Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh noes, it's pubes!!! Locked mockery of stupidity. Join sf_drama to understand how our parents omgsurvived even though your mama had omgpubes. This is why you shouldn't get your worldview on sex from porn. Just as The Fast and the Furious is not driver's ed.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stupid defense of impractical game costumes gives me a reason to talk about my favorite subject. Basically, how women's (and men's) sexualities are assumed to revolve around F cups in bikinis. If we don't want every single female character in teh super hardcore games to be an F cup in a bikini, we hate sexuality! Seriously, there's a lot more to sexuality than scantly clad chicks who fit beauty standards. They can be included, but they aren't the be all and end all of sexuality. Although this makes me think, do we really need sexuality in video games? I'm not saying there shouldn't be any ever, but for the most part, sexuality is irrelevant or even a distraction to the game. When I play Civilization 4, I don't just slog through the game, hoping for a glimpse of the female historical leaders' breasts. When I played Soul Caliber back in the day, I wasn't thinking "wow, this game is so great- just look at them titties". Really, focus on the game play and how things work, and focus less on titays, and your game should be a success.

This comment sums it all up. Shoehorning 'sexiness' into everything whether it makes any sense or not is just craziness.
Lulz, fail. I don't pay much attention to these sort of rants, because a woman could say "I give blowjobs and make sandwiches for random men because they are so awesome because they are men, and so much better than us sucky women, but what's with the pay gap?" and be called a hairy feminist man hating boogeywoman. (If you say the name of Dworkin three times and click your heels together, evil feminists cut off your dick. Truefax.)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I don't get what's the big deal about welfare. Even with welfare, our food banks aren't exactly keeping up with the demand, so without welfare, we'd be in a hole. Take away free lunch, and our kids would be screwed. Are you a hungry senior citizen? There may be help for you. I got off track, but what I was trying to say is that there aren't mustache twirling hordes of people hoping to get rich off of government aid. I wonder why people think that folks are always getting rich off of these unlikely schemes, such as having a baybee for the child support or popping out ten kids for the welfare. Do folks really think that people would rather not be able to get a whole bowel movement out because some kid is banging on the door yelling mooommy! mommy! than get a job in which they can go home and actually sleep?

Also, $1000 on a two year old, and folks are begrudging kids of similar age food.
Stories of queer youth forced to leave home sought.
It starts off as a weird story about old lady sex tourists, but the third page really puts that 'harmless' tourism into perspective. Also, the fourth page discusses the role of colonialism.

Hey! It's a site about forced sterlizations!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Did you know that netflix has a 500 movie cap on your queue? :D
I didn't know you could be oopsed* by someone you weren't fucking.

*oopsing is a term for the successful schemes of those horrible horrible women who want to go through pregnancy and childbirth just for a chance at buckets of child support cash.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hhahah, some funny talk, but then, there comes the worst porn ever.[it's linked, so to avoid it, don't click. I didn't]. Porn- making sex unerotic since god knows when. Making sex unerotic is wrong, wrong wrong. Sex should be super erotic! Note: while people have the freedom to fuck each other's peeholes, you always have to freedom to say no to god knows what gross thing. Even if you've done whatever it was before, and you just don't feel like it that day.

Now that I have your attention by writing about porn, grocery prices are surging. High numbers of the working poor are coming to food pantries with shrinking food supplies. So if you have too much food in your pantry, share it with the hungry. Do you really need that 50th can of peas when that can can be yummy food for the hungry?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I don't understand the internet. Why not just nut up and recognize that you have a country, a culture and a race?

Columnist busts the nuts of whiny white people. Waaah, I might feel bad for two seconds, and a black person was rude! to me! a white person!

Poverty and poor school plague rural shelby county.
But I guess the fact that a black person wasn't perfect is much more important than the future of children.
gift guide thread.
A big problem that is making everyone divided over the gift guides is the sense that if you didn't get in, you're just not a good seller. The admins are working hard, but they are undercut by their cheerleaders. If you want to seem fair, it's hard to do that when folks are telling people that they didn't get in because their photos weren't good, that they are whiners,etc. But it's hard for the admin, because they can't just tell those people to shut up, and be respectful of everyone's hard work. It causes people to be more bitter if they are told they are just bad people, rather than saying that the admin worked hard, but there were too many people who are good at things to put everyone in. When you say, you're just jealous, it's not helping at all.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I've been hiding from my work by playing casual games. I played Fashion Fits and it's an adquete entry into the time management arena. The voices were pretty crappy, and I feel sad that you have to start out at walmart. God, I can't believe even old people buy the pants you start out selling. Not as hard as Carrie the Caregiver, which can be good or bad.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the waaahbulance is not serving me because it's too busy picking these folks up. Please don't call 811 for a waaaahbulance unless you really need it. Seconds count!

Ah, I love the competition to be the girl who is the coolest with porn. Really, I think we should be telling folks to respect the feelings of folks that are actually in a relationship with them. Relationships are hard work, and I have to admit that my view is that it's better to work things out with the person who will be there for you when things get tough...

I agree.
I play video games and all, but I don't think I'm an honorary male. A woman describes her experiences with porn-sick men.

Troubled young students may become successful later in life.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alma Mater in shameful dorm antics. KA is the racist frat. Now you know why I'm so 'racist'
Dateline: BDSM snark: is common sense allowed in your sex life? Mocking people: part of my sanity fund.
Issues of race and sex are being explored in the realm of casual games. I am quite pleased.

Race in second life. I'd like to note that there are many games where you can get points for activities such as feeding babies, growing crops or taking care of animals, but they do not get the same amount of 'gamer cred' prestige as more violent games get.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Carrie the Caregiver is an enjoyable game in which a woman works a low paid service job. It's full of inappropriate vocalizations such as that's amazing, this girl is go and woo hoo, as if she's really excited about picking up 6 babies' diapers in a row and then slapping three more onto the baby beds so she can become an human assembly line of bottle warming and burping.
Don't call folks he-shes. It's offensive and wrong

Didn't violate his civil rights? what?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

You can be amused by this quote, while I read and summarize an article about how inner city youth don't use mental health services:

You know, I’ve supported the feminists up until now. I knew it was only a matter of time until they realized that a nice guy like me was exactly what they needed, and that fellatio on demand cannot be seen as demeaning if put in the proper post-structural context. Plus, you know, I completely understood the not shaving thing. Sometimes I don’t shave all weekend! But anyway, if now there is evidence that the feminists are responsible for “Yes, Dear” and possibly even “Everybody Loves Raymond,” I’m afraid I shall have to withdraw my support and go over to some other side. I’ve received very tempting offers from the Stepfords. They appreciate a diamond in the rough. Plus, they are VERY willing to work with me on less crass and intimidating terms for body parts.
The problem with Cosby. Nearly done with today's paper. Time to start studying for next week's test, and to write both my group project and 20 page paper... I hope I'm not kept for the entire three hours.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Found in comments:

Call to Action!

Who: Sex workers, allies and supporters

What: Live blog action

Why: To oust Judge Teresa Carr Deni in PA

When: Monday, November 5th, 2007 5pm Eastern, 2pm Western


Calling on sex workers and supporters! On Monday November 5th the Desiree Alliance will host a virtual rally to stand in solidarity with the sexual assault victim in PA whose case was reduced to 'theft of services' by Judge Teresa Carr Deni. We support the efforts of local activists in Philadelphia to raise voter awareness about Judge Deni and to encourage voters to vote 'No' to retain her in Tuesday's elections. More details in the press release below.

Please join us by sharing a personal story, reflections, art/poetry or any other messages/images that you feel are important or relevant. New contributors are welcome at the blog! If you're not already an author at BnG and you'd like to be, send an email to: BoundNotGagged[at!]

We encourage contributors to make a post either over the weekend or before 5pm Eastern on Monday, then join us at the blog on Monday at 5pm to comment on other people's posts, add more content, ask/answer questions, etc.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to raise awareness about violence against sex workers! If you have any questions, please contact stacey[at!]

In solidarity,
Jill Brenneman | Homepage | 11.02.07 - 11:01 pm | #
That's fucked up.

Friday, November 02, 2007

*unhappy* I was watching last week's ugly betty on Tivo, and there's a stupid commercial about how boys are built different, so they get a cool transforming Tonka truck, where girls are probably getting some totally boring and sucky toy.

warning: this video has a guy in overalls singing about how anus is the proper word.
Now the boohooing about people saying holiday tree starts the day after halloween.

Thursday, November 01, 2007