Friday, October 06, 2006

It's time for whatat are your thoughts on porn? I agree with Sara that the simple equation of porn with free speech may not be that simple. In fact, it drives me nuts. We can bleep out the cuss words on the Daily Show, but god forbid that we say something about how we really hate it when the guy splooges all over the woman's face on our blogs on the internet- that's censorship, even though on the same internet you could probably find every single sex act imaginable and some that haven't even been invented yet.

I personally think that consuming porn is evil. It's just as bad as eating at McDonald's, ok, maybe a little worse because you need to eat, but can think up things to whack off to in your own head. Eating at McDonald's encourages a fast food culture, factory farming, crappy minimum wage jobs, is bad for the environment, and probably gives you heart disease. Similarly, porn encourages work place injuries without oversight, the possible spread of disease, skewed views of sexuality among the young, creepy sickos gaining millions of dollars(girls gone wild guy anyone?), and breast implant surgery, which probably is bad for you. If you're ok with the cost of your decision, well, woopty doo, but that doesn't make the harm go away. But you can't have it both ways, you know.

Not to mention, if you are willing to have women hurt today,now, probably at this very minute, because of what someone said before I was born, that's messed up in my view.

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