the plantation and the owner would have informal Bible study with them sometimes at night. For this, he was called a missionary, and we would send him a good portion of our foreign missions budget every month"- Salvation on Sand Mountain, p. 9

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I don't know how to use the interwebs, so here are some emails and info from some women who are not to be named:

From the wordpress faq:

Is everything being backed up?

Absolutely. If a very large meteor were to hit all of the servers and destroy them beyond repair, all of your data would still be safe and we could have your blog online within a couple of days. (After the meteor situation dies down.)

You can also download a backup/export of your blog, posts, comments, etc by going to your dashboard and clicking Manage then Export.

From quickonlinetips:

here can be nothing worse than to login to Blogger one day and find you blogger blog gone, corrupted or deleted forever due to any unforseen error. Back up is very important. Here are a few simple ways to keep your Blogger blog safe and backed up....

Back up your Blogger Posts

* Backup Your Posts - Bloggers Blogsend allows each of my blog posts to be automatically sent to my email address. So I have a back up of all my posts as individual emails. You can further create folders in your email account (as in Yahoo Mail) or apply labels (in Gmail), and create filters such that such emails can be collected in one place.
* Back up your entire blogger blog - Bloggers provides detailed instructions to create a single file with all your posts which you may publish and then copy to your own computer for use as desired. Remember to save a copy of your existing template in a file on your computer as you will need to have it at hand after this process is completed. This is good for a one time backup, but is cumbersome to do if you back up very frequently. Also you might mess up some setting and disbale your blog is not done right.
* Try third party back up tools - like the HTTrack Web site copier for Windows users and Webgrabber for Mac users. Each of these applications will create a fully working, interlinked local copy of your blog for browsing offline and easily allow you to back up. Remember it will take considerable time and internet bandwidth if you have a huge blog.

Back up Your Template

* Back up the template whenever you change it. Just copy and paste the entire template code into any simple text editor like Notepad or Wordpad and save file with name like 'myblog-date.txt'. After a while you will have a series of such files organized by date. If for some reason your blog goes away, just copy and paste the teplate back into Blogger and republish.
* If you have lost your template partly or fully - learn how to restore your blog template code and then back it up.

Back Up Comments

* Blogger has an option to send you an email when someone leaves a comment on your blog. This is located in Setting > Comments option in Blogger. This enables you to collect all your comments as individual emails, much like the blogsend posts emails mentioned above. Then you can file them all together as labels or in a email folder.
* If you moderate comments, you can get all your comments as emails pending your approval. This email address can again be entered in Setting > Comments. If you do not want to save rejected comments as emails and recieve only published comments - then you can keep the comment moderation email address blank, while filling up the Comment Notification Address.
* If you use Haloscan Comments instead, then anyway your Blogger comments are off and Haloscan is keeping track of backing up your comments. I am using Blogger comments featured now with comment moderation, word verification captchas to combat comment spam.

Make blog back ups a habit and you will remember this post when it saves your blog on a bad day!

Back up Typepad:

Backup your blog

1. Log in to your TypePad account.
2. Click on the name of one of your blog accounts (or the only one). You should now be at this location: TypePad home > Your Weblogs > [Blog name].
3. Above the blog name towards the top of the page, you'll see a row of links. The one you're looking for says "Import/Export."Click on that.
4. Location: TypePad home > Your Weblogs > [Blog name] > Post > Import/Export.
5. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, where you'll see a link called "Export Posts from your TypePad Weblog: [blog name]."
6. In Windows, right click on that link and choose "Save link as..." (Firefox) or "Save target as..." (Internet Explorer).
7. Choose a place on your compouter to save the file.
8. The file downloads, and you're done.
Strange things in NY.

Etsians struggle with shoving babies out of their vaginas.

Etsy sellers called out in the LA Times. Etsy sellers handmake everything, but good sense is not required to sell on etsy. Swarovski crystals are leaded.

In this story you can really hear the pain of the FEMA trailer residents. The part that really hurt my heart was the guy who just thought the people suffering were just bad people. It seemed to me that the sort of life people were living was fragile. A storm comes through, rent goes up, and you're trapped without hope.

How not to get people to continue working with you.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I have a heart full of hate for all and a really long stapler.
Tivo is great. I can fast forward through the pledge week stuff. People don't want banks to ream you up the ass. Later, I'll post on how a US citizen was psychologically traumatized by our immigration system, and how our horrible government is contributing to bad mental health among Katrina survivors.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I am now fascinated by birth and you will read so many stories about babies you'll puke. And more on that.

In Africa, people are fighting against maternal deaths. The Campaign to Stop Fistula.

While I'm typing, my really loud classmate reminds you all that IF YOU DON'T PUT YOUR CHILD IN A FRONT FACING CAR SEAT UNTIL IT IS 1 YEAR OLD AND 20 POUNDS, YOUR CHILD'S NECK WILL SNAP AS IT IS EXPOSED TO 7 Gs OF FORCE. But really, seriously, rear facing car seat.

Memphis people talk about how AIDs is ravaging the community.

Older Latino/a jewelry designers needed.

Etsians struggle with life.

"Nethack isn't just a game, it's a lifestyle"- my misogynist friend.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Reality shows can be amusing. Inside American Jail- a girly looking male inmate has to be convinced to not wear a tight uniform because he's 'enticing the other inmates'. I thought wtf.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

I will now inaguarate a new tag- fighting the woo. Woo is a skeptic's term meaning paranormal, newage or just plain wrong stuff. I may start posting things on how science works, why many of us prefer science over other ways of knowing, and the like.

To avoid birth woo, talk to your health care professional. Communication is the key for a birth experience that is both safe and comfortable.

Unrelated: HIV is being spread through the sex trade in Asia.


The women and children of Afghanistan still suffer today.

Today's big etsy fight.

$500 for a purse?
Go to etsy

White people, don't do this shit.

Ok,ok, nobody should do this shit. I may be on vacation from saving the world, but no LJ=domestic abuser ok?