Monday, May 14, 2007

EEE!!! Sci Fi of Color Carnival!! I don't support women's choices to be misinformed about their baby's health! I also think they should try hard to know who the dad of their child is. I'm not saying you gotta, it's just a best practice. The last sentence was in reference to pregodrama- basically most of the argument became about one of the SIDs deniers who claims not to know the father of her kids(slutty or not- if you slept with 30 protected, and 20 unprotected, there's still a chance for you to find out who the father is. It's not too late!!) Ugh, I hate men who pressure women into sex. If they do, they are horrible people, and deserve to go to jail to learn how to be better people.

Also, I'm going to rant for no good reason! I hate it when men think it's cool to give me stuffed animals. I may be short, I may be female, and I may think babies are cute(my non boyfriend said but you like cute things!! I saw you smile at a particularly cute baby being worn by her mother, so should I give you stuffed animals now?!) Really, don't give people random generic gifts because of their naughty bits, give them something they like! (My nonboyfriend gave me a dvd burner so he is forgiven)

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