Sunday, May 20, 2007

Let me tell you internet, it's a day to day struggle to be a feminist who wears lipgloss!

Total bleh! When us women of color want our day to day lives to be better, we don't grab for the fucking lipgloss, which is way too expensive and shit! For fuck's sake, I'm totally rich and shit, but day to day, folks want food, they want their health care to be good, they want to not be shot and stuff. I don't think we can assume that day to day all women have to worry about is looking cute! Even if you're a white sorority girl, maybe your professor is all trying to tell you that grad school is too hard and that you should worry about being married or maybe you're working hard, but your white male coworker who doesn't do half as well as you is getting paid more.

Oh yea, and most of this post was in response to this bit:

I brought up the grim issue in my post because that was a criticism of Jessica — that she wasn’t taking feminism seriously enough, that feminism is a very serious social movement that isn’t about making your day-t0-day life better. I take issue with that characterization of feminism. If that’s your feminism, fine, no skin off my nose. Different strokes, etc. But I believe in a feminism which should make women’s lives better in the day-to-day. I don’t think it has to tell you that lipgloss is the key to female empowerment, but I think it can recognize that lipgloss is something you do for a variety of reasons, and that wearing it doesn’t have to be a feminist act for you to be a feminist — and that the woman who doesn’t wear it isn’t necessarily any more or less empowerful than you are

Like, maybe I read it wrong, but as I am reading it now, it's like wtf? In my day to day worries, things like "we have to use evaporated milk in our eggs because Snucks sold us bad milk" or "my dad drove me to a party because he thought the neighborhood was too dangerous for me to drive in"...lipgloss is really fair down on the list, and I'm middle class! And empowerfulness is a form of denial to me. Basically, instead of being upfront and truthful about your reasons for conforming, you pretend it's some sort of super amazing statement and you're special, and on and on and on, but yea, you're only fooling yourself, for fuck's sake. Some who don't do that crap are empowerful because they spend all their time making up a bunch of bullshit rationalizations. Just be honest for fuck's sake. Thank you.

Tigtog is too soft on Jessica- I'm not exactly thinking Feministing is good enough to give Jessica a pass on everything ever, but the first comment by Laurendel(sp?) is full of win so I'll link it.

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