Monday, November 22, 2004

Steve Gillard gives us a story on a bunch of idiotic weaklings that instead of spending their time in a worthwhile or fun way, wasted their time terrorizing an interracial couple with a burning cross. Sure puts the whiners who say any attempt at justice is racism in perspective. Oh yea, and there is one of those gutless wonders in the comments. He's too much of a wuss to even sign his name.

Also, speaking of wusses, some pussies vandalized a girl in my Emoryread (we tutor kids) carpool's house some time ago. She lives in Connecticut. Anyway, apparently these losers wanted to fuck up an expensive ass house and get sued just because some people are Jewish. Why don't they get lives?

On a more upbeat note, here is a woman wearing clothes that probably cost more than your last house payment. I really want her socks, but they probably cost like thirty bucks or something, and that's not even with shipping from Japan.

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