Thursday, February 10, 2005

I felt a bit tired, so I signed a petition about how Congress shouldn't jeopardize old people with risky schemes. Signing petitions on saving social security might make you feel better too. I never got why people are like is SOOOOO leftist. I'm like what? the pie for kerry people? Sure, they might agitate for a social safety net, but many other countries have safety nets and are doing really well.

Also, anyone who says that someone is a bad mother because they don't want to force everyone to be a mother is an idiot. Having kids because you want kids would seem to make you a better mom than having kids because you want to punish yourself for having sex.

Institutional racism. It sucks. Also, if you say you are moving because of taxes, make sure the taxes are lower in the new community. I don't get why whites can't just go out and say what they mean. We aren't fooled, so we already know you're racist,ok?

Also, don't give the Washington Times any of your money unless you want to support people who are perfectly fine with hating Jews, Muslims, black people, Latinos and probably almost anyone else you can think of. Also, the wife of the editor loves that stupid oh noes, the whites are being outbred crap.

Also from Steve Gillard, his comments on this have an argument about using the word cracker. I don't think it's polite to call people crackers, and you shouldn't just go around calling everyone crackers. I think it's mean, but it's not part of any oppression. But I think this lady pretty much deserves to be called names. Crazy people!

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