Sunday, April 27, 2008

A random misogynist claims that his father saw a great bustard in Surrey* or wherever.

*He says he lives in Wiltshire.

Alberto=No Jobo.
wtf? I missed this one. But yea- don't stick your dick in the crazy. Crazy folks are vulnerable, so when you stick your dick in it, the fallout can be immense, and it's just a dick move all around.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I interrupt my studying about the ethics of marriage and family therapy to bring you some weird ass shit. White feminism- can it be saved?!
A common meme is that only weak people are affected by society.
I don't think that's true. I mean, sure, some people can resist the idea that the qualifying round for a woman to be a good person is the 'right' body, and all else is icing on the cake, but there's varying effects on everyone. Some folks will parrot the party line hook line and sinker, and others will only be slightly off balance, but that doesn't mean that the effects on everyone else are negated.
The price of rice soars. Even in the US, people are affected/ although the mystery of who keeps buying more than 80 pounds of rice in a day may never be solved.

Etsians freak out.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

This is why having no taxes and everyone just giving to charity won't work. When demand for food jumps 25% and people are working two jobs, and there are shortages, even with food stamps, take those stamps away, and just have random people giving cans, and we'd be even shorter on food in our nation's food banks.
ONTD-Some perv takes an upskirt shot of a celeb[not safe for work or harry potter fans]. Maybe they should outlaw taking shots of people's vags up their skirts or something. *hates sex; men, etc*

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Depressing Children's Book Titles:

You're Not Going to Grow up to Be an Astronaut Ballerina President.

The Bullies Will Always Have More Friends Than You.

Practice Makes Perfect But You'll Always Suck at Basketball

Your Gym Teacher Does Hate You

Your Parents Fight Because of You
I don't get it. what do rad fems have to do with these people having a fight? Why are all these people always having a fight?

anyway, this is why my blog is about video games and lolcats.
Libertarians: Because we wouldn't want to infringe on the right of some dude to tell a 13 year old she's going to hell if she doesn't go and fuck Uncle Bob and serve him as his chattel for her whole life.

Friday, April 18, 2008

While I'm thinking about the whole positive thinking crowd, I think what really irks me is that we don't have much respect for how humans work. I read somewhere that we don't lay awake at night thinking of how much we want to do nice things for people. And people can say count your blessings all you want, but I have to admit that having clean tap water doesn't make me extremely happy, despite the fact that objectively it increases my quality of life a lot.

I actually find I'm happier when I'm not being pressured to be especially happy. My state of warm contentment isn't considered happy enough, so I end up feeling bad about my only mildly pleasant feelings, instead of being able to enjoy mild pleasantness. I will probably never be a happy person, but I don't think that that means I won't be able to be a good person or lead a good life
Ok on aunt b's blog, I read that someone else was blogging about immigration raids. That reminded me of the people organizing for an extra penny per pound for tomatoes.

There's apparently some shocking mess going on in Arizona.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

"In his memoirs, Bertrand Russell described what made life worth living for him: the search for knowledge, a longing for love, an empathy with those who are suffering"- Unwinding the Clock by Bodil Jonsson p. 87

I wonder if thoughts like that can coexist with our think happy thoughts and good things will happen culture. We can't feel empathy with the suffering without feeling negative emotions, and both love and knowledge have agony as well as joy contained within.
People from digg are outraged about last night's debate. It did suck balls, I remember. So are people on ABC's website.

It is posited that nothing is wrong with being black.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Meeting David Wilson was a great film- it showed a viewpoint that was rarely shown. Kudos. But I am sad that we are stll hearing 'oh, blacks are just bad people'[*is watching the conversation on race] Also, in Shelby County, nonviolent offenders are being held in jail on bails they can't pay- losing ground in jobs, and causing rifts in family systems. Apparently, if we stopped feeding and educating children, somehow they'd magically not shoplift or do drugs.[REALLY! CHECK THE COMMENTS!] Yea, that's totally going to happen. Folks are so delusional they'll believe anything not to take responsibility for the whole society. Note for whites: don't call us negros, unless you want to start crying when you're called a racist.

Note: I like that Tom Joyner noted that we have this conversation about bad black people all the time. People who say "why don't blacks say things about the criminals!" are like folks who say "where are the moderate muslims?" i.e. they don't really care about the issue and just want to dump on minorities. Hey! Tim Wise is on TV!!! And he said 'system of white supremacy' on tv. Also, talked about white folks who don't know shiiiit about race and the rest of us having a conversation and how dumb that is.

Random! People without high school degrees can't even be box throwers at fed ex, you know.

also, a good comment on poverty in the deep south on digg.
Ut oh! There's a thread about the affair de Marcotte at Alas!
Join stupidfree drama,[no really, join it, this is a locked entry] as they enjoy off lj feminist wank. I am scared to look at the feministe thread or the thread on Hugo's, because people are fighting and it's scary.

Monday, April 07, 2008

hehehe, an actual email:

After our win tonight, the UofM on-campus Bookstore will be open and will have National Champion t-shirts available from 12:00 midnight to 2:00 a.m. The Bookstore will also open at 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday with additional styles of t-shirts available. Remote locations will be open on Patterson and Central for your convenience starting at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Barksdale at 678-4568.

Good old timely onion.
Pandagon is concerned about high dropout rates. I think that if we addressed the root causes of these dropout rates, we'd see a lot of poor minorities suddenly being 'good people'. And my high school's tracking system was racist to the core, more later.

also, I hate everybody, but twisty is a good writer. although, transmen are men, though. but then again, society are assholes.
Westward 2 is out already! I'm so far behind!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Why are people so good at life?

Also, thank you for saying insulting things about PoC in front of me, as if you think I need to be graced with your opinions. I really needed the ulcer.
I'm jealous of people who can work long hours.
I blog a fuckton, but don't worry- I won't die! I do this by not worrying if old news is old. Also, that reminds me. I was reading the book Work to Live, and while it had some promising ideas about not working a zillion hours per day, and some shocking horror stories about people who worked 100 hour weeks at Rite Aid and got paid only 30k per year, but I have to admit that I am skeptical about the overseas vacation bits. I'm not quite sure that if the Rite Aid guy only worked 40 hour weeks and got decent vacation, he'd be off in the Bahamas. I could believe 'and you'll be able to go and see the natural wonders of your state' because that seems doable or for grad students 'and you'll be able to see the tourist attractions of your city'.

I think this section of history will be the bubble years.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

On TV, I learned that Katie Couric will tell us all about the oh noes Mexicans, and how they are stealing our money by getting preggers. Next report will be on how Mexicans are stealing our money by getting sick and the last report will be on how Mexicans are stealing our money by existing too much.
Yay, race wank!

Housing issues.

A satisfying round of mockery.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Obama- moral high ground my butt. We need folks on the other side to take some personal responsibility. They can't keep waiting for every single black person to be perfect before working against racism and inequality. Remember! It's your responsibility not to put down people of other races, to listen and have empathy, to avoid advocating for the deaths of others, and to educate yourself. You can't wait for me not to be mad when you fly confederate flags before you drop your opposition to the anti segregation laws in schools, and start supporting investing in everyone's children. Stop judging poor people for eating hot chips, and help invest in healthy eating and food. Stop complaining that black teens have bad fashion sense with their sagging pants, and start investing in their futures. Stop complaining about how black parents are allowing kids to have toy guns, and start working for a world in which black parents can allow their kids to go outside without fear of criminals OR the police.
why all the bubbles? tech bubble, housing bubble, now on day to day, this mandell guy says this is a consumer spending bubble!

...uh...that's horrible.
Mugabe sucks. Note racist comments.

It's sad to see mothers with such a lack of inner life that they can't think of any activity to do with their daughters besides getting the kids a Brazilian. I mean, why not go to the zoo, or go to a park? Really moms, your 9 year old's hoo ha is just fine. Hair growing is a perfectly normal sign of puberty. It doesn't need to be waxed.
*is crying* WKNO was on national NPR today. Sadly, because WKNO has made the mostly classical music stream the only one you can listen to on regular radio, I had to hear it from MPB. I hear today the sanitation workers are marching along with many other people to the civil rights museum. Many people are recommitting themselves to civil rights. I'd like to say that Dr. King didn't mean that we should sweep the real enduring problems under the rug. I don't think he meant that my dad saying that white people are likely to dress their children up as cheerleaders and send them to school is the same as the savage inequalities of today.

The thing that people forget when misquoting King is community effects. Often the solution that people come up with is that black folks should keep their heads down and just be better than everyone else. But that is too oversimplified. For example, in the 1800s, only a few women were doctors, but now we are approaching parity. Did women suddenly become smarter and better people over the years? Or was it societal changes that lead the way? I think it's societal changes. We can hope for miracles and tear down those who don't measure up, but the truth is that people don't live in a vacuum. Put 100 kids in a crappy school and maybe 10 will do well, but let's say 25 drop out- which lessens the amount of skilled workers in the community, and the rest scrape by barely- some of them choosing to become low skilled workers, others turning to a life of crime. The whole community and its fabric is weakened by not investing in people.

People in jail are absent from families, people struggling with two jobs can not give as much support to children and the community, and the cycle continues. Let's not sweep race under the rug for another forty years. Let's do something about inequality.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some Seal Press lady makes some dumb excuses. Let's point and laugh.

Also, video games are recession proof because they are great value for money. I buy a game for $20 and I can be entertained for several months. Used games are especially a good value- many people like me don't need to get a game new-it's worth our while to wait and get it cheaper.

I'll be going to play age of empires on the ds now.
I wonder what is the overlap between being offended that people from other countries sell fur on the internet and not caring if people have racially offensive items?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

TCQ- some drama today.

Alert reader Aunt B of Tiny Cat Pants shows this funny story of a guy spanking an idiot.

What an amazing article linking the stupid war on drugs, the exploding prison rate and the damage done to communities.

Irritable shannon was jealous because other people can attend conferences and I am too irritable to be out in public, but it seems that nobody likes seal press, so yay.
I was reading this article, and thinking about how a lot of the time, we try to be punitive without thinking about how the fabric of communities will be affected. We say 'well, the people in foreclosure just bought too much house' without thinking of the problem of empty houses[which can bred crime] and displaced families[not very good for the education of kids]. Putting folks in jail and locking up the key is also not good for a community. The disruptions in the lives of families can cause stresses that aren't very good for anyone.
How will the ban on castration affect thailand's lady boys? Is this a protective measure or a law abridging the rights of transpeople*?

*I think the concept translates,right?
This deserves a lot of mockery. I have to be perfect and amazing every second, and they are the ones crying? Hey, why don't you hold yourselves to the same standards? suck it up.

Really, black twelve year old shot? well, he shouldn't have been outside. white guy gets a nasty look? the world has ended.