Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shannon likes to be mean! So when she heard that Queer Dude was having an episode(you know, when I have an episode, I go the fuck to bed.) I will mock this post first. People, people, people, I tend to mock people's justifications for stupid shit like pole dancing, because they are stupid. Feminism isn't about fun- otherwise Raisinettes and watching SuperGALS!(not a victory for women everywhere, that show, but so addictive) would be the epitome of feminism. If we're fighting for the rights of sex workers or whatever, why don't we fight for universal healthcare and free childcare instead of just jilling off?

Also, more stupid. A problem I see is that the folks who aren't having fun should be at the center instead of the margins of the sex pos movement. There's more of them, you know.

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