Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey! I have thoughts! Back in the bad old days, we didn't talk about sex because it was dirty or sinful. Now we draw a curtain across the bedroom. It's all between consenting adults. Don't dig! Not our business! There's a weird tension here between the whole Girls Next Door thing where porn style sexuality is alluded to often,even if not discussed explicitly or the idea that all men love porn or porn style sexuality, and the idea that once you close your door, society is locked out of your secret parlor of delight.

But I'm a nosy nosy bastard. What does it mean 'to be good in bed'? How is that shaped by the barrage of images we see of what sexuality is and the discourse we have around it with others? When people equate porn with sex education, what's up with that? Are submissive women considered the gold standard? What about the role of annoying Viagra commercials and your stupid friends in the school yard? Are fetishes innate? Do you get hot over girls in kimonos?

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