Friday, May 18, 2007

Pam Spalding is not sure this is about race, but what else could it be about? Delicious pie? Be down with the brown, Pam! Embrace your race!

Even freepers don't think the haircut is disruptive.

In other news, I've netflixed Noah's Arc Season 2.

Domestic violence pioneer fired.( found in LJ sex + race)

Hey, best blog ever! (also from sex + race)

White chick gets drunk, parents don't care.
This will entice young people into being meth addicted gutter punks. If they survive, they'll say that they were totally original and special. Tip: Don't use the drugs, folks.

A.D. speaks! (I'm guessing I understand what cultural appropriation is.)

I'm still reading right wing women and now am picturing a bunch of white women picketing with signs "Hell no, we won't blow! Sexist leftists got to go!"

Feminist enlightenment from May 3rd's episode of Ugly Betty- "Soon I'll be too old to be a receptionist! Today I'm the eye candy, but soon I'll be old wrinkly candy!"-Amanda the totally hot receptionist.

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