Friday, August 21, 2009

Ok, so instead of dusting, I'm on twitter a lot. I bother nezua and mamitamala by writing replies like "Yay, baybies!" and "Man! I am against punching immigrants in the face!" So when I heard that they were involved in dramas, I was all nosy. Apparently some guy is being a dick, and mala gets mad. Thanks to the net, we get to see that mala is really hot. In that situation, irl, I would have probably started apologizing for everything ever.

Also, we learn about the horrid 'voodoo' afoot as the white house.

Some guy probably needs to learn of the many different ways to give and receive sexual pleasure. Folks, it's important to notice that acting like a dick about sex might temporarily get you laid, but on the other hand, it can destroy your relationship, leading to divorce.

I also think people overempathize sex. Sex isn't the basis of a healthy relationship- trust, maturity, and equal distribution of work is the basis.

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