Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shannon likes to be mean! So when she heard that Queer Dude was having an episode(you know, when I have an episode, I go the fuck to bed.) I will mock this post first. People, people, people, I tend to mock people's justifications for stupid shit like pole dancing, because they are stupid. Feminism isn't about fun- otherwise Raisinettes and watching SuperGALS!(not a victory for women everywhere, that show, but so addictive) would be the epitome of feminism. If we're fighting for the rights of sex workers or whatever, why don't we fight for universal healthcare and free childcare instead of just jilling off?

Also, more stupid. A problem I see is that the folks who aren't having fun should be at the center instead of the margins of the sex pos movement. There's more of them, you know.
Waaaank from strikethrough 07. I wish I was asleep.

Sheezlebub puts in the links.

I also learned that deleting journals is the same thing as the Holocaust.

Bleh, rent a center is fleecing the poor.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Twisty is annoyed by her commenters. I'm glad I do not have a big blog, as this allows me to have all day board gaming marathons without fear that I have suddenly become a racist,sexist dickface.
I hate this guy.

In good news, the offensive manga in the post before was cancelled.

Dang, apparently some lady freebleeds, which is OMG BIOHAZARD!! I don't think anyone would die from one lady's blood. I bet the same people who are like omg, biohazard, probably hover in public restrooms!

Some crazy mess may be going down on livejournal. Please destory mpreg and horse marriage by mockery, not banning!

Seventeen magazine is one of the most evil things ever.

A poverty wank.

Foodstamp wank. I must pick up this week's Memphis Flyer- some folks are going to try to live on foodstamps! It's really tough- my family has to terrorize the store folks, hit us(my nuclear family) up for money, end up with school lunches of suspicious providence in their homes,etc. I wish I lived in the land of Tra La La by the sea. *will spend $25 this week on trying to have an OK level of mental health* *although, it's more like $50 when you add in the ticket I got for parking where I always park and most people have always parked without incident*

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of women are trafficked across border lines for forced labor?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ok, this is so bad that it deserves it's own post. I was happily looking at manstream comics, hoping for some nice lulz about Supergirl's tacky outfit or something. But instead, we have this- the worst comic ever. Now, some may say that's not porno, but it certainly has a porno mentality to it. The whole idea of young young girls all being out to seduce poor innocent older men is one of my pet peeves. *is too annoyed to actually make a coherent argument*

Ok, back with possible arguments. A pornographic mentality is the idea that if you want to jerk to it, it must be OK, without considering any consequences for anyone else. Some pervo wants to read a comic about seductive elementary schoolers? Sure! Some dude wants to jerk to porn that could be made in any way, and involves hitting women with two by fours? Sure! That's what I mean there. Instead of paying attention to one's actions, like putting out a really pervy book, one just lets anything sex related fly.
Do you know if you make open face tomato and mozzarella sandwiches using La Brea organic whole wheat bread, farmer's market tomatoes and mozzarella of unknown brand(and pepper) your life will be super great?

Also on etsy, somebody's gonna get banned soon. Summary: half of the thread is about this troll who is annoying gemma(a famous and popular seller) and her stupidity. Most of the other half is about virtual martinis, and there are a few people talking about BDSM, and how dickwads who use BDSM as an excuse to abuse women and be dicks ruin it for everybody.

LJ secret is bad and wrong.

Note: I have a tip jar so that I can buy books that aren't in our library system and netflix films.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Best comic ever.

WTF!? (in case of bahleetion- folks live in hotel, kid gives other kid! Today's 4 and 8 year olds need protection against blowjobbery I say. *head explodes*) In this friend's locked stupid free post(you have to join stupidfree for the lulz), there's a debate about whether this is overreacting over innocent doctor or a sign of abuse. I'm with the just say no to blowjobs for kids folks. I think it's OK to have a 'no kissing pee pees' rule in your own house/hotel room/whatever. I'd rather have the kid not get in trouble at school or have some really uncomfortable problems with juvvy court later.

A good post.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Some good stupid is sighted! Really, even if little girls only wore bra tops, booty shorts with slut on the bottom, high heels and a full face of makeup, that still wouldn't have anything to do with the sexual assault of women and girls(it'd be really unfashionable though). I remember Andrea Dworkin saying something like rapists think that a girl has a full adult understanding of sex because they want to have sex with her. I agree with that theory- children's brains simply aren't as developed as the brains of adults. Many people view the thinking processes of children as qualitatively different from the thinking processes of adults. We need to reclaim our culture and say that sexual assault is unacceptable instead of going off about the fashion faux pas of people who still think that Santa Claus exists and that they are going to grow up to be famous movie stars.
Link Post for Today

Spotted Elephant is still sick.

Audre Lorde on BDSM stolen from here.

Sounds like I have a trip to the library ahead of me. At first glance, I disagree with her on the transgender issue, but it's better to read things yourself to expand your mind, even if they are wrong.

It's time to argue about transfolks, now with less bigotry!
There's an annoying cultural narrative out there that I hate. It's the whole "women run out and just randomly conform to beauty standards for themselves" It's annoying because it leaves 90% of the decision making process out. When women say "I needed to have painful possibly sensation killing surgery for my self esteem", people don't think about the reasons why their self esteem would be dependent on not having the vulva they were born with- such as the narrative that women aren't say...their achievements, their drive,their hard work, their fun loving natures, but instead are only valued for how they look. Even if a man didn't hold a gun to a woman's head and say "chop off bits of your vulva or else!", note that men, who also are born into a system full of inaccurate information about women's genitalia and crazy mess like porn, are over represented in the media, and most of the women in the media are the type who buy this sort of crap line hook, vulva and anal bleaching.

Of course, this narrative also relies on the idea that women are irrational. Men are above petty worries like what nails look like, what make up looks like, what a woman's vulva looks like. Women just do that stuff on their own! Unlike rational men. This is of course bullshit- that right winger talking about a woman's flappy labia in the same sentence that he says that men don't notice them is insane, but also if guys didn't notice these things then men's magazines like Maxim wouldn't be so uniform in featuring women with lots of makeup and fancy nails, no body hair below the eyebrows, etc. Be honest- it's the first step to destroying the patriarchy.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Look, it's depressing poetry, by William Heyen snagged from stupidfree

From Belsen a crate of gold teeth,
from Dachau a mountain of shoes,
from Auschwitz a skin lampshade;
Who killed the Jews?

Not I, cries the typist,
Not I, cries the engineer,
Not I, cries Adolf Eichmann,
Not I, cries Albert Speer.

My friend Fritz Nova lost his father--
a petty official had to choose.

My friend Lou Abrahms lost his brother.
Who killed the Jews?

David Nova swallowed gas,
Hyman Abrahms was beaten and starved.

Some men signed their papers,
and some stood guard,
and some herded them in,
and some dropped the pellets,
and some spread the ashes,
and some hosed the walls,
and some planted the wheat,
and some poured the steel,
and some cleared the rails,
and some raised the cattle.

Some smelled the smoke,
some just heard the news.

Were they Germans? Were they Nazis?
Were they human? Who killed the Jews?

The stars will remember the gold,
the sun will remember the shoes,
the moon will remember the skin.

But who killed the Jews?
Marvel comics cover denounced by porn publisher. Note: a woman drawing a bad cover doesn't make it into a good cover. Apparently they are selling this mess to 12 year olds!

Also, in Memphis, after a woman was raped, outraged residents demand more police.

I'm glad those outraged citizens didn't have the attitude of this poster. Dang, it's a feminist lj, not a save the males LJ!
Yesterday I was a participant observer in a 5th grade graduation ceremony. The ceremony started off with the children, the girls dressed in white dresses with white corsages on their arms, and the boys wearing a suit and tie costume(some students wore around their shoulders black items of clothing meant to show their membership in the 'beta club'- for students with high grades) , singing the school song, which a member of the culture studied(my grandmother) informed me that my four year old cousin's child knew this song(which rhymed community with unity in an expression of the communal ethic of the culture) by heart. The ceremony had a lot of emphasis on memorized speeches by various children, and there was much performance by the children as well- there was an interpretive dance performance, a version of lean on me(with the traditional leaning, although with telephone hand signals and hand shakes added), several other songs with church choir like movements(the school song was down with side to side swaying, and another song was done with up and down bobbing), a violin performance(my cousin played in it, and the only white person present was the woman in charge of teaching violin), a xylophone performance(for reasons unknown, my cousin also played the xylophone), and parents were presented with artificial flowers by their children.

The graduation was also traditional in other aspects. Yelling of the name of a child singled out for particular praise occurred. A traditional Christian 'preacher' did the keynote in a call and response style, mostly in standard English, with some Spanish and a bit of the dialect of the area. Boys were singled out for particular praise(oddly enough, most of the highest scoring students were boys), so were children with high reading scores. Children who had attended the school from preK to 5th were singled out for praise as well. Only a few children stood up, as an informant(my mother) said that this community was highly transient.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I hope this never becomes the new sex trend that we're all supposed to think is cool.

Health insurance on etsy.

LOL, penes.

I don't revere the venom cock.

State Trooper abuses his authority. But is it really OK to use this woman's real name?

Ha ha, they made that Grey's guy make a public service announcement about not being an asshole.

Also, I saw a guy with one of our neighborhood decals on his car at the post office. LOL, someone actually used one!

Jay Sennett came back.

A white woman is cluefied.
Racism and sex work. Note that women get economic benefits from being caricatures of oppressed races and being caricatures of femininity, even if they individually are against racism or even if they are in the so called enlightened space of burlesque. Note that due to economics, the money paying men have these sex workers in a headlock.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

If you were an asshole to blackamazon, you're a horrible person. I should throw Against Our Will at all y'all! I have hard cover~!!

Brownfemi is good at posting- you should read her blog every single day.
There is some porn stuff in stupid free today. Resident blackfolk whiteperson cumae sybil understands that porn is part of an exploitative system. A feminist wonders if folks think about the negatives of the porn industry. But..there are disclaimers! and the menz only get paid $50!!! porn and Nike factories. We got the good ol' one or two bits of porn are OK, so the whole industry is fine crap. The nitty gritty of why porn sucks is gotten to after the superficial "oh I love porn" crap is got out of the way. If you don't like porn, it's because you don't get laid. If you don't watch porn, the terrorists win!

Also, at least some others are 'reverse classists' as well. At least I'm not the only person who can't drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on total crap on a whim.
BDSM lulz. Ah, good old women- their power is always in good ol' submission, never in anything fun like being President. A public service message for subs. Of course, I'd rather go with actual power rather than OMG!! she lets him dominate, but I am not up with the latest trends. LOL, humbled women! The beauty of female servitude?! LOL.

Also, the least hot sexual fantasy ever:

Also, some good period stupid.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A note: from Mr Diamond's interview on the Colbert report, you may think that Africans don't have cows. African cows were domesticated 9000 years ago. Also, a short Eurocentric history of African horses.

The reason I bring this up is that some groups of Africans are herders and one influence on the genocide in Rwanda was the European idea that tall cattle raising folk were somehow non native to the area and therefore superior.

New lazy links post

I also know from my learnings that dogs don't need bikinis.

Yea, let's push ourselves for feminism! I know from my learnings that an economic system in which women are being pushed into stripping because of our system of student debt servitude (or the underpayment of women for their skill and work too) is totally a back drop to victimization, even if it isn't the sort of dramatized sexualized victimization of women we are to believe is the only way someone can be victimized. Just because it wouldn't make a sexy scene on special victim's unit doesn't mean it's OK!

Note, people in Hawaii with educations are sleeping on benches. That's not cool! I totes know it from my learnings.

Blackamazon knows that if you want to do the work you will.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I feel like our movement isn't going forward much. As I have told everyone who will listen, I'm reading Andrea Dworkin's Right Wing Women. It's nice to read the original works of feminists of other waves because they give you primary source material for how the development of feminist thought has gone. Even though this book seems to have been originally written in 1978, Dworkin is still going into a great deal of detail about the abuses against black women on welfare and testing of contraceptives that may have been dangerous on women of color in different countries. So to me, it seems that by 2006, we should go past the simple 'we mentioned women of color now what more could you want" idea into not centering the discussion of feminism around white women and white women's concerns.

While media analysis can be a useful skill, it can be annoying to read tons of posts about how horrible Quiznos commercials are, when you can just pick up the paper and read about babies dying in unsafe daycares and you know that the system is set up to keep replicating these atrocities. Also, while whether feminists think your lipgloss is cute may be a central concern of white women, it'd be nice to keep sight of the fact that many other women would like things like clean drinking water or not being raped or not getting AIDs through prostitution engaged in because of a structural lack of well paying jobs for women. I'm not trying to silence your deep night of the soul about how totally hard it is to be totally cute and popular and still be a feminist, just remember that women who pay attention are thinking 'what the fuck? with what's going on in my community, that's your big feminist issue!?"

We should have moved from the simplistic view of all women as being in a universal sisterhood and moved towards integrating the views and possibilities of the majority of the women on earth instead of the petty worries of the rich and the white.
The super great brownfemi blogged on donna's blog!

LOL, because praying= having the bills paid.

Soap for Hope

Hehehe, oh the best race wank ever.

Nubian talked to us!

But Lindsay gets the Shannon seal of fail! The comments also be full of fail too!
Looking for jobs is haaard, and making fun of the stupid is easy. Look at this silly comment:

This kind of divisiveness hurts us. And it drives away young women of all races and classes who feel that such discussions, with nothing more, serve little useful purpose. I actually have a rather extensive background in feminist philosophy and politics (political philosophy major with a gender studies focus, plus my own reading) but I remember what it was like to think “feminist” was a label I wanted to avoid. I had no problem with the criticisms of Jessica’s book, nor did I have any problem with Jill addressing them and putting forth her own view. This is the kind of healthy debate that both people new to *and* seasoned in feminist thought can appreciate. What disappoints me now, and what would’ve driven me away 6 or 8 years ago when I was first really exposed to feminist theory, is everyone getting on Jill’s case and then Jill backing down. It only serves to reinforce the notion that there is only room for one type of feminist, and that’s the radical, man-hating, beauty-forsaking stereotype.

LOL! Because some women of color talking about racism is totally about some chick not being properly feminine enough! Yea, that's what it's all about!

Ok, little light actually has an intelligent comment, unlike me.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

This woman in the Democratic Congo got raped by 19 of those fighters from Rwanda(I can't spell the name due to sucking, but I always mentally translated it as 'brownshirts') Man, I totally was freaked out by that and the story about how her brother got killed because he wouldn't rape her(Ok, I don't know if the audio works, but it was on 5/17/07 newspod)

Wargles! Woman from Uganda's family is going to be separated because of the stupid British system!
Link Blog Time!

Why is this book so expensive?

Brownfemi is good, but I don't know what to say, so I'm linking her to increase her page rank.

I smell like clay, I know this because of my learnings. It's also a hard day having $0 in my checking account.

OMG! Look at that bead!

Asian people did not eat your cat,ok? (don't scroll past the I has cheezeburger macro or you'll be hit in the face w/ NSFW pornification)

Mag writes a long post summarizing the FFF kerfuffle.

Donna got good post and comments.

A review of Full Frontal Feminism by a 17 year old white woman.

Please do not do any of this.
Let me tell you internet, it's a day to day struggle to be a feminist who wears lipgloss!

Total bleh! When us women of color want our day to day lives to be better, we don't grab for the fucking lipgloss, which is way too expensive and shit! For fuck's sake, I'm totally rich and shit, but day to day, folks want food, they want their health care to be good, they want to not be shot and stuff. I don't think we can assume that day to day all women have to worry about is looking cute! Even if you're a white sorority girl, maybe your professor is all trying to tell you that grad school is too hard and that you should worry about being married or maybe you're working hard, but your white male coworker who doesn't do half as well as you is getting paid more.

Oh yea, and most of this post was in response to this bit:

I brought up the grim issue in my post because that was a criticism of Jessica — that she wasn’t taking feminism seriously enough, that feminism is a very serious social movement that isn’t about making your day-t0-day life better. I take issue with that characterization of feminism. If that’s your feminism, fine, no skin off my nose. Different strokes, etc. But I believe in a feminism which should make women’s lives better in the day-to-day. I don’t think it has to tell you that lipgloss is the key to female empowerment, but I think it can recognize that lipgloss is something you do for a variety of reasons, and that wearing it doesn’t have to be a feminist act for you to be a feminist — and that the woman who doesn’t wear it isn’t necessarily any more or less empowerful than you are

Like, maybe I read it wrong, but as I am reading it now, it's like wtf? In my day to day worries, things like "we have to use evaporated milk in our eggs because Snucks sold us bad milk" or "my dad drove me to a party because he thought the neighborhood was too dangerous for me to drive in"...lipgloss is really fair down on the list, and I'm middle class! And empowerfulness is a form of denial to me. Basically, instead of being upfront and truthful about your reasons for conforming, you pretend it's some sort of super amazing statement and you're special, and on and on and on, but yea, you're only fooling yourself, for fuck's sake. Some who don't do that crap are empowerful because they spend all their time making up a bunch of bullshit rationalizations. Just be honest for fuck's sake. Thank you.

Tigtog is too soft on Jessica- I'm not exactly thinking Feministing is good enough to give Jessica a pass on everything ever, but the first comment by Laurendel(sp?) is full of win so I'll link it.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Brownfemi is back and talking about how young women of color don't need to be talked down to, because they are doing the work themselves.
LOL, myspace:

how are you doing mami? my name is Q. i am looking for a female who is willing to be my lover and my friend. someone i can talk to and spend time with and who will tlak to me and be straight-forward and open and honest with me. someone who is open-minded in all things, especially in the area of sex. someone who is interested in 3sums and/or swinging. if this sounds like you or something you are ok with or interested in, let me know. and if it not, i want you to let me know as well. hope to hear back from you. take care!!!

Hahaha, no!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Pam Spalding is not sure this is about race, but what else could it be about? Delicious pie? Be down with the brown, Pam! Embrace your race!

Even freepers don't think the haircut is disruptive.

In other news, I've netflixed Noah's Arc Season 2.

Domestic violence pioneer fired.( found in LJ sex + race)

Hey, best blog ever! (also from sex + race)

White chick gets drunk, parents don't care.
This will entice young people into being meth addicted gutter punks. If they survive, they'll say that they were totally original and special. Tip: Don't use the drugs, folks.

A.D. speaks! (I'm guessing I understand what cultural appropriation is.)

I'm still reading right wing women and now am picturing a bunch of white women picketing with signs "Hell no, we won't blow! Sexist leftists got to go!"

Feminist enlightenment from May 3rd's episode of Ugly Betty- "Soon I'll be too old to be a receptionist! Today I'm the eye candy, but soon I'll be old wrinkly candy!"-Amanda the totally hot receptionist.
"The problem, simply stated, is that one must believe in the existence of the person in order to recognize the authenticity of her suffering"- Andrea Dworkin, Right Wing Women pp. 20-21.

Even though I am nearly 23, I was able to read a book on feminism. I'm busily absorbing the good bits, putting the parts I disagree with on the shelf(they may be useful some day). I don't need any special condescending treatment! Colonize This was a book *written* by young feminists. We can even write our own books! Heck, bell hooks wrote her first book in college!

So take that! Note: read the Beauty Myth at age 14. I may not be acquainted with all the theories in the world, but I think it's good to work hard to stretch your mind and learn things. As a young feminist, I like being grim! It fits my personality well. Reading stirring polemics and link blogging is much more my style than being fun. Snooty shannon notes that lived experience is all well and good, but through the lens of white women and those others who have totally bought into identity as a bought good, you get the whole annoying whining and moaning about how super special they are, because that is feminism to them, because they have no other way to experience it. It's like trying to discover medicine without the scientific method. Not gonna work.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

People of color: apply to work at etsy.
Also, rich people can pay people to do their work for them!

But if you're a poor child, try to apply for a parent who isn't a cockwaffle so your WIC won't be cut off. Because your nutrition isn't really that important anyway...
Randomness: The patriarchy can include women too! This is a common misconception about the patriarchy. But you can dismantle the patriarchy better by attacking all its tentacles- like the sexist/racist bit, the sexist/classist bit, the sexist/imperialism bit. Those dickfaces are part of the patriarchy, so the faster we kick their asses(using ideology, not violence!) the faster we can dismantle the evils of the patriarchy.

Note: if you're born in the wrong country, you can get arrested for being victimized. Don't pay attention to the greater systems that keep other countries poor and their citizens desperate! Don't look at the shitty immigration system or the underlying problems of colonialism! Say OMG!!! HISPANICS!!!! I blame the patriarchy! Not to mention, if anyone tells us how we need to save the Hispanic women from thier evil men, I will cut them, k, thx.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stupid vegans kill child. I don't support women's choices to malnourish their infants.
Stripper pole on etsy. Because appropriating the work of poor women to show how super trendy and empowerful you are is super great!

Kactus wins at life. I think that one of the main battles we have to fight is just getting people to see that people who live in the inner city are human. Yea, they mess up. My own cousin got fired for wearing flip flops to the strip club. But can I really say that in her position I would have done anything less stupid? Considering that I routinely wear my clothes inside out and am really lazy, the answer is totally no.
Odd new etsy feature.

Dildo selling mama Flea notes that teenagers may feel pressure to do stuff
At its root, these rumors aren’t about concern, they’re about derision. Is it possible that group of kids, somewhere, acted this foolishly and irresponsibly? Sure. But one isn’t a trend, and every time Oprah or the local PTA or a newspaper article pops up “warning” parents about what their slutty daughters are really up to, it gives it legitimacy. And now because “everybody” is doing it, an new expectation is put on young women to degrade themselves, using the same tired old pressures used to manipulate teenagers since time began. “Why won’t you do it? You’re a prude, you’re unpopular, we always knew you weren’t really cool, since everybody is doing it there must be something wrong with you.”

I agree- all this teen sex hysteria only serves to make adults seem out of it, and the nerdier teenagers insecure. Now, when I was a teen, I knew a few folks who were having teh sex, as people have been since times immemorial- but any of that crazy sex stuff? Maaaaaybe done by five people tops. (Note: 2000 people school, graduated in 2002).
A real wtf opinion on breastfeeding via stupidfree. Now I don't support women's choices(why would they be any smarter or better than men's choices?) but really, I agree with most folks that it's too much to say either breastfeed or get an abortion. Not to mention, while I'm talking, let's be more sensitive to the needs of the mentally ill! Many of the drugs that control mental illnesses you can't breastfeed with, but I don't think it's really OK ethics wise to say you can't have a kid because of that. Also, we need to take people's mental health into account when we talk about the health of the mother. People may think mental health is a frill, but it's really important in quality of life and parenting. I'd rather have a woman with her mental illnesses treated, even if she couldn't or wouldn't breastfeed, than have a woman suffering. Not to mention, if you feel too ill(mentally) to breastfeed, it's your own decision. People need to take mental health into account, ok!!

Really, let's not have women suffer to breastfeed. Breast is best, but let's not sacrifice a woman's wellbeing.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In Wisconsin, there were a lot of strange things.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

White hippies for some reason are playing drums in Waukesha. My nonboyfriend got me a skirt from the hippie shop.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

In Milwaukee, they have really funny architecture, which must be hard on the disabled.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

They served us popcorn before a meal. The waitress asked if I didn't like popcorn because I made such a funny face.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sexist hammers.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I can even take a picture out a car window!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Art from the museum. I believe a rapper is being depicted.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Found in a bathroom stall- not likely that the men's has that.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Oddly enough there was a lot of Haitian art at the museum.
Is this sort of thing really ok? Why do they have to put 11 year olds in chains? Is this some sort of revival of the idea of the person of color as animal?

Son of strip club owner claims he is planning strip club, is involved in women getting addicted to cocaine.

Also, LOL, onion hands.

My misogynist friend showed me a funny joke blog.

Uh....why do the furries have to be conservative?
*didn't know right wingers were for weird sex hobbies*

People with disabilities are activists.

Monday, May 14, 2007

EEE!!! Sci Fi of Color Carnival!! I don't support women's choices to be misinformed about their baby's health! I also think they should try hard to know who the dad of their child is. I'm not saying you gotta, it's just a best practice. The last sentence was in reference to pregodrama- basically most of the argument became about one of the SIDs deniers who claims not to know the father of her kids(slutty or not- if you slept with 30 protected, and 20 unprotected, there's still a chance for you to find out who the father is. It's not too late!!) Ugh, I hate men who pressure women into sex. If they do, they are horrible people, and deserve to go to jail to learn how to be better people.

Also, I'm going to rant for no good reason! I hate it when men think it's cool to give me stuffed animals. I may be short, I may be female, and I may think babies are cute(my non boyfriend said but you like cute things!! I saw you smile at a particularly cute baby being worn by her mother, so should I give you stuffed animals now?!) Really, don't give people random generic gifts because of their naughty bits, give them something they like! (My nonboyfriend gave me a dvd burner so he is forgiven)
*so excited*

Hello Shannon,

I can assure you we will be doing a podcast very soon. Thanks for your e-mail and I'm sorry your local station doesn't like us !

All the best

Mark Sandell,
"World Have Your Say",
BBC World Service News Programmes,
Bizarre Christian wife beating- real or fake BDSM? WTF? Even throwing away my brother's Playboy has not healed me of the sight of that

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A disturbing bit from the war over whether babies should wear bikinis. ^_^; I think a topless baby is fine, but no grinding at age four!

This looks like good stupid. *dizzy* History of the antifeminism community on LJ.
What is going on lately? *wakes up confused* I had a dream- something about white women, and books, and Colbert was there. And pie, lots of pie.

Soon there will be photos. Lots and lots of them. Carnival of radical action.

Shannon read this and was like those asshole strip club owners- taking the women's tips and shit!

I don't understand the concerns of young women either! I may be 23 in a month, but I'm totally an old lady! Hey I missed this post too. Despite my personality, there are probably more than a few young women who want more meat to their feminism- not everyone is looking for a political movement they can fit in between manicure treatments.* Actually, here is my theory about omg! we don't need feminism!!! chicks. They aren't not feminists because nobody said "like, OMG!!! feminists can spend all day in the spa!! Oh yea, and sometimes we have totally hot pussy licking sex slumberparties!!" No, maybe they just don't want to think that hard or do the work. That's fine- most people usually don't. If people want to be feminists, they'll find their way. (note: in 9th grade, I was expected to read Great Expectations. I was 14 at the time. People in their early 20s aren't all dumbfucks)

*My mother promises to take care of my yearly manicure needs.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm in a bad mood. All you jokers don't cut up during my vacation or you'll be banned for life. So don't even try it you tricks. You'll know when I come back when I start posting five times a day again.

You see, I'll not be able to show you how GGW douchebags are racist. You'll actually have to read stupidfree.
Note that just because they didn't put a gun to their heads doesn't make weird AA groups all cool:

Former members claim that Midtown makes it difficult to leave in other ways. About half the group's approximately 300 members rent houses with each other across the D.C. area. Many find work through contacts in the group. For them, exiting Midtown is not just a matter of walking out the door—it means getting evicted, breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, and starting a social life from scratch.
8 Branch Libraries in Rhode Island May Close.

Tom Goldman is an art thief.

Let me tell you internets, I feel like puking.

At least I'm not the only one who thought Lavender Fest sounded like a festival of lesbians.

I'm now in the blogroll of white science guy PZ Myers.

Dr Science has thoughts on gender.

I has a secret and also cheezeburger.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ok, there's a carnival of feminists. Shannon is annoyed at this post, especially this bit:

The issue for me is, whose responsibility is it if someone bows to pressure – not force or coercion, but pressure. If I ask a favour somewhat forcefully, and you say “yes,” don’t whine later that I made you do it. I expect people I interact with to have the ability to say “no” or to take responsibility for their own inability to speak up unless they're young children. I refuse to accept that the way I ask (without the use of force or coersion) exonerates someone from accountability for the outcome of their own choice to comply with my request. And I take responsibility for my choices too. But I can’t imagine being pressured or shamed or guilted into sex. I say “no” quite easily. There’s plenty of fish out there; no sense wasting a moment with a slippery flounder that smells funny.

So hey, you women in religious cults that stay because that's all they know, hey, whatever happens to you is your fault, you should have spoken up! Hey, coeds, ever badgered into doing something you don't want in bed? It's your fault! You should have spoken up. Basically this is why I don't like sex positivism. The world is super complex, and so is oppression. It's not just some dude punching a woman in the face or some dude beating up a 'fag'. It's the smaller things- the kids who think that a little kid crying means he'll be gay or the never ending drumbeat of you're worthless messages the emotional abuser gives the victim(this ends up eroding her confidence, and many of those relationships can become domestically violent)

And this is where I really break with most rad-fems. I believe we’re free agents able to make our own decisions in life, and responsible for the outcome of our choices. I think it’s demeaning to view women as unable to make choices because of patriarchy. And I think it’s condescending to insist all women who enjoy rough sex or pornography are necessarily sucked into the machine created by male desire. I reject the notion that women are automatons or just too weak to find their own voice. We’re better than that, dammit.

Because if we ever are honest about the extent to which society constrains our choices and the real nature of human beings, we would have to do a whole lot more than sit up feeling good about ourselves.
This one guy has a good post, but the truth is that folks think because a few women like to be dominated, young chicks who thought that they wanted to get dressed up and dance are assumed to want some asshole to stimulate rape. For fuck's sake- cut out the fake ass BDSM folks. If you want to dominate a woman, try to fucking get her consent first. And no fucking 14 year olds, you pervs!
Blackamazon is good at stuff. One of my values that I hold dear is honesty. One of the values of femininity is dishonesty. No, that doesn't hurt! No, I totally love doing tons of work for no pay! Ha ha ha, of course I have all my ass hair ripped out from the roots for me! Yea, I really woke up one morning and with no societal input I decided to have painful and expensive surgery to make my breasts bigger! Fuck all y'all. The first way to become a feminist is through honesty. Don't lie to yourself or to others.
I personally think all this hey guys! I'm totally original! stuff is hubris. I think it's better to just admit you're not the first person to sit down with some knitting needles or some beads or some wood and just realize that other folks have influence. This is especially true in jewelry making in which at least half of the folks are buying from the same suppliers. So if I put lampwork beads from China and some Swarovski crystals together, and a thousand other people do the same, at least two of the bracelets created by this process will end up looking alike, especially if all the creaters use the same bead stringing process. We can still all sell, because people sell stuff not based on originality, but based on whether people like it or not.
A long post about genderberg.

Pandagon talks about how women have to do more work, get paid less(Amanda didn't point out that women are strongly encouraged to spend the little they do make on household stuffs, and the ever expensive beauty products- why does your boyfriend get an awesome Wii and you're stuck with cabinets full of lip glitter? I blame the patriarchy. Did you ever notice that women are urged to buy consumable stuff with low resale value? )

Some lactivists are dickfaces.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tigtog may be good at writing, but I still hate everybody. I'm going to read some manga now!
I hate everybody and you all suck, especially folks who are attention whores or whiners. Fuck all y'all. Primo stupid. Spotted Elephant tries to help with blogging against a real fucking issue, instead of hurt feelings and attention whoring, but it's just the lives of millions of people, so that's not important. Did you know there was wank on the internet? Also, my stupid brother can get his condoms for stupid white chick who wants his peen, but not my two dollas! Ok, this made me feel better about my two dollars.

Oh yea, and people are vying to find the most expensive thing on etsy.
White women also have instant knowledge passports.