Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shannon is confused as to why a paddling is the same as sexual assault. Wouldn't that make the majority of parents sexual abusers? Parents have power over their kids after all.

Also, Happy Feminist on burqagate. In that thread, Richard wanks thusly:

Happy wrote: But I fail to see how it is disrespectful of western culture for a woman woman to wear a veil in a western setting.

You don’t think it’s disrespectful in a free society to wear symbols of oppression? I disagree. To me it’s as offensive as a guy walking down the streets of a New York Jewish neighborhood with a swastika branded on his forehead, or children trick-or-treating in Alabama on Halloween in KKK costume. You see, I don’t care if Muslim women don’t think of it as an oppressive symbol. That’s their problem when they choose to enter a western setting. If they want to respect our values (do they really?) then lose the symbolic head covering or stay indoors.

>>> Happy wrote: …the veil isn't necessarily about humiliating women

Oh right. And the flag of the Confederate States of America isn’t necessarily about keeping the black man down. I mean, it's only a celebration of southern “culture,” right? Your liberal inconsistencies are firmly in place, Happy.

>>> Happy wrote: Straw isn't helping by belittling the women further and chiding them for their clothing.

Oh yes! Heavens forbid he offend any Muslim women. So insensitive of him.

Uh...I'm not seeing how murdering black people is the same as wearing a lot of cloth on your person.

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