Saturday, November 03, 2007

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Call to Action!

Who: Sex workers, allies and supporters

What: Live blog action

Why: To oust Judge Teresa Carr Deni in PA

When: Monday, November 5th, 2007 5pm Eastern, 2pm Western


Calling on sex workers and supporters! On Monday November 5th the Desiree Alliance will host a virtual rally to stand in solidarity with the sexual assault victim in PA whose case was reduced to 'theft of services' by Judge Teresa Carr Deni. We support the efforts of local activists in Philadelphia to raise voter awareness about Judge Deni and to encourage voters to vote 'No' to retain her in Tuesday's elections. More details in the press release below.

Please join us by sharing a personal story, reflections, art/poetry or any other messages/images that you feel are important or relevant. New contributors are welcome at the blog! If you're not already an author at BnG and you'd like to be, send an email to: BoundNotGagged[at!]

We encourage contributors to make a post either over the weekend or before 5pm Eastern on Monday, then join us at the blog on Monday at 5pm to comment on other people's posts, add more content, ask/answer questions, etc.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to raise awareness about violence against sex workers! If you have any questions, please contact stacey[at!]

In solidarity,
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