Saturday, September 01, 2007

Xaoez says things in comments and gets quoted:

Sure, there's a possibility that someone really was treated badly for wearing a miniskirt. It might not have been all in her head, or not as a defensive reaction like "ewww, those gross hairy fatty crunchy types don't come here, do they? I know they'll probably rip my skirt off--I'm a bad feminist! I like the menz!" Just like there's an extremely high possibility that someone who doesn't adhere to common beauty standards might be made to feel uncomfotable at a feminist meeting since those women seem to tend to make people uncomfortable and are held up all over the liberal feminist blogosphere and liberal feminism in life as well as what feminism doesn't want to see itself protrayed as. But, um, so? I wasn't there so there's not much I can do about it. Maybe it should be taken up with the perps? People have sad evenings in life and go to meetings where they don't find lifelong friends. People can be assholes. It sucks, but again hurt feelings down the ice cream social are not really on a par with say worldwide hunger and sex trafficking and things like that. Seems a little less systemic, maybe. If someone's uncomfortable with how she's treated better than other women because she's thin and blond, that doesn't mean she's going to break down anyone else's door and shave her head or follow them on the street screaming. It doesn't even mean her life is being ruined or she's being held hostage by Andrea Dworkin's ghost. It just means that there are different ways to feel good about oneself, and they can examine things about themselves and see if they feel anything fits into a larger picture without falling all to pieces. Maybe they feel their lives actually improve by this exercise. We don't need to send such women to reeducation camp.

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