Saturday, August 25, 2007

Response. It's easier to complain about my mean mom or that bitchy lady at the office than to change the world.

Man, do I hate folks who are 'hardcore gamers'. Casual gamers rule. Video games are growing as an entertainment medium- people who started playing as children are still playing as adults, even though they have responsibilities and real lives to take care of. I agree with the woman I've linked about where the real profit center is. Even if casual gamers don't buy as many games as the more hardcore, there's more of them. Also, you bring up a whole new generation of gamers when you appeal to mothers. The mother who likes games will buy more gaming systems, and the children who are brought up as gamers will continue to game.

The market has evolved such that there is room for diversity. I can't whoop your ass at Halo, and the truth is that I'm happier playing Civilization 4 and Harvest Moon. That doesn't take away from the oh so hardcore gamers at all.

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