Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ok, this is so bad that it deserves it's own post. I was happily looking at manstream comics, hoping for some nice lulz about Supergirl's tacky outfit or something. But instead, we have this- the worst comic ever. Now, some may say that's not porno, but it certainly has a porno mentality to it. The whole idea of young young girls all being out to seduce poor innocent older men is one of my pet peeves. *is too annoyed to actually make a coherent argument*

Ok, back with possible arguments. A pornographic mentality is the idea that if you want to jerk to it, it must be OK, without considering any consequences for anyone else. Some pervo wants to read a comic about seductive elementary schoolers? Sure! Some dude wants to jerk to porn that could be made in any way, and involves hitting women with two by fours? Sure! That's what I mean there. Instead of paying attention to one's actions, like putting out a really pervy book, one just lets anything sex related fly.

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