Sunday, May 13, 2007

What is going on lately? *wakes up confused* I had a dream- something about white women, and books, and Colbert was there. And pie, lots of pie.

Soon there will be photos. Lots and lots of them. Carnival of radical action.

Shannon read this and was like those asshole strip club owners- taking the women's tips and shit!

I don't understand the concerns of young women either! I may be 23 in a month, but I'm totally an old lady! Hey I missed this post too. Despite my personality, there are probably more than a few young women who want more meat to their feminism- not everyone is looking for a political movement they can fit in between manicure treatments.* Actually, here is my theory about omg! we don't need feminism!!! chicks. They aren't not feminists because nobody said "like, OMG!!! feminists can spend all day in the spa!! Oh yea, and sometimes we have totally hot pussy licking sex slumberparties!!" No, maybe they just don't want to think that hard or do the work. That's fine- most people usually don't. If people want to be feminists, they'll find their way. (note: in 9th grade, I was expected to read Great Expectations. I was 14 at the time. People in their early 20s aren't all dumbfucks)

*My mother promises to take care of my yearly manicure needs.

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