Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Do your god damned job, pharmacists. I just don't get it. They don't want to have to pay for 'welfare queens' but do their darnedest to fuck up everyone's reproductive health. From abstinence only education as if Susie the cheerleader is going to not just decide "Oh, well, I'm in love! We'll get married anyway"I'm one of the lucky ones. My mom didn't fuck with that dumb ass abstinence only crap. She knew that you're fooling yourself if you think that your kids are just going to not experiment with certain things- especially sex. So I always insist on condoms when I'm skating the line of ambiguity between virginity and non virginity.

Anyway, now this stupid clamping down on birth control, and they don't want anyone to get an abortion either. But they don't like single moms either. So it's like a triple bind there. They just don't want you to do anything! Like in a perfect world they could say all that, but it's not a perfect world. People are going to fuck, condoms are going to break, birth control will go awry... Shit happens! But we are human beings, and can fix shit.

I may have stayed up til 2 am goofing off, but I can finish my stats homework today. I don't have to be forced to not complete my homework and lab because I did something stupid yesterday, especially not if you're going to fail me and call me names like "idiot" or "stupid n word", you know? So why ruin women's lives forever just to get your jollies?

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