Monday, November 29, 2004

There are disturbing rumors that the banana is going extinct. Also, this could be us, if we don't take care to protect our right to an abortion. Also, I read the last book of Happy Mania, which is the only manga I have read that can use a facial(and by that I don't mean a beauty treatment) as a character development device. (after this, spoilers) I really loved how Shigeta was stuck at the same place that she began at the end. She is wearing a wedding dress, which apparently is the standard she is supposed to chase, what all those love affairs were supposed to be for, and she says "I want a boyfriend". The theme of the manga is how one can chase happiness, but it never gets you anywhere, because there's always something bigger and better on the horizon.

Basically, the character chase what they have been told that they want. For Shigeta it is a butterfly in your stomach, knee shaking romance, for Takako, well, it's a happy home life- but after turning to deceit to get it, she realizes that that is meaningless. The holy grail is empty and made of tin here. At least Shigeta realizes that she likes the chase.

Crazy antics aside, Happy Mania is a pretty serious manga when you think about it.
I love the country lolita style. If these dresses weren't so expensive I'd buy them. I guess I should look for american imitators. My strawberry skirt from In the StarLight does look a bit country, so I guess I am compensated. I really like prints on my lolita clothes.

Also, at Mouse Words, Amanda tries to explain all the crazy mess that has been going down what with oppressors acting like they have been victimized. I think it's all mass hysteria myself, similar to when people in bumfark that don't got anything anyone wants are convinced that wild eyed Arabs will attack their town at any second.

Also, some guy tries to talk about post racism, which seems to be a really fancy way of saying that these people are ignorant douches. I could see if they were kids, but by the time you get 25, you should have some sense in your head or at least attempt to use some logic. I don't care whether you have never seen a black person in your life, act like you got some sense.

Then again, I bought two pairs of stockings today. I totally can't get over how warm stockings and jeans together are. I bought strawberry stockings, and cherry stockings. I'm addicted to cherry patterns nowadays.
I am shocked that Tom Brokaw noticed that he had white skin privilege. Like most whites think that their lives have to be perfect and wonderful before they can say "hey, I got privilege" but it's not so much your life being all candy and ice cream, as just a little edge on certain things. Also, you get free reign to some things, like having temper tantrums over stupid stuff. Blacks aren't allowed to whine about real issues, let alone whether they can go around calling people insulting names. I wish I had that Ampersand comic where the white guy is like "There's a lot of nice, non racist reasons that I want to call black people the n word", because that one was really funny.

Also, some Koreans are talking about possible cures from umbilical cord stem cells. I seriously think we should research the whole kabang. Worrying about stem cells and abortions is just another bunch of a mess they use to control people. If the religious right cared about babies as much as they claimed- they wouldn't be for blowing kids up in Iraq, and would actually care about poor mothers.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

I need to learn how to do makeup. My new lipstick is too harsh for my complexion(and my complexion is closer to summery than usual for this time of the year!) , but it was only $1, so I am not bemoaning the lack. However, I never did learn how to do makeup. Here's pictures of two asians in flashy makeup. Also, in Soul Food, there are some really good makeup jobs. It's so hard to get good cosmetics for people of color. Bitch magazine had something in there about that.
I'm finished with the interesting parts of One Drop of Blood, as I simply don't care about his stupid family. All in all, a good book with many interesting tidbits, although too easy on modern whites at the end. Maybe because I come from a race with members who say things about it that wouldn't be out of place in a Klan rally, but dude, you should be able to turn your critical thinking on for example, the whole us poor whites are soooo victimized, we are sooo oppressed stuff, as well as you turned your critical thinking on the mass hysteria during the 1890s that caused massive lynching sprees.

The belief that dominant groups are oppressed is a sort of mass hysteria, in my opinion. They feel their identity is threatened, without knowing that those things are kinda symbolic. There's a huge difference between saying that there should be 24 hours in which men don't rape, and you know, raping a woman. One is a symbolic threat, the other is a real threat. Guess which one is considered higher priority.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

I like how in this thread there's a guy who is like "Look, you have fucked girls who are way way uglier than these." which is a true statement. Even if every guy says he'll only fuck a girl who is an 8 on a 10 scale and above, the truth is that 50% at least will be 5 or under, and the same with guys. Some guys are Denzel Washington and others are Cedric the Entertainer. Do you think every guy who looks like Cedric is going to just sit around, never getting any, or is he going to have some fun?

Also, some pictures of
This post is just to remind you to read Silver Rights, which is logging conservative fronts that lie and say they are for black folk. Of course, I wonder just why they can't have authentic organizations? Maybe it's because most of us are smart enough to know that just because they have your face plastered all over TV, that doesn't improve the lives of people. There are many many blacks who work to actually help people, but you don't see them on TV, because they are working in their communities, not making some white people look good.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Here's an article about John McWhorter. I like how it makes the point that most black folks, not just those getting rich off of bad mouthing other blacks, like hard work and thrift. Another good point is that many whites are mediocre, yet get all the good things of American life, and so, it really makes no sense at all that blacks automatically have to be better- whites are accepted at all ability levels- whether they can barely string together a sentence, or whether they are about to be awarded the Nobel Prize for really clever thinking. So that's what I want. I don't want to have to work three times as hard to get the same respect. I just want the same respect that other folks get, and those other folks don't even work for it, either.The thing is that I want actual equality, not provisional acceptance, if you do this, if you do that, etc.

The thing is that if we had real equality, and there was no racism of any kind, no one would be listening to McWhorter's antiquated ass, because there wouldn't be a push to make excuses for white behavior. Of course, the idea of searching people because of their skin color would seem crazy to people in that world, just as we think the concept of searching people because they have different eye colors or ear lobe shapes seems weird. Also, whites wouldn't have a concept of themselves as white, so they wouldn't be able to oppress people.

What I mean is that if they didn't think that their skin color entitled them to certain things, and disentitled others to certain things, there would be no desire to oppress others based on skin color. So they would merely see any racist lies as ridiculous, and not crave to believe them. It's like if someone came up to you, and said "people with blue eyes kill more people than people with brown eyes, and so people with blue eyes should be all locked up". You'd hear it, but it wouldn't stick in your mind, because you'd have no desire to believe it. You certainly wouldn't vote based on that piece of information.

Of course this is just me trying to avoid doing my statistics, but it's always good to think of utopias when you are young, so when you get older, you know that there are possibilities. Like I'm really shy, but like, if I can dream of a world without racism, I can dream of a world where I am more outgoing,eh?
Here's an article about John McWhorter. I like how it makes the point that most black folks, not just those getting rich off of bad mouthing other blacks, like hard work and thrift. Another good point is that many whites are mediocre, yet get all the good things of American life, and so, it really makes no sense at all that blacks automatically have to be better- whites are accepted at all ability levels- whether they can barely string together a sentence, or whether they are about to be awarded the Nobel Prize for really clever thinking. So that's what I want. I don't want to have to work three times as hard to get the same respect. I just want the same respect that other folks get, and those other folks don't even work for it, either.The thing is that I want actual equality, not provisional acceptance, if you do this, if you do that, etc.

The thing is that if we had real equality, and there was no racism of any kind, no one would be listening to McWhorter's antiquated ass, because there wouldn't be a push to make excuses for white behavior. Of course, the idea of searching people because of their skin color would seem crazy to people in that world, just as we think the concept of searching people because they have different eye colors or ear lobe shapes seems weird. Also, whites wouldn't have a concept of themselves as white, so they wouldn't be able to oppress people.

What I mean is that if they didn't think that their skin color entitled them to certain things, and disentitled others to certain things, there would be no desire to oppress others based on skin color. So they would merely see any racist lies as ridiculous, and not crave to believe them. It's like if someone came up to you, and said "people with blue eyes kill more people than people with brown eyes, and so people with blue eyes should be all locked up". You'd hear it, but it wouldn't stick in your mind, because you'd have no desire to believe it. You certainly wouldn't vote based on that piece of information.

Of course this is just me trying to avoid doing my statistics, but it's always good to think of utopias when you are young, so when you get older, you know that there are possibilities. Like I'm really shy, but like, if I can dream of a world without racism, I can dream of a world where I am more outgoing,eh?
I was reading One Drop of Blood, and I was reading the part where he discusses the desire of prominent whites in the early 1800s to send free blacks to Africa, as they felt that blacks wouldn't be happy because of white prejudice, and I was amused, because just like people today, they didn't think of the obvious solution- get rid of white prejudice. I mean seriously, that's got to be less expensive and time consuming than sending people over the sea.

Also, I haven't read the entire book yet(I'm on page 195), but I think reverse discrimination might not get a hearing, as there are important concepts to cover. (see amazon for why I am mentioning this) Dominant groups are wimps these days. I mean, people died for the rights they are whining so hard for being taken away. They lost the war, and they'll just have to adjust. The slaves were freed, women can vote, Native Americans are full citizens, blacks won basic rights, martial rape is illegal, and so is date rape, and women are allowed to work outside the home, even if the pay is not exactly equal.

They do not have a claim at all to subjugating other groups. The other groups had the claim of justice, and shared humanity on their side. I think that's why they are so whiny- they don't have a leg to stand on. There is no reason at all, that others should be weaker. They only desire it so because they can't improve their own groups. The ones who are improving their groups aren't crying.

I mean, don't you see the many Christians who instead of crying about how they can't make everyone pray in school, are helping the homeless this Christmas season, and more importantly, all year round? Don't you see the many men who instead of crying because they think they are owed women's bodies, fight for reproductive rights, because they live in the same world women have to live in, and if women are in bondage, they can not be free? Don't you see the whites who instead of worrying about the competence of one black person while ignoring the massive incompetence of many whites, actually know what the word racism means and how to fight it? Of course, the majority of those groups are crying, and I hate to see people co opt the work of the decent people.

If you want to join the greater humanity, great, work hard, and show your stuff. But if you want to cry because you don't get what you thought you were entitled to, fuck off. Now, you are not entitled to more than the rest of us. Man, that made me think of the old song "Like a Rolling Stone".

Like in it, Bob Dylan(who is who I remember singing it) has a really triumphant sound to his voice. This person used to be on the top, but is on the bottom because of pure hubris. Of course, that's not like the actual situation. The groups are still on top, but you think you had consigned them to camps, by the way they are wailing and gnashing their teeth. Oh noes, they say, I might have to act like a decent person- all is lost, all is lost. And the sad part is that many of them try to say they are superior to other groups.

Oh, we are like this and that because we are so much better. Well, if you're so much better, then you should be able to beat us without a head start and with one hand tied behind your back. I guess they aren't so sure then. That's why I say they are wimps, wimps,wimps. They have a head start, and got ten thousand other advantages, but they are still scared of equality. I mean true equality, not this pussy ass let's make a bunch of excuses shit. If you're scared, fine, wimp, but don't take the country down because of it.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Here's a RED ALERT on the latest conservative lie. Note that they can't win any points without lying. And then they try to act like they are moral. Hypocrites.

Also, I don't get the idea that we should act like all whites are not racist just because a few are. I mean, sometimes I hear black people annoying everyone by saying that gays are taking over, or that gays are against god, but I'm not saying that just because there are black people who are gay rights activists or advocates, those people automatically aren't homophobic jerks. I mean, the whites that aren't racist did the work, and acted like they had some sense. Why should whites that are lazy and refuse to act decent get the same consideration just because they have the same skin color? They just want a free ride on the decent people's backs. And then they complain about preventing childhood malnutrition. HYPOCRITES.

Also, here is an interesting idea that I have thought before, but is articulated well. Basically, it's weird to compare all the blacks in the US to the top people from Asia who have immigrated. The US would be more likely to take someone who was a doctor in their own country, or is a college graduate in their own country and will work on an HB-1 visa, than someone who is a peasant who works in the fields. So there's a selection effect working there, whereas they aren't just sampling the top blacks to do our stats. It is doubled as many of the people who were smuggled aren't on the radar, but most blacks are. (of course, I am meaning native born, not foreign.) Of course things like that don't matter to people who want to rush to calling blacks stupid and lazy, but for the more sensible people, it should work.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Separated at Birth?

Angelic Pretty In The Starlight.


White Racism Black "Racism"

Double Anime Trouble!

Glasses Girls "Upfront" Girls.
More farker quotes and a comment reply:

2004-11-24 01:37:44 AM

To white people who complain that they can't use the n word to other blacks, why would you use it in the first place? You've had your 400+ years to say it, and karma is coming back to kick you square in the nuts. /isn't white,nor black, but carmel

I agree, and am sick and tired of white folks acting like that's a real issue. Just be nice people like you're supposed to be, and if you can't, tough titty.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I have a theory of conservaweenism. Basically, before blacks, women, Hispanics, Asians, etc were allowed more access to success, really mediocre whites could get by. For example,when smart and educated blacks were stuck being like a teacher in a segregated school, or maybe they'd own a insurance company for blacks, the stupid whites could advance more because there simply wasn't as much competition. But now the field is open, and they have more competition(and now they are competing with the world, too). So instead of A)looking at what they can do to improve. B)seeing the ways that rich fat cats are fucking them, they use minorities and women as scapegoats.

If only women were forced to be barefoot and pregnant, they wouldn't be able to compete with me for spots in college.... If only workplaces were de facto whites only... so they spend all their time fantasizing about times past rather than trying to blaze a great future for everyone.
Sad. But let all of us smart and decent people work hard on having a better future.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Steve Gillard gives us a story on a bunch of idiotic weaklings that instead of spending their time in a worthwhile or fun way, wasted their time terrorizing an interracial couple with a burning cross. Sure puts the whiners who say any attempt at justice is racism in perspective. Oh yea, and there is one of those gutless wonders in the comments. He's too much of a wuss to even sign his name.

Also, speaking of wusses, some pussies vandalized a girl in my Emoryread (we tutor kids) carpool's house some time ago. She lives in Connecticut. Anyway, apparently these losers wanted to fuck up an expensive ass house and get sued just because some people are Jewish. Why don't they get lives?

On a more upbeat note, here is a woman wearing clothes that probably cost more than your last house payment. I really want her socks, but they probably cost like thirty bucks or something, and that's not even with shipping from Japan.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

John Kerry wants adorable moppets to have health care. Awwwwww.... I love that godless commie! Not wanting kids to die of preventable diseases! What crazy thing will that John Kerry think of next?

Here is a moving Salon article that I missed, but is really great- on women who let other women into their homes so they can get abortions, and move on with their lives. We rarely see anything beside the abstract. Too bad our right wing neighbors don't read the stories- they won't hear about this 11 year old who couldn't have a baby at her age, or the immigrant woman who speaks little English, but still wanted her life back. An interesting thing is that the series is called "heroes of freedom". This is what I mean by heroism, not killing children or badmouthing people.
I haven't been book blogging much lately, although my reading has remained steady. Anyway, I got Hollywood's High Noon by Thomas Cripps for like $4, and it was good, although he sometimes argued against arguments I had never heard of, but then again, I'm not a film studies major or anything.

I also read Andrea Dworkin's Heartbreak. Man, she has the sort of prose style I really favor. She really loves going off on beautiful idylls in that lovely clear prose, and then bringing it back to some horrible horrible thing. Although from this book, I have compiled the following list of what Andrea Dworkin hates: Allen Ginsberg(she thinks he was a total pedo), teachers sleeping with their students, especially if they knock them up, and have to pay for illegal abortions, child abuse, prostitution(she alludes to doing some herself, but does not go into detail), porn, and people who insist women are always lying whores.

My theory of Andrea Dworkin and porn is that she just hates the actual reality of porn. I'm all for porn, but only really this idealized version where no one is exploited, etc. I guess it's pretty unrealistic, now, and was more unrealistic then, but I hear we have more woman positive porn people nowadays, so it can be done. I'm not saying that the mainstream porn is now all well and good just because a few people went behind the camera and made better porn, but at least there's a vision of a possible future here.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

People are saying some good things in this feminist rage thread. I have real difficulty with understanding that the white males actually feel oppressed, because it is so calculated seeming. Like they were studying the Third Reich(sorry, but Gobbels and the Big Lie is what I can think of right now, I'm really sleepy) and decided "Yea, we need some of this. We don't need to stoop to small lies, what we need is a lie so far outside of the bounds of objective reality that people will just believe it without questioning".

I mean, real oppression is all around, and they are spending their time obsessing over hypothetical blacks getting jobs? If whites were really that impacted, we wouldn't hear about how their brother's room mate's girlfriend's brother didn't get into Harvard, and like there was a black person on campus, so OBVIOUSLY they are a total idiot and couldn't have possibly say...studied, and of course, there aren't any stupid white people on campus- just being white apparently makes you smart,qualified for all jobs, and as a benefit, you have x ray vision, and if you're a man, your penis is prehensile.

Then again, I don't think your race actually has anything to do with your intelligence or qualifications, and I do tend to make the mistake of automatically assuming that people aren't racist. But seriously, it's like this with Christianity too. Like they act like they are oppressed, because they might have to pray quietly in school instead of having the teacher lead it, or like maybe they'll teach science in science class. But people, people, people, when the presidential candidates are fighting in the debate to see who can pander more to Christians, and millions of young people are risking getting STDS, because real sex ed might offend people of your religion-that's not oppression.

It's like they say in the thread- when you're used to being pampered, not getting exactly what you want NOW seems like the worst thing in the world. So like I'm used to blacks getting bad mouthed from everybody, so like some mild forms of criticism don't phase me, so it's bizarre to me to suggest that maybe whites may have a bit of a problem with racism, and have people act like I suggested killing all the whites in the entire world. Or like maybe a woman will suggest that maybe women should have rights, and she is called man hating. A man could rape ten women, kill twenty girl children, all while saying "die you filthy whores" and not be called woman hating.

I just don't get it, so to me, it looks like they are a big fat bunch of pussies. And I don't like wussies.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Farker Quote:

2004-11-19 01:39:48 PM

Beatle-MattIf African-Americans enslaved caucasians, sold them like property, passed laws that said they counted as 5/8s of a person, murdered their civil-rights leaders, and after hundreds of years THEN made a movie called "White Chicks" roughly 40 years after passing rudimentary civil-rights laws, well, yeah, that would be wrong.

A note: A person can be an 'uncle tom' two ways. A)They can support racist policies/people in return for their own advancement. B)They can wittingly or unwittingly be used as cosigners for white racist thought. People may be confused by the criticism of blacks who do things that hurt the black community. The thing is that the black community is not just a random word- many blacks do feel that they have a community- that we aren't just individuals without any connection to each other.

I simply can't explain the disconnect between the two philosophies- between the idea that no one has any responsibility or connection to others, and that we do have responsibility to each other. However, the second feeling is why people get called uncle toms- people feel that they have failed in their responsibility to others. If you don't have a concept of responsibility to other people, I lack the ability to explain it. Hopefully someone who is better with words knows how.
I'm recovered, and ready for action! I would urge you to find out what pharmacies in your area have good policies on letting pharmacists refuse medicine to people, and if you find one with a bad policy, write them a letter! I'm affluent so can easily just drive to another one, but a poor woman on her lunch break may get fired if she has to drive around looking for someone to fill her prescription for birth control. I think access to medication that our physicians have prescribed for us should be a right, not something to be taken away at a whim. Make pharmacists do their jobs!

Also, on a more fun note, people on the EGL community are showing everyone just how bad it can get. This post showcases EGL don't's, this post talks about sad EGL mimes, gawky EGL, a dress from hell, with a much improved look included to give hope, horrid horrid caplets, immortal square dance Loli, bad lolita? YES!, and the start of this bad lolita trend.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The I'm Sorry website is great. Basically, the 49% are apologizing to the rest of the world,and saying they are going to fight harder. Also, some of the world is responding back saying "Yes, we see you, keep fighting". I feel better now. Like we really can't ever stop fighting for justice. Someone who was way cleverer than me said the price of freedom was eternal vigilance. So we must all fight hard for America to live up to the ideals we set.

People are fighting. Please fight with us. One way you can fight is to send a letter against the Refusal Clause. We simply can't let health care be degraded, just so some rich people off in Washington can get a few more votes. Here's another random cheer: "Power to the people, because the power of the people don't stop". So like there, go out and fight.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

More Farker Quotes:

2004-11-16 11:28:17 PM

You know, we really make jokes about the sharp knees thing and all that, but Net-porn really has in all seriousness messed up a lot of guys...some of you have so totally lost perspective. It isn't like that in the real world guys. llarken is very attractive and she's can't take your computer out to the movies, or dinner, or flirt with. You can't take it to meet your parents, or play monopoly with, or say 'wow, you look great today'. And this might sound like heresy to some of the more sheltered guys out there, but you certainly can't have sex with your computer.So please, go get some air. Then, go to Starbucks or a club or something, and try to mingle with real women for a while. You'd be surprised how your 'standards' will change.

(Hear! Hear! You got that boys?)

Monday, November 15, 2004

Condi's great, and all, but I'd like to address an issue. Just hiring a black person doesn't make you not racist. Not being racist makes you not racist. I'm not a black conservative, so I'm not so easily swayed by such displays. It's easy to put some black people in- but will your policy be good? That's what I wanna know.

And I'm glad someone decided to hate on folks who are all like "we're soooo loli core!" Just because girls in Japan wear it doesn't make it much different from American fashion. People wear the style because they like how it looks, and their friends wear it, not because they were chosen by Mana himself to be avatars of cute. Even if every kid in America wore Loli style, I'd still like it. It'd certainly be a better style for a twelve year old than the prostitot look. I am all about sexuality, but some of those kids need to cover up. Then again, this is the same girl who got lectures for wearing short shorts to the fair. But at least my mom apologized, after seeing all them rolls that full grown women were displaying. So I guess I can't even pretend I didn't wear some slutty clothes, although the fact is that I was slightly more modest than other girls.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

S.E.X. Bitch is an awesome name for a clothing line. Also, I would not use a glass dildo. I note that they have no dildos for beginners... These shoes are adorable, but I would never buy $50 shoes, even if they originally were $200. Also, the Soul Food website. The Teri wallpaper is my wallpaper now.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

A Fruitsy flamewar.

I simply don't see the big deal. I mean, seriously, this is a Livejournal group based off of people looking at magazines of Japanese street fashion, and deciding they wanted that style. So Gwen Stefani did the same thing? Who cares- I could see if they had slaved ten years making original garments by hand, but picking up cute accessories off ebay does not qualify you to say what people should wear.

People complain that the fashion won't be fun if everyone else is doing it. BS! What makes your style unique is you. Express yourself in your own way that is good for your body. Put your own spin on the fashion- a good style has never been about just slavishly copying someone else- it's about putting your own spirit into your clothing- about transforming yourself through your appearance. Even people in uniforms find a way to put a unique spin on their clothes- and just because some pop star bounces in and sings a song about clothes, all the sudden your fashion isn't fun?

You must not really love fashion if you can't find a good way to break the mold just because some blonde lady jumps around on TV, get a fucking grip! ...Then again, I'm a bit harsh. Many people are teens on that group, so they will be a bit less confident than older people. However, come on. Fashion is fun if you make it fun. Put some energy into your fashion!
Yay! More Studio Ghilbi stuff coming out in 2005~! We're all winners.

Friday, November 12, 2004

An outraged classmate of mine read this article out loud, and I nearly passed out in shock.(Not because she was shocked about our school looking snobby, but not real issues, of course) I didn't even know that Seven was a brand name until I read the article for my self. However $150 for jeans?! I've been beating my self up for spending a lot of money on clothes, but I've been getting handmade clothes that are unique for less than $50 or designer brand clothes(like Tripp, etc) for less than $30. It takes me about 2 or 3 outfits to get up to $150, sometimes even 4. I can see paying a bit more for clothes that are handmade and unique, but just getting regular old jeans? Maybe it's because of my anti pants bias, but how can a pair of jeans be worth $150? Are they made of gold or something?

I like expensive fashion and all- I love this shop. However, note the dresses that are cheaper than the jeans the girls are buying, and they are all custom made clothing. I don't see how you can get custom made clothes from a designer(apparently) less expensively than regular old jeans! It just blows my mind. I love clothes and since high school I have been spending like $200 a year on clothing,and I thought I was doing good- I love clothes. Of course, I've always been a bit of a clearence shopper, and my clothing buying binge has mostly been ebay, which I love. I got this dress which was on clearence for $11, for $9, $14 w/ shipping. Since it was an online clearence I would have paid more with Hot Topic's high shipping. This dress is brand name item with good styling. You don't have to pay an arm and a leg for clothes, people! Give me a break.
I really have no sympathy for conservatives. I'm sorry, but areas of study studying humanity are going to be more liberal, because it is popular to try to have new ideas. We've already heard "Whites are superior" "Women don't deserve to be studied" ,etc. That's old news. The new hotness is to study all of society. So the orientation is anti conservative- conservatives make up some idealized society, and pretend society really is like that, and get mad when reality intrudes. Liberals look at the real society, and then make up an idealized society that they want to make it into, and since the liberal approach involves looking at the actual society first, you'll see researchers of the actual society being more liberal. Maybe conservatives should look at the actual society first, and then have their idealized conservative vision of it?

An interesting weirdness here is the assumption that university professors don't have real world experience, usually parroted by conservatives- who think that telling teens not to have sex will prevent teen sex, and that shooting people's brothers and sisters doesn't make them filled with anger and desire for revenge.

My personal experience is that some of my professors will mention god, or something, but not in a conservative way. Basically, they personally believe in their particular god, but you won't see them lobbying the school to not teach evolution or to ban the worship of people who have other gods. My favorite professor from a political viewpoint was my sociology professor. He was probably liberal, but sometimes he'd pretend to be conservative so that we'd see both sides.

Of course in my college, we also got real sex ed in health class, so what do I know? An interesting point I see is some people's math bias here. Like apparently if you do something with numbers, it's automatically more important and better than if you do it with words. Of course, an intelligent person would note that psychology majors don't have to take a statistics class for nothing, and that many social science disciplines back up their theories with hard numbers, but in slagging off anyone who wants to actually learn something about the world instead of just parroting a bunch of BS you don't even know is true, that gets lost. I wonder why.

However, I always wonder why conservatives even bother whining about this sort of thing. I'm black so when I talk about real problems, I get pull yourself up by the bootstraps. However, a bunch of fat cats that get respect even though they can't think worth a lick expect all sorts of special privileges. Hey, guys, why don't you just teach at the Bob Jones Universities of the world and leave the decent places up to us? I mean, separate but equal is better than the separate but unequal you want for us.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Do your god damned job, pharmacists. I just don't get it. They don't want to have to pay for 'welfare queens' but do their darnedest to fuck up everyone's reproductive health. From abstinence only education as if Susie the cheerleader is going to not just decide "Oh, well, I'm in love! We'll get married anyway"I'm one of the lucky ones. My mom didn't fuck with that dumb ass abstinence only crap. She knew that you're fooling yourself if you think that your kids are just going to not experiment with certain things- especially sex. So I always insist on condoms when I'm skating the line of ambiguity between virginity and non virginity.

Anyway, now this stupid clamping down on birth control, and they don't want anyone to get an abortion either. But they don't like single moms either. So it's like a triple bind there. They just don't want you to do anything! Like in a perfect world they could say all that, but it's not a perfect world. People are going to fuck, condoms are going to break, birth control will go awry... Shit happens! But we are human beings, and can fix shit.

I may have stayed up til 2 am goofing off, but I can finish my stats homework today. I don't have to be forced to not complete my homework and lab because I did something stupid yesterday, especially not if you're going to fail me and call me names like "idiot" or "stupid n word", you know? So why ruin women's lives forever just to get your jollies?
I feel really guilty for missing tutoring today. So I was thinking about that when I ran across this post on why kids can't read. I don't remember any of this whole word stuff. I remember being really bored that they were teaching phonics because my mom had already used phonics to teach me to read before kindergarten. Anyway, the kids I tutor both have sight word problems, as I call them, not reading the whole word before concluding what word it is. However, they are both smart kids, just need a bit of a push along.

I'd like to put a disclaimer up to say that I do not agree with all contents of the above link. Like I think it's important to try to understand other cultures, and no, I don't think the fact that the kid I was tutoring read a book about a Puerto Rican kid and his grandma will ruin his education. For all our talk on personal responsibility, I don't think that we should blame everything on someone else like it is popular nowadays. We can never defeat terrorism unless we find out our own contribution to it, instead of crying like babies when someone points out that America is not perfect.

Anyway, I'm watching Soul Food the series and it is pretty good- I love a good soap opera. I wonder when there will be more boxes out since apparently it is a five season show, not one season like Freaks and Geeks or My So Called Life which are my only other TV shows. Well, American ones, I have several anime TV series.

Monday, November 08, 2004

5 volumes of Happy Mania for me! Oh the wonders of the preoccupied attachment style. It's good to see a comic about someone with a bad personality. Heh, my copy of volume 3 has a parental advisory sticker. When did they start doing that for comics?

Hey, it's time for kidney selling fun! Enjoy kiddies.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Well, for those who have been procrastinating, you can get all of Fancy Lala for $50. You need this. Unless you hate cute. Then you don't. Sucks for you.
I would like to remind all my readers(well, I only have 2, but they can remind their friends) that participating in hate crimes makes you a stupid little wimp, and if you can't take racial diversity, it would be better for you to kill yourself, as we don't need to waste the time processing your kind down at the court house. Another note- I like how the shirts worn by whites in one of the incidents(summary- racial tensions at school, interracial fights) basically call for the killing of blacks- the confederate battle flag has flown over many a murder, and 'white power' doesn't mean anything good- it means the power to murder black folk, and laugh about it. However, the black kids got 'NFL' which apparently means that blacks will live forever(I'm not familiar with that. In my school's shirt battle, it was FUBU, which makes white folk seem even more ridiculous. for us by us versus murder. and there's a contest here?) i.e. it's more of defiance, than we want to kill you for no good reason. Think on that.

On a lighter note, Something Awful sometimes has awful links of the day that I like. I think that they should keep to obviously deranged people, not just someone making pro nude (nsfw: nudity) comics. I like the art in this comic as the person draws all shapes, sizes and races of people. The writing isn't perfect, but it's actually sort of entertaining. It reminds me of old Archie comics- a bunch of cheerful protagonists get into gentle adventures. That's the beauty of web comics- you can appeal to a niche of a niche, and it'll be fine.

The Personal is the Political

This is a famous slogan, but I don't know who said it. I associate it with feminism. To a good extent this is true. I often note on this blog that I am frightened of others. You may also note that I rant on racism a great deal. It's because it strikes me of another aspect of how frightening other people are. You wake up one day, and you're born the 'wrong' color, and all the sudden, no matter what you do, people will never consider you as worthy as folks born the 'right' color, and the kicker is- what color your skin is has nothing to do with anything.

It does not make your history unworthy of study, it does not make your people stupider than anyone else, it doesn't do any of the crazy stuff people say it does. It's just a trait- like red hair. If I ran around saying that "People with red hair never did anything important" I would be asked to have proof. But apparently, you don't need any proof to badmouth black folk. People just decide they hate you, and they believe it, and they don't need anything other than that.

The only real racial difference I have found is that white people, even nice white people, tend not to be able to get racial issues. For example, I am talking tot his guy about racial issues. It's kinda like he has a special pass or something. Like he can redeem it for "making offensive comments/assumptions about blacks in public" "bragging loudly about his ignorance" "voting against himself to punish blacks" "ignoring what black people say about racism, and just trying to make self feel good" "assuming that black people have no human worth" and other common manifestations of racism. He doesn't understand why I am mad that he has this card. I mean, he didn't cash it in. But I am mad that he has the option to, even if he never cashes it in, ever.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Care packages for soldiers. I wish I had my comics here so I could send them.
I don't get why itunes hasn't closed the loophole where I can listen to tons of people's music libraries. My guess is that this feature was for people with computers upstairs and downstairs, but I can listen to the music of my dorm mates, for some technical reason.

Also, here is a pornographic post. It involves a beautiful Caucasian looking girl, with natural boobs, pubes(shaved into one of those designs, but still enough to be attractive), and a decent butt. Not to mention the costuming for this is so opulent. There's a beautiful sheer top, some Victorian style surroundings, and there is also a lovely library back drop and emo glasses. The photographers really understood the importance of costume for sex appeal. None of this back alley photographs just showing a girl blandly showing her beaver, and it's all shaved, so it's not even cute.

No, these people knew that some of us need some sensuality in our porn pictures. Well, at least I do. I am not too aroused by porn without a good setting- when I have a sexual fantasy- I don't just see boobs or cock, whatever is the case. I see this whole sexy set up, and that's what is most arousing. I mean, people are sexy, and all, but have some fun about it.

Friday, November 05, 2004

This is a really cute post, in which a Fillipina shows us what the malls look like there. They look really interesting. I wanna go to foreign countries.

Also, a lot of people are full of brave courage in the face of adversity. For example, this post, 'game time' tells eloquently of how we need to fight. Also, Steve Gillard has been working overtime giving us eloquent hope. He tells us his personal story of adversity, and heals our hearts by explaining that the problem is not the evil of our fellow countrymen but their loss of control over their lives. I'm young and hopeful, so I don't have to stoop to hating gays to get control over my life. Of course, I do not buy into the myth that we have total control over every aspect of our lives, so my sense of control is less precarious. If I did not know that just luck, coincidence, and the actions of others do make up a part of my life, I'd be grasping for straws too. I'm not saying that you can't control anything, but there are a lot of factors that we can't separate out.

There's also talk on how we can take our country back. I'm in mourning now. I've been wearing black for three days now. (I wore black on election day. Presentment?) However, I think I'm better now. I think I can fight. I'm always worried that I'm too weak to live in this era, and should have come of age in the 90s, but I guess we'll just have to find out.

However, I cried on Wed, I cried and cried. I was really snappy too. This girl in my car pool assumed this lady was on welfare, even though she had two jobs, just because she was black and had six kids, and I just snarked at her. I don't know- it just bothers me that if you got a job, you're taking away the white people's jobs, but if you don't, you're wasting their money, and even if you do have a job, you're stealing their money anyway. I had a good session of tutoring the kids even though. The other girls talked about the election to the kids, but I was too mad, and talked about the weather and school instead.

Even though Thursday, I was really upset. I felt like this. (the strip is the day after if you read this next week) But now, I feel better. I just need to mourn, need to get my rage and anger out. Yes, rage. Rage that people don't treat their country better. I want America to be first among the world. Not for killing, not for machines, but for the love that people show to their country. I want us to be a country that is first in the world in their stewardship of the land. The country that cares about all its kids, and doesn't just downgrade them because they've actually been born. I want a country that respects motherhood- in deeds, not words.

I want a country where justice rings. Where the citizens can think for themselves. I want a country that I can be proud of. I want to go up to people from other countries and say "I'm an American" and they praise our country because it is just that good. I'm not the other members of my generation. It's 'cool' not to care about your country. By care, I don't mean slap an American flag on the bumper and say "fuck the french" I mean, caring about all people, even if they aren't white, even if they aren't male, even if they aren't rich, even if they aren't evangelical Christians.

By caring, I mean showing respect in words and deeds. Not enjoying lesbian porn, and then voting against gay rights for real lesbians. Not saying you are colorblind, yet showing your ignorance on every front. And saying you respect women, just not their rights to their bodies, is a definite no no. Be not racist by not being racist, be not sexist by not being sexist, be not hetrosexist by not being hetrosexist. Give us deeds, and we'll give you our words.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

More farker round up: (I can't say this as well as other people, and I feel the same way. Maybe tomorrow I'll love my enemy. But not today)

2004-11-03 04:57:20 PM

Dear Bush supporter,This election was rather personal. One of Bush's more controversial policies has life and death ramifications for someone very close to me. Please understand that I mean this from the bottom of my heart when I say this to you.I hope you and your family suffer terribly because of Dubya's policies. I hope that your days are filled with misery and heartache. I wish upon you tears and pain more powerful than can be conveyed in words. Your support of a soulless man, whose Macavelian ideological tunnel vision brings untold misery to many, is contemptuous and disgraceful.You are a sub-human stain on the earth. fark you very much.P.S. May you happen upon your daughter's lifeless body; a victim of a botched illegal abortion. Another victim of Dubya's "compassion" society.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Please vote, so non reality based people don't fuck up the country again. My mom says that at her school she student teaches at (in TN) that people had been telling kids that Kerry would make everyone have an abortion. At the school I am tutoring at, the teachers said that Bush was for the war. Anyway, vote!
2004-11-02 07:53:48 AM

I enthusiastically voted for Kerry last week. The polling place was packed then. With attractive and successful African-Americans.I think the bottom left half of Shelby County has a surprise in store for Mister Bush. I think there are numerous surprises in store for Mister Bush. Perhaps not quite enough surprises to get rid of Mister Bush, but I am fervently praying. . . <---I really hate fark sometimes. (attractive and successful african american is the fark filter for the n word.) Shelby County is one of the most intelligently voting counties in TN, because of all the black people. White folk, they vote for reasons that make no sense to me. "Well, they'll give incentives to outsource my job, and there won't be any welfare for my kids, so they'll go hungry, but at least some rich white dude will get a tax cut, and Bush hates gays". I just don't get why poor white folk care if rich white people get tax cuts and perks. I mean, just because someone looks like you, doesn't mean you're going to get that same good stuff. All that good stuff folks think they are entitled to because they are white?

That's rich folk stuff. Broke ass white people ain't going to get shit beyond some broken promises and feeling superior to non whites. If they want to get screwed over they can, but come on folk. Voting based on symbolic 'moral' issues won't improve your situation. They just wind you up to vote against your own women, your own childern, and your own country. And then white folks think they can comment on how blacks vote.

Monday, November 01, 2004

At my school near a chapel or whatever, there were some candles you could light and put in sand. I tried, but the lighter was out of fluid. There was also some paintings, and a labyrith. This was for hopes of reconciliation of our divided country. I guess they were praying for reconciliation. It made me wonder. How can you reconcile with someone who doesn't want to reconcile with you? How can we have peace if people's ideologies don't end where our rights begin? We can all pray for peace, but do people care? Can we truly make this country a country for the benefit of everyone if we get tantrums every time we try to point out any flaw?

I hope for peace, redemption, reconciliation, and all other things. But in my heart, I can't forgive those who would want me to be second class. I can't forgive those who would sacrifice my life for their ideals. I don't know whether I could ever forgive. I simply somehow do not feel it's ok to let people hurt you, and get away with it. I just don't have a kind heart.

Like these chicks in my car pool were all like "They have weird names, LOL!!!!" and I wanted to be like smacking them in the face. I did actually say something, but it was much nicer than what I wanted to say. Seriously, who says that white folks gotta be the ones who determine what names are acceptable? If you don't have a white name, you should be laughed at? Like what the fuck?

I want to be like we're not your fucking servants. We determine for ourselves what we want to name our kids. But you know kids these days. They are too stupid to know somethings just aren't funny, just aren't jokes. That they have real consequences, that society is made of individual actions. Anyway, I want to be able to do something great. But I don't know what I want to do yet. I want to be a hero, and I want everyone else to be one too. I guess I'm just a weird person. But at least I'm not a fucking douche, who is too fucking stupid to understand that there's no law that we have to have stupid ass white names. Fuck you!

Oh yea, and I'd like to remind people. If you can vote for Kerry, vote for Kerry. We don't need a slender margin of victory, we need a big fat landslide so we don't have to hear Bush's lawyers for weeks. Tomorrow is voting day! I don't think I can watch it with the Democrats, if Kerry loses I'll probably start sobbing. I'm just so emotional. But they have bar b q, and ice tea! But it probably isn't as good as Memphis bar b q...
I somehow reread Rush Limbaugh, Newspeak and Fascism, well, at least part one, and you know, the word racism has also transformed. Instead of being the real lived experience of blacks and other people of color, it has become some bizarre theorectical thing- like Saturday at a party, I was like "You're white!" to a guy(I had drank too much and my list of obvious characteristics had dwindled) and that is racist in that bizzaro definition, but not that millions of black kids are being tracked below their ability. In the bizzaro definition, it's apparently racist to try to repair any damages that real world racism has caused.

The more I look at people, the more I see that everyone lives in different realities. But how much people's realities are real, I don't know. I know that I probably am a bit scared of people out of proportion to reality, but just how out of proportion? By scared of people, I mean I'm the type who is very quiet and shys away from others when feeling bad. I also am very nervous. How did my bizzare personal problems end up in this?! Oh well, that sucks for you, the blog reader. I have to do shitty stats homework today, but a winner is me because I don't have another stats test til the 17th.