Friday, August 21, 2009

I was thinking that when people make a big stink about OMG FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS, usually there's a understory that makes this make sense. Like the college suing story, apparently this girl got had. I thought, there should be a law! The McDonald's story is like that as well. The lady got 3rd degree burns. No coffee should be that hot! When talking about this in college, the guy who I was debating with was pretty much "I don't care about the facts of the case". And I guess that's the way it is with a lot of these stories about how everyone is trying to defraud everyone else. We crave the narrative that greedy selfish people are stealing everyone blind, and we can't trust anyone. I don't get why we love it so much. I think it's breaking down our society. The reason our government 'doesn't work' because we're always making up a million rules so that one girl can't sell plates of food while she's on welfare or something.

OMG, where did this lady bury this guy's body? major triggers.

BTW: I'm glad I'm not a cool girlfriend either. If I had just had a baby, yea, dude can use his hands for a while.

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