Thursday, May 17, 2007

Randomness: The patriarchy can include women too! This is a common misconception about the patriarchy. But you can dismantle the patriarchy better by attacking all its tentacles- like the sexist/racist bit, the sexist/classist bit, the sexist/imperialism bit. Those dickfaces are part of the patriarchy, so the faster we kick their asses(using ideology, not violence!) the faster we can dismantle the evils of the patriarchy.

Note: if you're born in the wrong country, you can get arrested for being victimized. Don't pay attention to the greater systems that keep other countries poor and their citizens desperate! Don't look at the shitty immigration system or the underlying problems of colonialism! Say OMG!!! HISPANICS!!!! I blame the patriarchy! Not to mention, if anyone tells us how we need to save the Hispanic women from thier evil men, I will cut them, k, thx.

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