Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I hate this guy.

In good news, the offensive manga in the post before was cancelled.

Dang, apparently some lady freebleeds, which is OMG BIOHAZARD!! I don't think anyone would die from one lady's blood. I bet the same people who are like omg, biohazard, probably hover in public restrooms!

Some crazy mess may be going down on livejournal. Please destory mpreg and horse marriage by mockery, not banning!

Seventeen magazine is one of the most evil things ever.

A poverty wank.

Foodstamp wank. I must pick up this week's Memphis Flyer- some folks are going to try to live on foodstamps! It's really tough- my family has to terrorize the store folks, hit us(my nuclear family) up for money, end up with school lunches of suspicious providence in their homes,etc. I wish I lived in the land of Tra La La by the sea. *will spend $25 this week on trying to have an OK level of mental health* *although, it's more like $50 when you add in the ticket I got for parking where I always park and most people have always parked without incident*

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of women are trafficked across border lines for forced labor?

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