Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Odd new etsy feature.

Dildo selling mama Flea notes that teenagers may feel pressure to do stuff
At its root, these rumors aren’t about concern, they’re about derision. Is it possible that group of kids, somewhere, acted this foolishly and irresponsibly? Sure. But one isn’t a trend, and every time Oprah or the local PTA or a newspaper article pops up “warning” parents about what their slutty daughters are really up to, it gives it legitimacy. And now because “everybody” is doing it, an new expectation is put on young women to degrade themselves, using the same tired old pressures used to manipulate teenagers since time began. “Why won’t you do it? You’re a prude, you’re unpopular, we always knew you weren’t really cool, since everybody is doing it there must be something wrong with you.”

I agree- all this teen sex hysteria only serves to make adults seem out of it, and the nerdier teenagers insecure. Now, when I was a teen, I knew a few folks who were having teh sex, as people have been since times immemorial- but any of that crazy sex stuff? Maaaaaybe done by five people tops. (Note: 2000 people school, graduated in 2002).

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