Tuesday, October 31, 2006

OMG! People are driving their kids to trick or treat! WTF? Some are walking but they are all taller than me.

In other news, I went to class. This one girl wished she didn't wear makeup. A cheery girl said then don't wear it! Me and another girl talked about our lack of makeup. The first girl said something about how what a girly girl she is after that. Randomness.

Also, the controversy about breast milk gets its own thread.
I feel like oppressing breast feeders today. First, I think this icon is funny:

Also, I think you should warn people if you feed them food cooked with your breast milk. People need to be able to consent to ingest your bodily fluids. Some people are cool with the risk, but yea, that's not a risk I'd be willing to expose myself to.
Ten Tools of the Patriarchy

1)Men who touch the fucking strippers.
2)Thinking your only worth is in which frat guy you can land
3)Raping your god damn mama.
4)Unpaid work with no credit.
5)Anyone who buys a copy of a DVD with a girl being raped and her hair being set on fire.
6)Women who support rapists.
7)Men who harrass women.
8)The idea that buying pink shit is saving lives.
9)Making little kids wear clothes they can't move in.*
10)Girls Gone Wild.

*Note that the author manages to say well, I want a white wedding dress without throwing a big fit about it.

Oh and #11- guys who pretend to be oppressed because they can't write.

#12 The Cult of False Victimhood.
More ways that a woman can have fun or be sensual without doing some capitalist approved beauty ritual:

11) Masturbate
12)Bake an apple
13)Watch the Daily Show
14)Make fun of Bob Corker's campaign ads*
15)calcium fortified orange juice
16)sing along to favorite song
17)hold babies *squee*
18)watch an adorable toddler abscond with a wheeled suitcase**
20)play soccer in the house with children

*Yesterday there was a thing in the school newspaper about political ads. A girl said they were getting nasty. I was like "Oh! I met Harold at the Playboy party!" and the other girl was like "Yea, and Harold Ford is *black*

**at a yard sale a little kid hugged a wheeled black suitcase with stars on it and kinda dragged it a bit until her mom said something in Spanish which I think meant 'stop that'.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I will start a list to help the fun feminists out. 1000 ways for women to have fun and be sensual without beauty rituals as apparently they don't know how.You can help me fill out the list, and I start with ten:

1)Enjoy the unusual beauty of the fall leaves.
2)Pet a large furry dog
3)Swim in the ocean
4)Run around the block in chilly weather
5)Watch a snake swimming in the pond
6)Play Chez Geek with friends.
7)Draw a pear from life.
8)Admire the particular blue of a summer sky.
9)Write a haiku
10)Draw a one hour comic. (write and draw a whole comic in an hour span)
To protect her special snowflakeness, Lubu complains about how not wasting your money on whatever is the culturally defined 'indulgence' for women today in our captialist society is self sacrifice. More towards the idea that women are somehow incapable of any real pleasure except for shopping and beauty rituals.
OMG!!!! Gamer Girls can be hot too!! Like, girl power, man! Now let's talk about how me mocking the idea that a pagent is actually the best way to overcome sexism in the video game industry does not oppress the special little snowflakes.

Sexism is a system of oppression. I use the patriarchy for short. Now, important to this system is the concept of power. Billion dollar industries have more power than internet bloggers. The fact that every single day of your life you are told you have to be feminine to be acceptable has way more power than any thing I could possibly say to you. When you walk out your where ever your computer is door, you'll be surrounded by society and its construction of how a woman is to be.

Further more, you'll have the memories of how since birth you were raised to be a woman, the messages you got about this or that or the other. You are not a special snowflake.

When Bob Corker's daughter is embracing pseudolesbianism and exhibitionism, you know it's time for the movement to move on.
Also, Aimee Mann has a holiday album. $10 only.

I hate everybody and this blog is really going to get it when I get back from the library!
Ive decided to coopt the term radical feminist. From now on I'll call myself one as shorthand for 'feminist who is not buying what you are selling'. Thank you.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

An amusing story:

Another facet of working at a store in the Mall:

Obnoxious, rowdy or "callous" teenagers/youth.

The store's first manager would always act 'nervous" whenever young , black, men would walk into the store to browse. (in 20-20 hindsight this is funnier when I found out his "politics" - thats another thread or post).He would always ask me to be "cautious" or extra careful when they browsed, even more so if they were dressed in those droopy white T-shirts and baggy pants.
Well I decided to "HELL" with what my manager thought....unlike him I graduated from a High School that 80% black. I would treat EVERY walk-in like they should get respect or that they might buy something from us.

"End" of story : After 2 years or so ....discovered something that I should have remembered from my High School days: AFrican-American teenagers /youths are agressive CHESS players. We sell all sorts of Chess sets and CHESS supplies. Word of mouth got around - so now thats a steady seller for us.

The real problematic "Kids" , have been white kids between the ages of 15 and 24. Why that big a range in age ?? - because some guys NEVER seem to grow up . Young Black men are some of my politest and nicest customers.
I love stuff like that .,..and my original manager being proved wrong about stuff like that. Might seem like minor "profiling" - but it IS a noticeable pattern at our mall and the store.
I'm a Priss:

The Priss
Deliberate Brutal Love Dreamer (DBLDf)

Mature. Responsible. Aristocratic. Excuse me. The Priss.

Prisses are the smartest of all female types. You're highly perceptive, and confident in your judgements. You'd take brutal honesty over superficiality any time--your friends always know where they stand with you. You're completely unfake. Don't tell me that's not a word. You're also excellent at redirecting internal negative energy.

These facts indicate people are often intimidated by you. They also fall for you, hard. You have a distant, composed allure that many find irresistible. If only more of them lived up to your standards.

Your exact opposite:
The Playstation

Random Gentle Sex Master
You were probably the last among your friends to have sex. And the first to pretend that you're pregnant. LOL. Though you're inclined to use sex as weapon, at least it's not as one of mass destruction. You're choosier than most about your partners. A supportive relationship is what you're really after. Whether you know it or not, you need something steady & long-term. And soothing.

ALWAYS AVOID: The Playboy, The Loverboy

CONSIDER: The Manchild

Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid - Free Online Dating.

Of course, I've always knew I was a princess type, but surely.
Misquoting Jesus seems to have left out the Ethiopian Bible, so I am collecting links.

Here is a ebay guide with pictures of colorful old Bibles. A nice bit about Bible scholarship. A bit on the canon of the Ethiopian church. A small bit on Ethiopian Christian history.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Science for Girls: *giggles* Because little girls are only interested in beauty products!
A comment from a commentator on I Blame the Patriarchy:

mearl Oct 28th, 2006 at 1:10 am

Man, it just took me, I am not kidding you guys, an HOUR to read the posts. Didn’t this start out as a discussion about what we were all going to dress up as for Hallowe’en?

I, for one, am going as a Liberal Feminist Lawyer. I plan to wear a cute baby-pink suit, lots and lots of lipstick, and finish my ensemble with a pair of those low-heeled shoes which are *WAY* more comfy than stilettos, but are still just as acceptable to the male higher-ups in my ficticious firm. Naturally, this is a conceptual statement on how women can be powerful AND feminine at the same time; but that’s irrelevant anyhow, since we all know that femininity isn’t really a construct. It’s a choice! That’s why billions of dollars are spent by women each year on dieting, makeup, fashion, and plastic surgery. Men just don’t know what they’re missing out on when they don’t have access to the CREATIVITY we women are allowed with our appearance. I’ll insist that, in my fantasy firm, pink suits and cleavage garner just as much respect as any other dowdy old male lawyer’s outfit. After all, I don’t want anyone to forget that I’m a girl, and start thinking of me as just a lawyer (ick!).

As for the real issues: I’ll also inform other party-goers that part of my persona is that I’m kicking in that pesky old glass ceiling with my sassy, sexy low heels. When I get to be a judge, hopefully they’ll put me on the cover of Maxim.

I LOL'd, because I am an evil person.

maggiethewolf Oct 28th, 2006 at 9:12 am

Mearl wrote: “I for one, am going as a Liberal Feminist Lawyer…I’ll also inform other party-goers that part of my persona is that I’m kicking in that pesky old glass ceiling with my sassy, sexy low heels.”

No, Mearl, what you’re kicking is Octogalore. How is attacking another woman a feminist act? Is there no way you could have made your point without mocking Octogalore? Mimicry is an especially cutting mockery.

As a queer woman who doesn’t conform to gender expectations, I have been mocked in bars and on streets, but this is a feminist site and that alone would seem to offer sanctuary for a woman, for all women, from targeting.

But hey, let’s not talk about that. Let’s to back to talking about how men attack women in war.

Octogalore, if you’re still here, I’m sorry that you posted in good faith and incurred such invective.

This goes back to a big argument in feminism. Should women be able to tease, mock, argue, and fight just as much as men do? Or should we all be nice to each other? Of course, you know what my answer is. Being nice to each other all the time may be easier for people with a better personality than me, but for me, it causes me to nearly explode. Not to mention, sometimes it's easier to point out that someone has said something dumb by mockery.

By going to the logical extreme of a viewpoint, we are able to see the flaws in it.
Page 1 and Page 2 of Sin-drella, which to me seems like a comment on beauty culture.
Schoolgirl fondled on bus, boys do not get the major pool cue asswhupping they deserve.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The monitor on the big computer is out so I can't scan this ridicilous piece of crap, so I'll give you the text.

Outside: A terrorist plot may be the topic of a call from Tennesee to an Al Qaeda member in the middle East...


Democrats want to force law enforcement to fill out paperwork...

Democrats want to block the US Government from listening into calls made by al Queda terrorists who are calling from overseas into the US,even though this program allowed law enforcement to stop the terrorists' plot to blow up airliners flying between Britian and the U.S.

Republicans will do what's necessary to track, capture and detain terrorists.

If you don't vote, liberal Democrats will take control of Congress and end COMMON SENSE programs that stop terrorists.



The layout of this junk mail is similar to the one scanned in yesterday, but it says Tennesee Republican Party. If anyone got a similar piece of junk mail, please scan it in.
Cute dress. Ridiculous price.

Girls as young as 5 are experiencing puberty. I had pubes at 8, but no period til 11. Another good reason to rule out the "having tits is consent" idea.

A young girl in an age appropiate Halloween costume.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


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LOL, hollywood values, liberal activists judges, abortion pills in schools. Because you have the brains of a rutabaga.


Originally uploaded by Shannon W..
We get some crazy crap in the mail. They don't know it, but the juxaposition of the white family, with three white women, and the preserve our way of life thing gives me a creepy feeling in my white supremacy filter.
Canivote.com Learn if you can vote
How White People Can Reduce Racial Offense to blacks:

1)If a black person is being ignored in a store in favor of you, point out the black person. (This happened yesterday and my racial offense was decreased)

2)At Halloween, don't wear blackface, afro wigs, pimps and hoes outfits or any other nonsense

3)Don't follow blacks in stores. Usually it's white women stealing your shit.

4)Don't compare the time you got beat up in 8th grade to racism.

5)Don't blame your shortcomings on blacks. If you didn't get a scholarship, admit fault.

6)Don't use code words. We all know what you mean by inner city.

7)Don't use weird stereotypes. It's confusing to hear that blacks can't write because of their 'culture' when you've just checked out 15 black written books from the library.

8)Never hang a black person in effigy, or hang nooses from the ceiling. This causes racial offense.

9)Whether you think something is racist doesn't tell us anything about the actual racism in whatever it is. You have a vested interest in seeing nothing ever as racist.

10)Don't use the n word. Ever. Your freedom of speech has not been impacted by this. You CAN say it, it just causes racial offense.

A video about racial offense. This shows that young black children are able to identify racial offense.
OMG! Vegan Lunchbox!

African Amazons. Interesting.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Big story: There's a manatee in the Wolf River. Here is a confusing campaign ad against Harold Ford.
Biting Beaver tells the story of her abortion experience. This record I believe will be helpful to many others in the future.

Also, a comparision: veiling as resistance in the States and Canada. In France, not shaving legs as a form of resistance.
It seems this girl is the Queen of the Scene not for what she looks like, but what she does. Children's Books: Our Antidrug.

Today I was handwashing clothes and realizing why I don't like housework. If I know that I can't get a good dent in my work if I worked for 24 hours straight without ceasing I tend to become less motivated. Small annoyances are really annoying when you're doing housework- like the fact that I had to go to the other bathroom to hang up my boxers and my lacy panties so that my father would not see my underpants. Yes, I talked about housework just as an excuse to talk about panties.

This lady started talking all about panties, and you know what? My favorite panties are either boxer shorts under skirts(both modest and free flowing) or granny panties, bikini style, I think. I also like boyshorts although they are best on swimsuits. But granny panties are the best because the cotton is good for your pussy, and they are comfortable. If you bend over the wrong way and show your panties(sorry to the poor lady at the pharmacist, I won't wear minis again ;_;), it is much less embarrassing to show your grannies than it is to show a thong.

Although the panties for young girls are way too sexy nowadays. I mean, low slung bikinis with little stars on them? Ok, I own that pair, but if I was the age intended, some scolding would be on my menu!
Knowing about Kohlberg can help us understand people who reason morally differently than we do. For example, I was always confused by people who say that illegal immigration is bad because they broke the law. This made no sense to me, because to me, there are some laws that are morally bad to break and there are some laws that are just laws to be laws. Also, to me, it is obvious that government laws and religious laws were written by people and therefore can be changed. It is also obvious to me that the opinions of others do not have moral force. It is hard for me to understand how others reason without someone telling me about it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

An amusing little gif to cheer everyone up.
Two black politicians, one spot. I would encourage you to vote for Harold Ford Jr. Ok today in class I had a weird thought. I'm not poor, but is it me or is there just a bit of priviledge(sp?) in lecturing a boy about how you worked hard for your chex mix when he comes up to you and asks for it because he is hungry? Not to mention, some poor people beg not because they don't like working but because of other reasons.

Also, I'm not so sure that someone's kids are no good if they all live with their 50 year old mom and their kids. It's good to get a job and support your mother, but I'm a bit worried that maybe there's a little something something going on here besides just lazy.

The issue of class confuses me.
Ok, I was reading Sex and Race, and I was shocked by this article that was posted by one of the posters! It seems that this Afghani lady was walking down the street with her 3 year old kid, and you know what? Some asshole shot her. Some in the Afghani community there in Fremont believe that she was killed because she was wearing a head scarf. Now, this nonsense needs to stop.
A good feminist would give this sort of woman a good drop kick. Being desperate attracts sexual abusers, guys who love to slap a woman around, and all sorts of terrible stuff. Real feminists, not happy fun chixxx*, understand that that sort of thing is bad and sometimes you gotta tell a woman WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING! THAT GUY IS A RAPIST!!!! to save a woman.

*People who say feminism is everything a woman does are now required by law to be called happy fun chixx or sexy hot babes or girls gone wild for super hot provider men, or yea, something other than feminist. And no, there will be no feminists gone wild Snopp Doggy Dogg style, featuring the hottest white chixxx. Thanks for your interest.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

How to make your boyfriend stop watching porn porn poooorn!

Bits on sample sizes.
I'm going as a wingless slutty fairy*. However, I managed to not quit feminism as Twisty notes the stupidity in this tradition. But if any of you dress children as slutty anything, I will fucking cut you. Adults can choose to do stupid things, don't push it on the kids.

*buying wings would cost money. I hope my socks get here in time or else I'll have to wear the stockings I wore when I went as a slutty Victorian fairy in college. Or I could be a slutty libarian again. I was a soldier once, and the Halloween I was the best costume was the Jack Daniels Fairy- who wore a black top, jeans and a hat. Oh yea and a stick with Jack Daniels on it. You may want to rise up, women and make creative costumes that have nothing to do with being slutty.
Hey, it's one of the blue cultists from Earthbound!:

If you want to become a Jane for emergency kindness, do so. Now that's feminism. Feminism is a movement. It takes commitment. Not everyone can be a feminist. If you're happy worrying only about what top makes your tits look good, and better ways to remove your body hair, more power to you. We all can't be activists.

Note: if you're a doctor, maybe you'd like to talk to women's groups at churches for free? A doctor is doing this for the church that I am supposed to go to, but I almost never go as I'm not religious and people running in the aisles, crying and going praise Jesus actually makes me slightly uncomfortable. Women's health- it rocks.

Also, just say no to tacky ass outfits like this for 7 year olds. Just tacky. I wouldn't go out of the house in something like that so you know it's not OK for a kid to wear.
It's for diet feminists, nubian. Also is it me or are there not so many diet feminists of color? Even women of color who don't wear a big this is what a feminist looks like shirt go out and do things like ask what do half naked women have to do with basketball and can point out examples of racism and sexism in film(there was a program about that created by the Deltas in my old school). They explain to younger women that going to school and getting your lesson is more important than looking cute, and suchlike and so forth. And of course, women of color feminists are the best on the planet. :D

And seriously, I've never heard a woman of color claim that feminism what doing whatever they wanted.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Yay, it's Kohlberg dilemmas!!! They are so much fun! I was able to create a level 5 answer in religion class once!
The mystery of why Sock Dreams ships discreetly in plain packages. I bought from them one time and got exactly what I ordered- thigh high stockings. Sly has thoughts about the Bartow controversy.
Ann Bartow says weird things on the internet. Shannon uses copy paste.

Hi, it’s me. Ann Bartow. I’m not going to sue anybody.
I’m not going to out anybody. I want Zuzu to come back to
Feministe. I never intended to threaten Zuzu (or anyone else) with the prospect of my outing her, and I wasn’t trying to silence her. I’m sorry anything I said or did contributed to her thinking otherwise.

Here’s what happened: Yes, I happen to know who zuzu
is. No, I didn’t use any special databases or inside knowledge to
find out. No, I’m not going to tell you how I know, because that
would be tantamount to outing her, and I’m not going to do that. I did want to convey to her the fact that her anonymity wasn’t as
secure as she thought it was, because I believe that people who
legitimately want anonymity shouldn’t be outed. (I’ve made it clear that I think the discussion would benefit from people choosing not to be anonymous or pseudonymous, but that’s another story.)

I know that a lot of you have concluded that by conveying this to her via Jill last July that I must have been making some sort of hidden threat, and I gather that Zuzu concluded that, but I wasn’t. I’m sorry she thought so.

I was pretty upset when zuzu indicated on Feministe that
I was somehow using secret knowledge to ferret out her identity and terrorize her with the threat of revealing it. That was the opposite of anything I had intended or wanted, and I did think it was defamatory, and I figured that Zuzu was saying it as some sort of attack on me. It’s become clear to me since then that no, she was just freaked out, and I can understand that.

So anyway, I’m not a litigious person, and I’m not going to start now suing people now. I do think that discussion works better when people use real names, but I’m not going to out anybody. That’s not me. I’ve never intended to make Zuzu or anyone else feel that they were in danger of that from me. I’m sorry that an email to Jill from me last July, without my realizing it, caused her to think she was. (I do think that a lot of the rest of you folks jumped to some pretty nasty conclusions about me without any evidence to back them up). And Goddess knows I didn’t intend to cause Zuzu to take a break from blogging. There was no reaction after I sent the e-mail to Jill back on July 5th. I guess it has been bothering her for a while.

So nobody in this community has anything to fear from me — we’re on the same side, even when we disagree — and I hope Zuzu comes back soon.

A second weird post:

FWIW, if it helps, Jill has my permission to publish my e-mails to her here as long as she does so in full text and publishes her replies in full text as well, with the exception of anything she thinks would compromise Zuzu’s identity, which she is free to redact.

The e-mail of July 5th, 2006 did not reveal Zuzu’s identity in anyway. It just warned against divulging personal information if you want to remain anonymous. I hope Jill will post it.

This is a good lesson for everybody. No one is anonymous on the Internet, as any good lawyer with expertise in the area, or any good computer technologist, could explain. This was not my idea, as I did not design the Internet. It’s just the way things are. Do some research, you need to know this stuff. Even if you think I’m a creep, you can’t possibly think I’m the only one. I warn people about the lack of anonymity because I think it’s the right thing to do. Now you’ve been warned too. Please don’t kill the messenger.

Another weird one:

The reason I send the e-mail on July 5th was that Zuzu had just posted about how much she valued her pseudonymity. I actually figured out her likely identity many months before. (She says this is her, I didn’t know, I didn’t make any effort to confirm). Here is a paragraph from the July 5th e-mail to Jill:

Assuming Zuzu has been truthful in the personal information she has disclosed at Femniste, I figured out her *probable* (I have not confirmed it definitively, and will not make any effort to do so) identity in literally two minutes. Given her recent posts, e.g. this:
it seemed like a heads’ up about her own vulnerability might be in order. If I could ascertain her identity so readily, so could any number of other people, and if it was me, I would want to know this.

Here is another paragraph from the same e-mail, in which I put Jill on the spot, probably unfairly, but I really was trying to do the right thing:

However, it seems at least equally plausible that Zuzu is simply ignorant about the ways in which she has compromised her own pseudonymity. If this is the case, someone needs to clue her in, and I guess via this e-mail, I am nominating you. Sorry for the intrusion, but you know her, and are far better situated than I am to assess what, if anything, should be communicated to Zuzu about this, and how it would should be approached, if at all.

I AM obssessed with online anonymity and psuedonymity as a scholar. I study it and I write about it. I’m sure most people reading know the story of “Dooce.” What happened to her can happen to any anonymous blogger. You can reduce risks but you can’t eliminate them.

If later today I noted that an anonymous blogger had done something at her blog that pointed towards her real space identity, I’d still be inclined to notify her about this privately.

I have a completely different set of issues about people who do dishonest things from behind pseudonyms. I never thought that of Zuzu. A couple of days ago I said in the comments thread at another blog, Stone Court, that I think anonymity undermines civility (in different words and at greater length). Again, that had nothing to do with Zuzu.

More weird stuff:

And an aside to PInko Punko: You, on your own volition, e-mailed me using your real name and a signature that indicated where you work. I didn’t ask you to do that. I wished you hadn’t done that then, and I even more wish you hadn’t done that NOW, because if someone does out you, I can’t avoid being a suspect.

You wrote terible things about me, and you contrived a google bomb to make it eaiser for people who googled my name to find those things, knowing that you had disclosed your identity to me. Is it “concern trolling” to point out that this is a very bad idea?

You knew I wouldn’t “out” you and I thought Zuzu did too. I hope she does now.

*shannon keeps copy pasting*

You may be right about that Lis. But please let me be clear that I do not have “great power.” Word Press blogware makes it so that a blogger can not avoid seeing the ISP addresses of commenters. Sometimes these ISP addresses disclose a lot of information. I’ve made it a habit to e-mail commenters about this, to make sure they are aware of it. Mean commenters see this as a threat, nice commenters see it as a favor. I see it as educating people about the way the Internet works.

Here is a true story with two details changed (the sport and the name of the dog): A blogger who wanted to remain anonymous disclosed that he had been on the Olymic Curling Team. Weeks went by, then he disclosed that he had a dog named Rex. I forgot the name of the blog, but I remembered about the curling team, and about Rex. So I googled “curling” and “Rex” and not only did I find the blog but I also learned the blogger’s real space identity because someone else had written about a curling team member with a dog named Rex, and there was even a news story that made the connection. I gave the blogger a head’s up, and he deleted the stuff about his dog. So he’s safer, but he’s not safe. Two random personal details put together identified the guy. That’s very hard to predict and impossible to control for. I certainly wasn’t looking for his name when I did the search, just his blog.

Almost all lawyers have access to Lexis and Westlaw. So do journalists and other professionals, and members of the public if they either subscribe, or go to a library. Lexis has all kinds of personal information related features, but I do not have access to the specialized data bases because my subscription is an “educational” one. I couldn’t even tell you what they are. Even ordinary Lexis allows a lot of data collection. I have never used Lexis to research a blogger, never. Other people may, and I have to guess that they do.

“Google” is available to everyone, and it is a powerful tool. If this is being a concern troll, so be it, but everyone who blogs or comments on blogs ought to learn about online anonymity issues.

*shannon coughs*

I never asked for Zuzu’s home address, I specifically asked Jill if there was a “mail drop” where I could send Zuzu a letter.

I wanted to use a “mail drop” address to preserve Zuzu’s privacy. I certainly didn’t want to mail her anything at work. I hope Jill will confirm this, I can document that this is what I asked for. I wanted a third party to explain to Zuzu some things that would have meant more coming from someone other than me. This person suggested a letter rather than e-mail, because e-mail is not at all confidential. I thought by asking for a “mail drop” address it would be clear that I was NOT trying to serve a subpeona, which is done in person.

Ann talks to mass grave viewer ginmar:

Ginmar, you are a very gutsy blogger and commenter. You have strong opinions and are not afraid to be controversial. Folks like you make a good case for the power and importance of anonymity. But you must already know that people who feel angry at you may try to uncover your identity as a way to have power over you. That is a risk of anonymity.

If I noticed something at your blog, like an accidental link, or the name of a jpeg file that shows if a picture doesn’t load, that pointed to a real space identity, would you want me to e-mail you so that you could delete it? Or just ignore it?
Using the powers of having a swollen lymph node, I managed to find out why I don't like diet feminists! It's because a huge social movement is.. NOT ABOUT YOU! And to me, the idea of a movement centering on me would be weird in the extreme. Of course, I see movements as groups connected by what they do. And of course my prototype of a movement is anti racism. I've noticed that there seem to be fewer diet anti racists. You don't see as many people saying "if an anti racist movement doesn't allow me to watch Mind of Mencia I don't want to be in it!" Different culture it sprang from I guess. White culture seems to be all me me me. Not to be rude, but that's my conception.

Also I think movements have boundaries. If something is about doing whatever you want, it's not a movement, it's you doing whatever you want. That can be fine and dandy, but it's not a movement for social change. I'm not for big tent feminism. I'll let you into the tent if you got a difference in race,ability,gender performance,sexuality,etc, but you just want to do whatever you want without any sort of regard for the consequences or why you might be doing that? Later for that.

Friday, October 20, 2006

I had the empowerful fun today of having the skin scraped off my pinky toes. Feminine women are a mystery to me.

Antiporn activists do guerilla action! I must formulate some for women's mags, and especially teen mags, which are more poisonous than men's porn rags. Brokenbeautiful press sent me awesome stickers once. I wonder if putting them on bathrooms defaced with boring yammering about who is a slut or who slept with a dirty mexican would cause problems for the staff..
Some lady tries to explain about classism.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Early voting started yesterday. If you're a democrat, go to the polls with all your democrat friends and vote. If you're a Republican, sit home and laugh at your crazy brochures that have no actual issues, but OMG!!!! the democrats are going to let the terrorists kill us! Vote no on 1, etc. Vote early! Vote on the 7th! And people in other states, let's all vote for the least crazy person we can find! Don't vote for Bob Corker. And there is in fact no death tax- it's called an estate tax. And Harold Ford Jr, while slightly too conservative for me, is good at life. Bob Corker, well, he's against universal healthcare, is anti choice, and is all like OMG, free markets, which is all well and good for making money, but when you have to deal with other metrics of success, such as healthy babies, well fed mothers, and the like, it's not so effective.

In other news, there's actually a strip club in Memphis called Black Tail Shake Joint. I LOL'd.
My mother was right! The mysterious money showed up in my account. I wonder if I can give it back to avoid having to pay it back. And my stomach still hurts. I wish I was laying on it instead of writing a theorectical conceptualization.

Also, scary icon:

Also, there is some wank about public schools. This reminded me of something I picked up in the library:

It's a thing that says Arts Access. They say that you should call participating organizations to reserve your free tickets, you must verify dates and times for possible changes, children under 5 are generally not admitted, and you must show your EBT, Tenncare,or Church Health Center cards to reserve the tickets. They note that the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, the Metal Museum, the Children's Museum(b/t 2 and 5) and the Dixon Gallery and Gardens will waive admission if you show any of the aforementioned cards. Also, that the Memphis Symphony will allow free access to Saturday or Sunday Masterworks,Pops or Family concerts. Get tickets by showing up 15 minutes before the show. All of these are first come, first served.

The Memphis College of Art Gallery, the Marshall Arts Gallery, the Christian Brothers University Gallery, the Rhodes College Clough-Hanson Gallery, and the Art Museum at the University of Memphis are free.

Call 901 578-2787 ext 302 if you'd like a copy of the brochure or know of a place that these brochures should be distributed.
I think blogs are less their own media than a huge letters to the editor section. For example, without blogs we wouldn't have seen PZ Meyer's huge correction to some wacky article. You often see people replying and giving their own commentary to the news using their own expertise. They aren't being reporters themselves but instead commentators. This new group of commentators allows folks who a)are busy being experts in their fields, but never get called onto TV because TV shows are too busy putting on some random kook for balance b)people who couldn't get into journalism because they needed to eat/systematic discrimination against them to really correct the news and bring new views into it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

dot.class.snark has been created.

Radical feminist Witchy Woo, who is actually meaner than me, doesn't think it's cool to make a woman unveil.

Blue discusses veiling and the intersection with disability. Now Brownfemi has thoughts.
Blackamazon has two interesting posts. Yesterday when I saw David Sedaris speak, outside were people holding signs saying Vote No on 1, and Marriage Equality Matters. Seeing this, my mom noted that we should go and do early voting as it starts soon.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This post and comments inspired this:

Feminism is not about doing whatever the fuck you want.

Feminism is not about your pursuit of pleasure.

Feminism is not a dating service.

Feminism is not therapy.

Feminism is not a group hug.

Feminism is not about how cute you look when you're liberated.

Feminism is not about buying pink crap.

Feminism is about women's liberation. Liberation from job discrimination, unequal schooling, sexual violence, forced births, bad medical care, and all the rest.

It's not about your freedom to have fun.

It's not about your self esteem.

Folks think we can get to liberation on cotton candy.

Really, the thing is that nobody is making you be a feminist against your will. Just be advised that for many people, being a feminist is not about how we can personally have fun or how we can justify doing what we'd already do in the first place.

What's the point of this rant? You'll never see a post from me about how sitting around all day playing Ogre Battle helps the feminist cause. And how come pleasure in these debates is always conceptualized as traditionally girly crap?

It's like people haven't explored pleasure that isn't about appearance or sexual performance. I think some folks need to broaden their horizons as to what pleasure is before they say that us feminists think that they are bad girls for having pleasure.

Nothing is a more pure selfish pleasure than a good book, a good manga series or a good video game. The enjoyment is in the thing itself, not social approval. I think it is interesting the difference in discourse between men and women on beauty.

Women always make a big deal of pretending that they just happened to wake up one day and totally enjoy putting on their girl drag. Men instead are honest about their motivations. Women love it they say. Got to look hot to get the job. It makes my wang look bigger. Is it the differing power levels that make women have to act like they get no real pleasure in life except for wearing fancy clothing and doing beauty rituals?

I mean, men like to wear a well cut suit as much as anyone, but when you ask a guy about pleasure and fun, he usually lists activities like going out with the boys or watching sports- things that are enjoyable in themselves.

And get the message folks- women have had sex before you. People were having sex in backseats before my parents were born. They've been fucking all over the place since before feminism was invented. If you can fuck, don't thank feminism- thank biology.
R. Mildred on uh..veilgate.
My stomach continues to hurt. Up North, the weather is crazy. Also, the big list of black queers and shannon has a bad song fragment- do your lips hang low, can you tie them in a bow, can you tie them in a knot. Yes. I know the real song doesn't have lips in it.

A new burqagate rant from Brownfemi. Jay supports the resistance of Afghan women. Bitch|Lab explains RAWA and stuff like that to everybody. Shannon wishes she didn't have to go and study.

Monday, October 16, 2006

My stomach hurts. I'd like to note that common sense hasn't gone out of style men. I hear some nasty rapists were on 60 minutes. Shame on them.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kactus talks about the lack of feminist implication in waxing your chocha(I say hoo hah, actually). While I think that not waxing your hoo hah helps a little bit in the feminist area, it's sort of like not reading Hot Gimmick. It's nice if you don't read manga with mysogynistic themes, but it's not the end all and be all. The same with waxing your hoo hah. If you're a hard working feminist who just waxes her hoo hah, we can all say well, no one's perfect. But the thing is that waxing your hoo hah ain't feminist.

The lack of hair on your front bum didn't liberate any women! Are there any little girls out there, or gender variant boys, or heck, anyone, who are being helped to freedom by your hoo hah? Not everything we do can be a force for liberation and it totally fucks up real liberation when we pretend it can be.

I'm drinking green tea. This is probably oppressing a lot of people and helping no one. Such is life.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A lady has good view that brought up many thoughts in my mind. I sometimes wonder if the whole look! I'm a femme feminist thing! is just an attempt to be like look! I'm a feminist and I'm not scary and hairy! Look, I participate in beauty rituals! But I don't know. An interesting rant about mainstream feminists.

Also, bitch lab was under the mistaken belief I have a class analysis.

Maybe you should donate to Modest Needs.

A man who is am alumni of my school has a gaming company. Their fearless leader is nice, even though a bit strange.

Ice T is reduced to porno.
Ugly Betty gets picked up for a full season. I don't think the little brother is gay per se, he just loves fashion. I mean, how old is he? 9?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm reacting to the comments of this post. Because I am a bitch(see my first lolifucks post as proof) I'd like to note that even though Ann Bartow writes under her own name, she was mean to bitch|lab and threatened to out people(shannon is nice to people even when they are mean to her in their anger about what other people do)
Today's episode of Ugly Betty has Betty conforming to her class and ethnic norms of beauty as much as she can, and also, the villian Willhemina(sp?)'s beauty ritual, in which she conforms to upper class white ideals of beauty, although the actress is black.
White antiracist Rachel writes about Darfur.
Fratboys are asshats, use racial slurs.

From this article:

They made condescending comments like 'you are having sexual relations with the 'N' word, I am going to have to tell everybody at the pledge meeting that your having sexual relations with the 'N' word' and the list goes on and on," said the Junior from Clarksville, TN.

A few days later Simpson told Darden some members of SAE met and decided they didn't want her to come back to their house. "I am sickened to the depths of my humanity that anybody would make such comments about a person," she said.

Simpson was also running for office in SAE and claims he was told by fraternity members that "he would not be able to have the position of Risk Manager because he was already sleeping with a black woman and that was risky enough."

Here is an email that was sent to me:

The Student Government Association, the Black Student Association, the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, the All Greek Programming Board and the NAACP invite you to "Tigers Against Racism: Clawing at the 'N' Word"

When: Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time: 12:30 PM

Location: South Plaza Steps of the Administration Building

The purpose of Tigers Against Racism: Clawing at the ‘N’ Word is to enlighten the University of Memphis campus (students, faculty and staff) about the negative effects of the 'N' Word while simultaneously unifying all Memphis Tigers.

*****Everyone please wear University of Memphis Tiger Blue in support of this cause*****
Warning. The content of this post may hurt your feelings.

Molly has opinions
. Zuzu gets mad.

It's time for Shannon's five rules of feminism.

1)If there's a billion dollar industry behind it, feminism will survive criticism of it.
2)No one's opinion on feminism is binding. Even if I went up to Zuzu today, and said you're not a feminist, that would not throw her out of feminism, because opinions are not binding.
3)We all don't have to agree. We can disagree and still survive.
4)I like it, or because it is fun does not make it feminist.
5)Not everything a woman does is feminist.

PS: Try to derive self esteem from what you do, not what you look like, or who approves of you.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Super heart.

I love this cover. from here.

Also, who is on notice:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Shannon declares being a Gorean not feminist. Notes it should be legal.
Should women of color, anti classists and other types sign onto this project?= to allow people to send blog posts to the media easily?
I personally am against selling ones domain to pornographers. I am feeling a little bit better, but I am not being up to dealing with important feminist issues. My brain is weakened by doing work, and I am coughing a lot.
White women argue about high heels. Shannon wonders why people waste their money on femininity. Also, go to Colbert's most recent videos to see interview with Ariel Levy. Twisty talks about dogs and thongs. I think most thongs are slightly uncomfortable, but a woman must choose for herself whether she wants comfort or a lack of panty lines the most. I'd like to remind all that my readers that my pronouncements on feminism, and especially fashion, are not binding. If I say that femininity is a waste of cash, that does not mean you are required to throw out your girly stuff. If my pronouncements were binding, then I'd be able to make Stop Staring dresses cost like $10, and that would be way nicer than making people I don't know chuck their high heels in the bin.

White women talk about femininity again.
I'd like to note that I am selling a lot of cute and girly jewelry.

Also, flea talks about chick lit in a funny way.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I don't agree with Confederate flags at Nascar races. Also, this editorial seems to echo some themes from burqagate, but too tired to explain.
Dear people on the internet my dad got a Tivo. What shows should I tivo? Also, dad want s large font on the tivo. Is it possible?
Shannon learns that girls don't play videogames, making her question exactly what she had been doing with the controllers and all that mess yesterday, why she organized her game CDs(is it for a boyfriend I don't know about?), and causes her to wonder if she can get the money back for her new copy of the classic Ogre Battle, as of course she never played it on the SNES, and would not pay boucoup money for the psx port.

Monday, October 09, 2006

I think a white man has said something stupid again. I don't see why Marc has to be so mad when we're* only being nice and trying to explain Islamophobia. Also, a nice Muslim lady is good at poetry. So here is a review of Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. It is more RPG like than Back to Nature, which was more of a pure sim. Back to Nature also had a lot more stuff, such as apples, mining, sheep, the dating sim part,managing your elves, more crops, getting the secret crops, chopping wood, etc. However, Save the Homeland is nice in its own way. It's nice to be able to get a quick infusion of cash by a temporary part time job, and once you get used to the controls and the 3d nature of the game, the interface is quite easy and pleasing. The graphics are cute as well.

*Ok, I don't post, but in spirit I'm explaining OK?
Burqagate: Racism gets up R Mildred's nose and a white person says something dumb on the internet. This man doesn't get that just because one Muslim woman says that burqas are bad, that it doesn't follow that everyone else's critques of everything burqa related are invalid is what I think. Brownfemi reacts to stupidity.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A man tears his nylons and well....lolita wank! My tip is love your body- eat a diet full of yummy fruits, veggies and whole grains, do fun exercise(dance, roller blade, do exercises with those stretchy bands) and if you're too fat to wear something, get a seamstress to do a replica for you. And buy your nylons in a bigger size, all.

Also, tales from the boobie bar and a LJ tribute to a church that burnt down yesterday.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I don't see why homosexuality would be an adult matter in a kid's show in Japan(note this wank) I am a big Sailor Moon fan, and the Haruka and Michiru relationship was so cute! And it happened way before this new season, at least 10 years ago I believe? I mean, I think it's ok to have homosexuality in shows for children, just as long as it's kept on an age appropiate level.
Shannon is confused as to why a paddling is the same as sexual assault. Wouldn't that make the majority of parents sexual abusers? Parents have power over their kids after all.

Also, Happy Feminist on burqagate. In that thread, Richard wanks thusly:

Happy wrote: But I fail to see how it is disrespectful of western culture for a woman woman to wear a veil in a western setting.

You don’t think it’s disrespectful in a free society to wear symbols of oppression? I disagree. To me it’s as offensive as a guy walking down the streets of a New York Jewish neighborhood with a swastika branded on his forehead, or children trick-or-treating in Alabama on Halloween in KKK costume. You see, I don’t care if Muslim women don’t think of it as an oppressive symbol. That’s their problem when they choose to enter a western setting. If they want to respect our values (do they really?) then lose the symbolic head covering or stay indoors.

>>> Happy wrote: …the veil isn't necessarily about humiliating women

Oh right. And the flag of the Confederate States of America isn’t necessarily about keeping the black man down. I mean, it's only a celebration of southern “culture,” right? Your liberal inconsistencies are firmly in place, Happy.

>>> Happy wrote: Straw isn't helping by belittling the women further and chiding them for their clothing.

Oh yes! Heavens forbid he offend any Muslim women. So insensitive of him.

Uh...I'm not seeing how murdering black people is the same as wearing a lot of cloth on your person.
Interesting bits on an article on black American men going to Brazil and paying prostitutes for sex. I feel that's not a good practice. With the poverty in Brazil, some men may be tempted to take advantage and pressure the prostitutes to have sex without condoms, passing AIDS around to everyone. In fact, in the Lara Roxx scandal, one of the actors who infected her, got infected by doing a condomless scene in Brazil.*

*here are some recommendations for the adult industry which I agree with

Oh and wicked icon! I love Wicked, although I have only read part of the book.

On bombingthearabsgate, Heart dedicates a post to Brownfemi.

MMm! Wank in the morning! There may be developing wank at feministe . I've never seen a hair shirt, so I'm not sure if radical feminsts wear them. I myself am wearing a 'wifebeater' style tank top with a red appliqued heart on it. Is that a hair shirt? Also, I don't know if people's husbands' penises are being cut off or whatever, because it's not polite to ask people about the penis of their husband.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Originally uploaded by Shannon W..
I heart this tea!
Rachael S weighs in on burqagate. Note: alas a blog often has less than useful comments. For example, as a woman of color, I think that bombing countries where people wear the burqa would cause more women to suffer. Unlike what Jack Straw says, a few women wearing cloth on their heads really isn't that big a deal. The real problem about the Taliban was not allowing girls to go to school and women to work in professions, not the fact that they made a big fuss about requiring the burqa. Not to mention, bombing other people's countries just gives terrorists a foothold. In Iraq, women had a little bit of freedom, even under their dictator, but now, with all the violence and kidnapping, I think it's not very well for the women- I worry that when there's a civil war, some parts of the country may end up with very restricted roles for women.

Also, brownfemi talks about the wrongness of bombing people.
Today I'm taking a break from working, and will blog instead. Now, for a new edition of did the evil feminists take away our X? This edition is dedicated to naughty comics. Why naughty comics? They are porn, but no real women were harmed in the making of this pornography. None the less, some believe that we feminists hate all depictions of sex,etc.

First, at girls read comics, the worst comic book ever, how to make money like a porn star is reviewed. Not only is it sexist, it's racist as well! Moving on... let's take a little amazon tour..

you can get a graphic novel collection of Cherry comics(I should have bought it at Criminal Records when I had the chance! (it has a small section of erotic comics, don't worry, there are warning signs), Small Favors(I saw a copy of this one at Oxford Comics) and Birdland. Oh yea, and I nearly forgot Lost Girls!

Also, Fantagraphics has a whole section devoted to porn comics, from Anal Intruders from Uranus to Blowjob. I hope everyone is satisfied now that the evil feminists have not taken away our naughty comics.
It's time for whatat are your thoughts on porn? I agree with Sara that the simple equation of porn with free speech may not be that simple. In fact, it drives me nuts. We can bleep out the cuss words on the Daily Show, but god forbid that we say something about how we really hate it when the guy splooges all over the woman's face on our blogs on the internet- that's censorship, even though on the same internet you could probably find every single sex act imaginable and some that haven't even been invented yet.

I personally think that consuming porn is evil. It's just as bad as eating at McDonald's, ok, maybe a little worse because you need to eat, but can think up things to whack off to in your own head. Eating at McDonald's encourages a fast food culture, factory farming, crappy minimum wage jobs, is bad for the environment, and probably gives you heart disease. Similarly, porn encourages work place injuries without oversight, the possible spread of disease, skewed views of sexuality among the young, creepy sickos gaining millions of dollars(girls gone wild guy anyone?), and breast implant surgery, which probably is bad for you. If you're ok with the cost of your decision, well, woopty doo, but that doesn't make the harm go away. But you can't have it both ways, you know.

Not to mention, if you are willing to have women hurt today,now, probably at this very minute, because of what someone said before I was born, that's messed up in my view.
If wishes were dishes
hobos would find
plenty to wash
but nothing on which to dine

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I learned that in webboggle if you click the box, the letters shift! This is to me, the equavalent of a normal person winning the Nobel Prize.

Today I took the midterm from hell, and had the fun of musturbating with all my classmates. We took turns being like if I don't get a good grade on this midterm, it'll be awful! If my professor doesn't write questions that go along with the class material, I should be mad at him! If I studied really hard, I should get a good grade, and if not, that would be the end of the world.

I also think I like Ugly Betty. I've only watched the first bit of this episode, but I wanted to watch it last week, since it had that cute girl from Real Women Have Curves. Is it me or has she lost weight for the role? Also, american shows with eyecatches? yay. Nice the Devil Wears Prada vibe for this remake. Heh, a telenovela is playing in the background. But it's nice to see a high rated series with a woman of color headliner(and a woman of color villian! yay) Oh yea, and you can watch it at the website.
An interesting story was on NPR about slave narratives. A historian that focused on the story of Harriet Jacobs and a woman who had been sold into slavery in Sudan both had interesting perspectives.
A new blog feature: Did the mean feminists really get rid of X? We often hear about the horrors of feminism, and how they'll take away our X. But did they?

Now, apparently feminists have been taking away our high heels since the dawn of time. But! shockingly enough, I found the last pair!

They are pink, so obviously feminists have not outlawed the color.

Bonus: Man hating feminists did not outlaw thong underwear:

Join me next time when I answer the question- did mean feminists take away our naughty comic books and did mean feminists take away our cosplay idols!
The newly named apologyfest 06 keeps rolling on. I'll be over in the corner, studying and obsessing over my shortcomings if anyone needs me.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I tend to blog more when I am procrastinating. 4/5 pages, verbatim done but needs cleaning. It's one of those days, but milder than some.
Sex and Race reopens! Note: no special snowflakes.
Psych trauma:

Also, now that's slut shaming(NSFW 'tasteful' nude, wank)If you don't like a sailor moon cosplayer(even if she is teh crazy), I still don't think it's cool to make such photoshops. From fandom wank.

Also, I am against forced sterilization.
In my team coverage of the burqa wank, the happy feminist has an episode of white woman syndrome. I don't feel like being patient or kind , so yea, put on your big girl panties and deal with it. Nobody thinks you're special, or an exception to the rules unless you go and prove that you are. It's the way life works in the WSCP.

And spotted elephant has some things to say about the whole thing.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More on the affair of the burqa. Brownfemi responds(some images of questionable work safety) The Thin Black Duke clarifies. Bitch|lab also speechifies, although I am unsure that the poor wear plain gunny sacks anymore. Not to mention, in our black churches, we have the patriarchy personified.(I'm not the only one who notices it) We all have to hear about how the man is the head of the woman, and usually only men get to do the really good church offices, even though women are the majority. And as for Mormon women, they get all sorts of sexism. Just because you're complicit with oppression doesn't make the oppression OK. Otherwise, Juan Williams would be acceptable, or even worse, Stanley Crouch!

Also, Happy Feminist apologizes at length. A bit on my comics blog about sexy burqas in comics.

Also, here's a one question will feminism be destroyed if we snark about it/question it/etc test. Does it have a billion dollar industry and millions in advertising devoted to it? Ok, two questions: Do magazines, TV shows and newspapers with millions in circulation all tout it as the hot new trend which we are inadequate if we don't do it? If the answer is yes, well, feminism will do just fine if we criticize/snark/whatever it.
Slant Truth talks about the affair de burqa. I also feel weird lately. Like, I feel like crap and am coughing more often and my throat often hurts. I think I am coming down with something. Hope that kactus continues to feel better.

Girl wears costumes(clothed, but provocative) My excuse for showing this: guess why this may not be a victory for female Asians. In general, site NSFW.
*yawn* Yesterday, street lights shone in our neighborhood for the first time ever.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I believe I sniff some wank over here at Happy Feminist. When I don't care about an issue, I don't post long posts about it. Congruence, people, congruence! If only I had some gestalt fu. The empty chair technique could be useful here. Uh...Paris Hilton! As I get ready to print out the 30 page article of death!
Still planning the next session, and I may have to go off to the bank and the library(I got a new three in one highlighter from my mom because my old one ran out) so well, does your wank hang low?:

Anyone who was offended by that image needs to take a de-sensitivity class. I’m just wondering (off topic) if there ever was a time when people where allowed to be non-politically-correct, to say what they think even it’s wrong, and not wonder if someone will punch them for it?

Someone who cannot differentiate the subtleties between communication with words and communication with fists is a lower life form. Screech your opinion at a monkey and it can only fling poo back at you. The pope flings words, and muslim extremists promise physical retaliation.

Back on topic, there is no greater symbol of oppression than a woman wearing a tent. I refuse to call it anything else - even directly to a muslims’s face. A nun’s habit is expressing voluntary submission to religious beliefs and tradition. A tent is simply oppression of womanhood at it’s worst, which is want Althouse et al were exemplifing in their original critism of the woman’s curvature -making issues with where none existed. Therefore, using the tent in your picture was entirely appropiate and needs no apology.

You played into their hands Amanda. You admited you were wrong, even when you were right.

It is one thing to respect someone else’s belief system when the expression of that respect has no self-limiting consequences, but it is entirely a different catagory of self-inflicted oppression when an expression of outward directed respect results in personal limitations of self. In other words, why the hell should a British shop owner stop selling piggy banks just because a muslum doesn’t like pork? I’m off topic again, ah well.

Oh Amanda, you are still super cool in my book, keep on truckin’!

Also, for extra fun, the LJ group oreos is up to their old hijinks again.
Amanda apologizes, but I bet the wank will continue on comments. See this comment for an example of the wank to come. I think I see the old reading comprehension story forming in the minds of some of the wankier whites. The old PC saw has been used as well. Now I'd like to complain, as I have no idea what the modus operandi of my client is, thus making me procrastinate.

I hate it when a Muslim woman wears the hijab and all the sudden it's super oppressive,OMG!!! It's perfectly fine when I cover my head and wear long sleeves, but if a Muslim does it? OMG!!! She's being oppressed! Drives me nuts.
Amanda is wanky:

I’d add that by multiculturalist standards, lynchings in the South are beyond criticism because it was economically depressed white people acting out their aggression. We won’t sign onto the idea that murdering black people is an appropriate way to work out ill feelings (and rightly of course), so why is oppressing women an acceptable behavior?

The modesty requirements on Afghani women are deadly, of course. They cannot get medical treatment under Taliban rule and they die.

Is lynching women by proxy something we have to accept?

And what are my thoughts on burqas?

The Taliban is evil,yes, but let's not use symbols of cultures we know nothing about as throwaway jokes. Our culture has plenty of ready made and fine symbols we can use without stepping in the minefield of being all concerned about Afghani women for our own purposes.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Burqas are serious business! In between studying for midterms and doing my tape package, I will be reporting on this potential wank. Amanda Marcotte is a bit wanky in the brownfemi thread, but I think Sara was wankier.
Sighted at the library: the libraries are serious business family. Dad in scrubs with his backpack, mom with a pink backpack, and baby with her own little pink backpack.

Also, never refer to your brothers' innocent habit of refering to a neighborhood ending with wood as hood in front of white people or they'll say that now it's really becoming a hood, causing psychological discomfort.

I always have liked Addy and Kristen more than Samantha. I still have my Addy doll, and all my American Girl books. Thanks to me, my mom gave a girl she tutored a full set of the Addy books.
My dad says that Jehovah's Witnesses only take communion on the Memorial Day(i.e. Good Friday) but barely anyone takes it because you're only supposed to take it if you think that you're going to be one of the 144,000(right #?). My mom says that Missionary Baptists take the communion every 1st Sunday, and that I should go to church and take it(I'm an atheist). I disapprove of Christian churches that don't take communion, but I don't mean you're a bad person if you are a member.

Scalzi explains big posts, the LJ effect and being farked. I'd like to add that commenting on the sites of others and being a guest poster on a big blog also helps.

Brownfemi explains why burqa jokes ain't funny.