Saturday, August 11, 2007

I don't know how to use the interwebs, so here are some emails and info from some women who are not to be named:

From the wordpress faq:

Is everything being backed up?

Absolutely. If a very large meteor were to hit all of the servers and destroy them beyond repair, all of your data would still be safe and we could have your blog online within a couple of days. (After the meteor situation dies down.)

You can also download a backup/export of your blog, posts, comments, etc by going to your dashboard and clicking Manage then Export.

From quickonlinetips:

here can be nothing worse than to login to Blogger one day and find you blogger blog gone, corrupted or deleted forever due to any unforseen error. Back up is very important. Here are a few simple ways to keep your Blogger blog safe and backed up....

Back up your Blogger Posts

* Backup Your Posts - Bloggers Blogsend allows each of my blog posts to be automatically sent to my email address. So I have a back up of all my posts as individual emails. You can further create folders in your email account (as in Yahoo Mail) or apply labels (in Gmail), and create filters such that such emails can be collected in one place.
* Back up your entire blogger blog - Bloggers provides detailed instructions to create a single file with all your posts which you may publish and then copy to your own computer for use as desired. Remember to save a copy of your existing template in a file on your computer as you will need to have it at hand after this process is completed. This is good for a one time backup, but is cumbersome to do if you back up very frequently. Also you might mess up some setting and disbale your blog is not done right.
* Try third party back up tools - like the HTTrack Web site copier for Windows users and Webgrabber for Mac users. Each of these applications will create a fully working, interlinked local copy of your blog for browsing offline and easily allow you to back up. Remember it will take considerable time and internet bandwidth if you have a huge blog.

Back up Your Template

* Back up the template whenever you change it. Just copy and paste the entire template code into any simple text editor like Notepad or Wordpad and save file with name like 'myblog-date.txt'. After a while you will have a series of such files organized by date. If for some reason your blog goes away, just copy and paste the teplate back into Blogger and republish.
* If you have lost your template partly or fully - learn how to restore your blog template code and then back it up.

Back Up Comments

* Blogger has an option to send you an email when someone leaves a comment on your blog. This is located in Setting > Comments option in Blogger. This enables you to collect all your comments as individual emails, much like the blogsend posts emails mentioned above. Then you can file them all together as labels or in a email folder.
* If you moderate comments, you can get all your comments as emails pending your approval. This email address can again be entered in Setting > Comments. If you do not want to save rejected comments as emails and recieve only published comments - then you can keep the comment moderation email address blank, while filling up the Comment Notification Address.
* If you use Haloscan Comments instead, then anyway your Blogger comments are off and Haloscan is keeping track of backing up your comments. I am using Blogger comments featured now with comment moderation, word verification captchas to combat comment spam.

Make blog back ups a habit and you will remember this post when it saves your blog on a bad day!

Back up Typepad:

Backup your blog

1. Log in to your TypePad account.
2. Click on the name of one of your blog accounts (or the only one). You should now be at this location: TypePad home > Your Weblogs > [Blog name].
3. Above the blog name towards the top of the page, you'll see a row of links. The one you're looking for says "Import/Export."Click on that.
4. Location: TypePad home > Your Weblogs > [Blog name] > Post > Import/Export.
5. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, where you'll see a link called "Export Posts from your TypePad Weblog: [blog name]."
6. In Windows, right click on that link and choose "Save link as..." (Firefox) or "Save target as..." (Internet Explorer).
7. Choose a place on your compouter to save the file.
8. The file downloads, and you're done.

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