Saturday, November 06, 2004

I don't get why itunes hasn't closed the loophole where I can listen to tons of people's music libraries. My guess is that this feature was for people with computers upstairs and downstairs, but I can listen to the music of my dorm mates, for some technical reason.

Also, here is a pornographic post. It involves a beautiful Caucasian looking girl, with natural boobs, pubes(shaved into one of those designs, but still enough to be attractive), and a decent butt. Not to mention the costuming for this is so opulent. There's a beautiful sheer top, some Victorian style surroundings, and there is also a lovely library back drop and emo glasses. The photographers really understood the importance of costume for sex appeal. None of this back alley photographs just showing a girl blandly showing her beaver, and it's all shaved, so it's not even cute.

No, these people knew that some of us need some sensuality in our porn pictures. Well, at least I do. I am not too aroused by porn without a good setting- when I have a sexual fantasy- I don't just see boobs or cock, whatever is the case. I see this whole sexy set up, and that's what is most arousing. I mean, people are sexy, and all, but have some fun about it.

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