Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I hear that on ABC 'mad pride' activists will discuss their experience of mental illness. Support systems, self help groups and coping skills, such as the use of art, can be very helpful for those with mental illness, but medication can also be an important adjunct. I am an anxious motherfucker, so I use some medication to have some base calmness, then add other interventions on top.

On Pandagon, folks are debating about whether facials are degrading. Personally, I'm categorically not a 'cool girlfriend'. Whether I'm supposed to enjoy semen in the face, messing up my hair do, or whether the next trend is to masturbate in front of my boyfriend using only my feet[as my hands are tied] whilst he holds up score cards, I can say, fuck no. If you're scared of being a prude, you can end up not having fun during sex, which is bad bad ju ju in my opinion.

Personally, I think that's where the commidification of sex goes wrong. Instead of a fun thing to do to pass the time, it has to be a four ring circus, with demands for more and more extreme acts to 'spice things up'.

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