Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A note: from Mr Diamond's interview on the Colbert report, you may think that Africans don't have cows. African cows were domesticated 9000 years ago. Also, a short Eurocentric history of African horses.

The reason I bring this up is that some groups of Africans are herders and one influence on the genocide in Rwanda was the European idea that tall cattle raising folk were somehow non native to the area and therefore superior.

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I also know from my learnings that dogs don't need bikinis.

Yea, let's push ourselves for feminism! I know from my learnings that an economic system in which women are being pushed into stripping because of our system of student debt servitude (or the underpayment of women for their skill and work too) is totally a back drop to victimization, even if it isn't the sort of dramatized sexualized victimization of women we are to believe is the only way someone can be victimized. Just because it wouldn't make a sexy scene on special victim's unit doesn't mean it's OK!

Note, people in Hawaii with educations are sleeping on benches. That's not cool! I totes know it from my learnings.

Blackamazon knows that if you want to do the work you will.

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